A Stellar Fashion Adventure Under the Starry Skies

Family Adventure in a National Park 3 Nights of Camping Bliss Under a Star-Studded Sky for just $20 per Night!

We camped for 3 nights at a national park for only $20 a night and saw countless stars.

Great Basin night sky filled with stars Katie Joll

Picture this: a land so remote and enchanting that it feels like stepping into a fashionista’s dreamscape. Welcome to Great Basin National Park, where the stars twinkle brighter than any sequined dress and the fashion spectacle takes place under the vast night sky. And let me tell you, my darling fashion lovers, this is no ordinary park. It hosts an astronomy festival that is out of this world!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What will this fabulous adventure cost me?” Well, fear not, because here’s a breakdown of how we spent our money. Brace yourselves, fashion gurus!

Swanky Accommodations

Writer and daughter in front of Great Basin National Park sign Katie Joll

Before we dive into the fashion fest, let’s talk about where to rest those glamorous heels. My family splurged a little and spent $90 on a hotel near the park. We could have saved some cash, but who can resist an opportunity to stay at the historic Hotel Nevada, where Hollywood legends like Gary Cooper and Stephen King have graced the halls? Darling, we had to channel our inner celebrities!

Stylish Camping

Families roasting hot dogs over fire Katie Joll

Now, let’s get down to the essential fashion statement of the trip: camping! In Great Basin National Park, camping is as chic as it gets. We spent $60 on a campsite for three nights. Can you imagine the #OOTD possibilities? But here’s the catch: you’ve got to be quick to secure a spot. We scored a fabulous campsite at Baker Creek, complete with fire pits for toasting marshmallows and picnic tables for our glamorous picnic lunches.

Cave Exploration Couture

Lehman Caves with water pool and stalagmites Katie Joll

Now, let’s talk about the jewel in Great Basin National Park’s fashion crown: the Lehman Caves. These underground wonders are more chic than any runway show, with their stunning cave shields, stalactites, and stalagmites. But here’s the secret to truly experiencing this sartorial paradise: book your cave tour in advance. Tickets sell faster than a limited-edition designer collection, and I was lucky enough to snatch some. We paid $40 for the Grand Palace Tour, where fashionable rangers guided us through the mesmerizing caves. Trust me darlings, this is a sight that will leave you speechless and mesmerized.

Glamorous Stargazing

Children under stars during Astronomy Festival Katie Joll

Now, let’s step into the celestial fashion extravaganza of the astronomy festival. Picture yourself surrounded by twinkling stars and moonlit activities, all for the stylish price of… drumroll, please… completely free! That’s right, my fellow fashionistas, the festival programs were like runway shows without the hefty price tags. We indulged in an “Art in the Dark” program, where rangers led us in a quirky painting session under red lights to maintain our fabulous night vision. We also took a free observatory tour, because, darling, Great Basin National Park is home to the only research-grade observatory in a national park. Talk about sophistication!

The Budget-Friendly Glam Squad

A child looks toward sky in front of forest, mountains, and orange clouds Katie Joll

Now, let’s address the financial elephant in the room: expenses. Our total expenditure, my stylish companions, was $500, which included gas and glorious grub. Gas set us back $150, but what’s a fashion adventure without a fabulous road trip, right? As for food, we dined like celebrities at a small grocery store in Ely, but our true VIP surprise was a nearby culinary gem called Sugar, Salt, and Malt. We splurged on fresh pretzel buns and a decadent birthday cake fit for a fashion maven’s celebration. Our food expenses came to a chic $140.

And the Curtain Falls

Smiling girl hammering peg for tent into ground Katie Joll

As our glamorous adventure in Great Basin National Park came to a close, I couldn’t help but yearn for an encore. It was an unforgettable experience, my dear fashion enthusiasts. The stargazing was more mesmerizing than any glittery red carpet, and the rangers and volunteers were the true stars of the show. Yes, it may have been a budget-friendly trip, but the memories we made were priceless.

So, my fellow fashionistas, I urge you—unleash your inner astronomer, pack your chicest camping gear, and make Great Basin National Park your next style-savvy destination. I promise you’ll return home with memories that shine brighter than any designer piece in your exquisite wardrobe. Happy stargazing, darlings!

What are you waiting for, fashion lovers? Have you ever embarked on a fashion-inspired adventure like this? Share your glamorous stories and thoughts below. Let’s keep the fashion conversation sparkling!