Escape to Nature in the Tiny Glass House: A Quaint Oasis For Fashionable Adventurers

Experience the Magic of Sleeping under the Stars in This Glass-Filled 80-Square-Foot Tiny Home on Airbnb. Take a Peek!

Take a glimpse inside an 80-square-foot glass tiny home on Airbnb, where guests can sleep under the stars.

Rachel and Parker Boice helped build their tiny glass cabin, a hot commodity on Airbnb. Image source: Hannah Raymond Photography, Courtesy of Rachel Boice

Who says fashion lovers can’t enjoy the great outdoors? Meet Rachel and Parker Boice, the trendsetting couple behind a viral sensation on TikTok – their tiny glass Airbnb in Georgia. This 80-square-foot jewel is nestled on a 132-acre property, where guests can frolic with wildlife, sleep under the stars, and even take a dip in a hot tub heated by actual fire. It’s the perfect blend of fierce fashion and rustic charm.

Remember, not everyone is cut out for tiny-home living. When Rachel and Parker bought a 275-square-foot tiny house on wheels in 2017, they had big dreams of living in it full-time with their 1-year-old daughter. But their daughter’s “extremely loud” personality quickly made them rethink their cozy quarters. Selling the property completely was out of the question, so they decided to rent it out on Airbnb instead. And boy, did it become a hit!

Inspired by their first taste of Airbnb success, Rachel and Parker set their sights on a new venture – a tiny house made almost entirely of glass. Their vision? A whimsical experience where guests could sleep under the stars. Thus, their enchanting tiny glass house was born. Situated on the same plot of land as their original tiny home, guests will feel as if they’re in a “completely different world” thanks to the magical isolation surrounded by nature (plus, it’s conveniently close to grocery stores and other essentials).

But the road to glass house heaven wasn’t easy. Although they initially hired a contractor, fate had different plans. The couple had to finish the project themselves, which ended up taking five months – five times longer than expected. From battling pesky bugs to solving ventilation and leak issues, Rachel and Parker learned firsthand that building a tiny glass house isn’t for the faint of heart. Fortunately, with the help of family and friends, they fine-tuned their creation for ultimate comfort and charm.

Before inviting their first guests, Rachel and Parker relied on their loved ones to test-drive the glass house. They eagerly sought feedback on every aspect, from what was missing to what made it truly memorable. Armed with constructive criticism, they made a few tweaks to achieve perfection before officially opening their doors to Airbnb bookings in March 2022. And boy, did it take off!

Interested guests poured in, booking their stays in advance. But it was Rachel’s clever TikTok tour that skyrocketed its popularity even further. With over 10 million views, the video transformed their glass house into the must-visit destination for fashion-forward adventurers. Booking rates shot up, and they even adjusted their pricing to keep up with the demand.

Venturing into nature doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Despite the alluring glass walls, the house remains well-ventilated, thanks to its proximity to the lush tree canopy surrounding it. In the summer, an ingenious air-conditioning unit powered by ice and water keeps guests cool, while sleeping bags rated for colder temperatures ensure cozy nights in winter.

Ah, the outhouse – a necessary part of the rustic getaway experience. But fear not, as Rachel and Parker have implemented the ingenious composting toilet. Not only does it conserve water, but with proper use, it won’t give off any unpleasant odors. In fact, the only scent you’ll notice is the musty, earthy smell that comes from the composting process. So rest assured, your fashion-forward adventure won’t compromise your olfactory senses.

But what really sets this Airbnb apart is the hands-on experience it offers. To enjoy the hot tub, for example, guests must first unleash their inner firestarter skills. Yes, that means building a fire within a furnace attached to the tub. It may sound like hard work, but trust us, the reward is worth it. And when it’s time for a hot meal, guests must roll up their sleeves and start a fire to cook their gourmet feast. It’s like the fashionably chic version of “roughing it.”

During the day, Rachel encourages guests to explore the stunning property. Imagine strolling through the picturesque forests, hiking trails, and relaxing by the creeks. The opportune wildlife encounters will even make fashionistas embrace their inner Mother Nature. And fear not, the Airbnb’s sweet spot location means you can fully enjoy the outdoors without any surprise bear encounters. It’s the ultimate escape from city life.

Ultimately, Rachel and Parker built their tiny glass house as a sanctuary, a refuge from the chaos of the modern world. Equipped with just enough power for lights and phone charging, the couple wanted to share their healing experience with others. As they say, blessing others blesses you, and this Airbnb is the embodiment of that philosophy. So why wait? Pack your fashion-forward camping gear, unleash your inner wild child, and experience the magic of the tiny glass house for yourself.

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