America’s Best Idea: National Parks and Fashion Must-Haves!

Explore the Allure of America's National Parks Uncover 10 of my Timeless Favorites from my 59 Visits!

I’ve been to 59 out of 63 US national parks. Here are my top 10 favorites.

Emily in National Parks

After visiting 59 of the 63 major US national parks, I’ve picked my favorites. – Emily Hart

National parks, the crown jewels of America’s best idea, are like the ultimate fashion show for nature lovers. But hey, don’t worry, you won’t need a fancy wardrobe for this catwalk. Just strap on your favorite hiking boots, grab a quirky flannel, and get ready to strut your stuff on the trails!

Let me spill the tea on my 10 all-time favorite national parks that will make you say “yas queen” and reach for your passport.

1. Grand Teton National Park: Where Fashion Meets Nature’s Peaks!

Emily at Grand Teton

Oh darling, if you want peaks that slay and hiking trails that pose a challenge, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is your ultimate fashion destination. This park serves runway-ready vistas with its jutting peaks, abundant wildlife, and lakes just begging for a glamorous kayaking photoshoot. It’s a fashionista’s dream!

2. Acadia National Park: Where Nature is an Ocean of Style!

Emily at Acadia

Maine may be famous for lobsters, but Acadia National Park steals the show with its stunning ocean and lake views. This park is like a supermodel strutting its stuff on the catwalk with its jagged coastlines and moody vibes. Every angle is a perfect shot, captivating fashion lovers and tempting them to dive into the crystal-clear waters. Talk about making a splash!

3. New River Gorge National Park: The Latest Trendsetter of National Parks!

Emily at New River Gorge

Move over, Vogue! West Virginia’s New River Gorge National Park is breaking barriers and redefining what it means to be a national park. Recently awarded national park status, this park is a trailblazer with its inspiring scenery, fantastic hiking trails, and world-class white-water rafting. Fashion-forward adventurers, this is your chance to be part of the park’s cool and laid-back vibe!

4. Olympic National Park: The Epitome of Breathtaking Beauty!

Emily at Olympic

If you’re ready to be left breathless, just like when you see your favorite fashion icon on the red carpet, head over to Olympic National Park in Washington. It’s unbelievably stunning! From driving counterclockwise around the peninsula to savoring the silence of the Hoh Rainforest and watching the sunset on Ruby Beach, this park will make your heart skip a beat. It’s truly a fashion statement in the world of natural beauty!

5. Yosemite National Park: Nature’s Runway!

Emily at Yosemite

While some tourist attractions may disappoint, the legendary Yosemite National Park in California never goes out of style. Its massive granite walls, show-stopping waterfalls, and the peaceful Merced River flowing through the valley are straight out of a fashion fairy tale. Yosemite is the top model of national parks, keeping fashionistas mesmerized with its sheer elegance and grace.

6. Glacier National Park: Where Nature Unleashes Emotions!

Emily at Glacier

Prepare to be moved to tears, darling! Glacier National Park in Montana has an emotional power that can rival any fashion show. The awe-inspiring Going-to-the-Sun Road, challenging hikes with jaw-dropping payoffs, and abundant wildlife will make you feel like you’re walking on nature’s runway. This park is a true natural wonder that will leave you with runway-ready emotions.

7. Grand Canyon National Park: The Solo Fashionista’s Dream!

Emily at Grand Canyon

For fashionistas seeking a solo adventure, the Grand Canyon is the ultimate playground to strut your style. This park might be known as the first choice for solo travelers, but trust me, it’s a timeless classic. The towering canyon walls, breathtaking lookouts, and unparalleled beauty will make you want to strike a pose and say, “Grand Canyon, you rock my world!”

8. Capitol Reef National Park: Utah’s Hidden Fashion Gem!

Emily at Capitol Reef

Utah’s national parks are like a treasure trove of natural beauty, and my personal favorite is Capitol Reef. This lesser-visited fashion gem steals the show with its stunning red rocks, heavenly hikes, and even pick-your-own fruit orchards. Who says a national park can’t be both fashionable and delicious? At Capitol Reef, you can have your desert and eat it too!

9. Great Sand Dunes National Park: Where Nature Strikes a Pose!

Emily at Great Sand Dunes

Get ready to have your mind blown, darling! Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park features the largest sand dunes in North America. These towering beauties have been wowing visitors for years, and they’re still strutting their stuff today. Whether you’re climbing the dunes, sandboarding, or simply soaking in the picturesque views, this park is a fashion statement that will leave you sand-struck!

10. Glacier Bay National Park: Cruise and Fashion Collide!

Emily at Glacier Bay

Ahoy, fashionistas! Get your cruise game on point and sail into Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park for a truly unique experience. Just like a high fashion cruise ship, this park allows only two vessels each day, creating an intimate setting with breathtaking glaciers as the backdrop. Imagine waking up surrounded by ice, savoring a pizza on your balcony, and feeling like the queen of the runway. It’s a fashion-meets-nature extravaganza!

Now, my fellow fashion lovers, grab your favorite outdoor chic outfits, pack your sense of adventure, and let these 10 national parks take you on a journey both stylish and awe-inspiring. Embrace the beauty of nature and let it become the ultimate accessory to your fabulous fashion-forward life!

Tell me, which national park would you strut your stuff in? Are there any other hidden fashion gems you would recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s embark on a fashionable adventure together!