Insider Tips for a Magical and Fashionable Trip to Disney World

Insider Reveals 10 Behaviors to Avoid in Disney World Insights from a Former Cast Member

10 things I wish people would stop doing at Disney World.

By Hayley Hudson

castle show happening on cinderella castle stage in disney world

Hey there, fashionistas! As a former employee at Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs in Disney World, I’ve got all the fabulous insider scoop on how to make your trip to the most magical place on earth even more enchanting. So, buckle up your glass slippers and get ready for a fashion-forward adventure!

Comfort is Key, Darling!

I know you want that picture-perfect look for the ’gram, but let’s be real. Uncomfortable outfits should be left in Cinderella’s attic! I’ve seen guests strutting around in stilettos like they’re walking the runway (without Tyra Banks, mind you) and shirts so tight, they couldn’t even raise their arms. Sweetie, it’s time to let it go. Dress comfortably and still slay the style game. Trust me, you’ll have a ball!

Picture Perfect Spots and Posing

shot of the tree of life at animal kingdom in disney world

We all want that iconic Disney photo. And let me tell you, the competition is fierce, like Maleficent on a bad hair day. But share the spotlight, honey! Those prime photo spots, like the majestic Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom or the purple wall near Tomorrowland, can get crowded faster than a Black Friday sale at Minnie’s Boutique. So, be a true fashionista and don’t hog the stage. Strike a pose, then let others have their magic moment too.

Kindness is Always in Vogue

Being rude is so last season! Trust me, after dealing with long queues, screaming kids, and a relentless sun, even Cinderella could turn into the wicked stepsister. But here’s the scoop: being rude to cast members is as unfashionable as wearing socks with sandals. Remember, they’re there to sprinkle pixie dust on your experience, not deal with your diva meltdowns. So, be sweet as a poisoned apple and spread some Disney magic!

Don’t Phone and Prance

Disney World

Picture this: you’re strolling down Main Street in Magic Kingdom, mesmerized by the magical ambiance. But wait! A fashion faux pas awaits. Instead of taking in the sights, you’re glued to your phone or looking everywhere but where you’re going. Girl, pay attention! You don’t want to faceplant in front of a crowd like a misplaced Dopey. Keep your eyes on the prize and strut your stuff without causing a fashion emergency.

No Flashy Fashion Crimes Please!

students in the single rider line

Dark rides, like Space Mountain and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, are like secrets whispered in the dark. And the flashy fashion police would like a word with you! Using that blinding flash during the ride is like wearing a neon fanny pack to a black-tie affair. Not fashionable at all, darling! Instead, let the magic surround you and appreciate the enchantment without blinding your fellow fashionistas.

Plan Your Menu Magic

hand holding a yellow cocktail in epcot at disney world

Bon appétit, my darlings! When it’s time to refuel, don’t be that guest who holds up the line at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe with a never-ending list of questions about dietary restrictions or pondering over every single menu item. Let’s keep the fashion train moving! Plan your food adventure in advance, so you can strut your way confidently to the register and make your taste buds twirl with delight.

Magical Moments for All

Pardon the interruption, but we need to address some uncomfortable situations. No fashionista does that! Please, dearies, let’s not bombard the Disney character performers with inappropriate questions, demand them to remove their heads (they’re not running a hat shop, okay?), or make them feel like a fish out of water in their magical world. Remember, they’re just trying to create fabulous memories for all guests. So, let’s keep the magic real, shall we?

A Clean Kingdom Reigns Supreme

Disney World may seem like a stress-free kingdom where dreams come true, but it takes a lot of fairy godmother magic to keep it clean. Trust me, custodial employees work their stylish butts off to make it sparkle. So, my fashion-forward friends, please dispose of your trash like responsible citizens of the style universe. There’s a trash can lurking behind every corner, ready to embrace your fashion debris. And if it’s full, seek out another one. Fashion should always be neat and tidy!

Happy Kids, Happy Kingdom

hayley and her partner posing in front of tower of terror in hollywood studios

Moms and dads, listen up! I know you want your little ones to experience the full Disney enchantment, but forcing them onto rides they dread is like mixing stripes with polka dots. It just won’t end well, my fashion-forward friends! If they’re wailing at the mere thought of Tower of Terror, take a fashion tip from them and remember that comfort is key. A coerced ride guarantees a tangle of tantrums and fashion disasters for everyone involved – a true fashion emergency!

Single Rider, Single Fate

As someone who detests waiting in lines (who wouldn’t?), I’m wild about rides with a single-rider option. You want your Disney adventure to be as fast-paced as a fashionable catwalk, right? But remember, choosing the single-rider line means you might not strut alongside your party. So, when you arrive at the front of the line only to realize your fashion squad will be split, don’t throw a red carpet tantrum. It’s all part of the stylish single-rider deal!

Now that you have all the magical insider tips to make your Disney World adventure as fashionable as a runway show, it’s time to pack your mouse ear headbands and let the fairytale begin! Remember, fashion and magic go hand in hand at Disney World. Stay fabulous, my stylish darlings, and may your trip be filled with enchantment, laughter, and unforgettable fashion moments!

What’s your favorite fashion tip for a Disney World visit? Share your stylish thoughts in the comments below!