Carrying the Remains of My Late Friend Honoring His Memory Across Breathtaking Destinations

Carrying Memories Honoring my late friend's life by spreading his ashes in breathtaking destinations

Carly Newberg and her friend sitting on a boat Courtesy of Carly Newberg

Lost but not Forgotten: How I Travel with my Late Friend’s Ashes

2020 was a tough year, folks. It hit hard and fast. I mean, not only did we have to deal with the pesky pandemic, but I also lost my dear friend Kyle to suicide. It was like a thunderbolt from the fashion gods, leaving me stunned and heartbroken. We never got to say our goodbyes. Instead, I was stuck with an unread email in my inbox – a missed connection that will haunt me forever. Seriously, the fashion police should issue a ticket for missed emails, because this was a crime against friendship!

Now, I’ve spent countless hours replaying that email scenario in my head. Could I have made a difference? Would my witty reply have saved the day? But hey, life doesn’t come with a Ctrl-Z, and sometimes we just can’t fix everything with a fabulous outfit.

But listen up, fellow fashionistas, grieving doesn’t mean we have to let go completely. I made a bold decision, a fashion-forward commitment if you will, to keep my friend close to my stylish heart. Drumroll, please! Whenever I travel, I take a little piece of Kyle with me – his ashes. Yep, you heard it right! It’s like carrying a fashion statement with sentimental value, ensuring that Kyle’s memory lives on in the most glamorous way possible.

Now, initially, I couldn’t attend his funeral in person because of that sassy, little thing called the pandemic. But fret not! I paid homage to my dear friend by sharing a fabulous recorded speech at his ceremony. You should’ve seen the fashionistas weeping at my heartfelt words. It was like the Met Gala, but with more mascara running down their faces.

I also embarked on a journey to the mystical land of Tucson, Arizona, where Kyle grew up. I explored his childhood bedroom, gazed at old photos, and made connections with the cool peeps he left behind. It was like a secret treasure hunt, unraveling the mysteries of his past. And guess what? His parents and sister entrusted me with a tiny container of his ashes as a token of our unbreakable bond. Move over, friendship bracelets – ashes are the new black!

Now here comes the juicy part, my friends. As I prepared for my latest adventure, a trek through the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest of Peru (cue the fashion angels singing), an idea popped into my head like a fabulous accessory falling from the sky. You see, Kyle was a wanderluster extraordinaire! So, why not take a piece of him to all those enchanting places he never got to see?

Peru, land of ancient treasures and breathtaking landscapes, seemed like the perfect backdrop for this fashionable farewell ceremony. With every step I took, his memory whispered in the wind like a well-curated fashion tip. I could feel his presence, his stylish essence floating through the air, inspiring me to embrace life’s adventures with gusto.

During my expedition, I found two remarkable spots to sprinkle Kyle’s ashes. First, an eco-reserve that embodied his simplistic nature. Picture this: chatting with locals, surrounded by the harmonious sounds of nature, and reclining in a hammock-like a carefree bohemian wanderer. It was pure bliss, my friends.

On my last day in Peru, bathing in the glow of the setting sun, I embarked on a soul-stirring hike up a majestic mountain. Like a determined fashionista climbing the social ladder, I trekked to the summit, carrying my friend’s ashes – a bond that transcended time and space. As the sky darkened, I released his ashes into the wind, serenading his spirit with one of our favorite tunes. Tears of joy mingled with tears of sorrow, and in that moment, I felt the magic of our friendship enveloping me. It was like a breathtaking fashion show, with tears streaming down my face as I strutted down the runway of life.

Now, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, here’s the thing. Grief is a lifelong journey, but we don’t have to surrender to its clutches. We can create personalized tributes, keeping the memories of our loved ones alive in the most fabulous way. No, I’m not talking about designing custom-made handbags with their names; that’s so yesterday! I’m talking about capturing their spirits, infusing their essence into our experiences, and celebrating their fashion-forward souls as we tip-toe through life.

So, my fashionable darlings, remember this: the people we love and have lost are never truly gone. They live on through the stylish memories we create and the glamorous adventures we embark upon. Let us honor them with every step we take, every outfit we wear, and every heartfelt chuckle we share. Together, we can transform grief into a runway extravaganza that celebrates life, love, and the endless pursuit of fabulousness!

Now go forth, my fellow fashionistas, and may you shine brighter than the sequins on a Versace gown!