Famous Landmarks: From Construction to Beauty

Captivating Photos Show the Evolution of 12 Iconic Landmarks During Construction

Construction photos capture 12 iconic landmarks in the making

Mount Rushmore under construction Mount Rushmore under construction by Bettman/Getty Images

We all love our favorite fashion icons, but have you ever wondered what iconic structures like the Statue of Liberty or the Sydney Opera House looked like during their construction? Well, we’ve got some jaw-dropping photos to show you! Brace yourself for a journey through time as we explore the construction of famous landmarks around the world and witness their remarkable transformations!

The Sydney Opera House: A 14-Year Love Affair

Sydney Opera House construction circa 1963 Sydney Opera House construction circa 1963 by J. R. T. Richardson/Getty Images

Let’s start with the Sydney Opera House, which took a staggering 14 years to complete. This world-renowned piece of architecture, with its iconic “shells,” is covered in one million tiles. Talk about commitment! They even used specially designed cranes for this epic task. It all paid off when Queen Elizabeth II graced Australia with her presence in 1973. If that’s not dedication to beauty, we don’t know what is!

The Eiffel Tower: More Than Just a Pretty Iron Lady

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France Eiffel Tower in Paris, France by Nikada/Getty Images

Now, let’s take a trip to the city of love, Paris, where the Eiffel Tower stands tall and proud. Did you know that it was originally intended to be a temporary structure? Luckily, it found its true purpose as a radiotelegraph station and became the most recognizable monument in the world. With 18,000 pieces of wrought iron and a height of 1,063 feet, this beauty is impossible to miss. It’s a true testament to the saying, “Love conquers all, even temporary plans.”

The Statue of Liberty: A Gift from France with Fashionably Late Delivery

Construction of the Statue of Liberty’s hand, circa 1883 Construction of the Statue of Liberty’s hand, circa 1883 by Bettmann/Getty Images

Let’s hop over to the United States and talk about Lady Liberty. This timeless symbol of freedom was a gift from France, but its construction had some fashionably late moments. With its parts made in Paris, it took some time for them to arrive in the US. But fear not, once the pedestal was ready, this magnificent lady was swiftly assembled and unveiled in 1886. And to celebrate her centennial in 1986, she even got a golden torch makeover. Talk about adding some bling to your ensemble!

The Golden Gate Bridge: A Marvel Painted in “International Orange”

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge with the roadbed being installed, San Francisco, California, 1937 Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge with the roadbed being installed, San Francisco, California, 1937 by Underwood Archives/Getty Images

Heading to the west coast of the US, we find the enchanting Golden Gate Bridge. This beauty was envisioned as a way to connect northern California to the San Francisco Peninsula. It took years of planning and convincing before construction finally began in 1933. And did you know that it takes between 5,000 and 10,000 gallons of paint every year to maintain its glorious “International Orange” color? It’s a bridge that’s not just a gateway but a true fashion statement!

The Sagrada Família: Gaudí’s Never-Ending Fashion Extravaganza

Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, circa 1940 Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, circa 1940 by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Now, brace yourself for the ultimate fashion marathon – the Sagrada Família in Barcelona! Designed by the legendary Antoni Gaudí, this masterpiece has been under construction since 1882. That’s right, over a century of dedication to fashion! It’s expected to be completed by 2026, just in time for the 100th anniversary of Gaudí’s death. The intricate design and disruptions caused by the Spanish Civil War have slowed things down a bit, but great fashion takes time!

Monumental Conclusion: From Construction to Eternal Beauty

Mount Rushmore during construction Mount Rushmore during construction by Bettmann/Getty Images

We’ve traveled the world and witnessed the extraordinary journeys of these famous landmarks. From Mount Rushmore’s patriotic tribute to the Empire State Building’s skyscraping elegance, these constructions have become icons of beauty for all to admire. So, next time you visit one of these landmarks, take a moment to appreciate the love, dedication, and fashion-forward thinking that went into their creation. They’re not just buildings – they’re works of art!

Calling All Fashion Lovers!

Are you ready to embark on a fashion-filled journey through time? Share your favorite fashion landmarks and let us know which one you would love to see under construction. Don’t forget to bring your sense of style and some comfortable shoes – you’re in for a fashionable adventure like no other! Let’s celebrate the beauty and fashion that make our world so unforgettable!