The Unwritten Rules of Staying in a Hostel: A Hilarious Guide

Insider Tips Travelers Reveal the Unspoken Etiquette of Staying in Hostel Dorms

Travelers share unwritten rules for staying in hostel shared rooms.

Four travelers settle into a hostel.

Hostels, the playgrounds of budget-savvy travelers, where dreams are made and privacy goes to hide. Imagine a world where several people bunk together in tight dormitory-style rooms, much like a glamorous pajama party gone wild. Yes, my dear fashionistas, this is the realm of hostels – where fashion meets frugality, and the curtain never closes on the chaos of shared space.

But fear not, for I come bearing the unwritten rules of hostel living, passed down from the fashion gods of Reddit. Are you ready to dive into the wild world of dormitory glamour? Let’s go!

“Wash yourself”: Ladies and gentlemen, hygiene is key! Hostel rooms can turn into saunas of sweat and humidity with just a dozen people inside. Picture this – a room with more moisture than a tropical rainforest! So please, my stylish comrades, embrace the art of cleanliness. No one wants to smell a bouquet of unwashed socks after a long day of exploring.

“Don’t throw on the lights if you get in late”: Ah, the thrill of a late-night adventure, coming back to the hostel with stories to tell…but wait! The sleeping beauties around you are in desperate need of beauty sleep, and you dare not disturb their slumber. Instead of drowning the room in a fluorescent glow, use your phone’s flashlight to navigate the darkness. But be warned, shining it in someone’s face might result in a ferocious beast unleashed upon you.

A messy hostel with backpacks, clothes, and towels lying around the room.

“Clean up after yourself”: Fashionista or not, we all have a responsibility to keep the shared spaces tidy. Remember, this is not a game of “how many belongings can you scatter across the room.” Let’s show some class, darling! Clear your belongings from the room, give the kitchen a spruce-up, and leave the bathroom in a state befitting a beauty queen’s sanctuary. Trust me, you don’t want to accidentally wear someone else’s socks as you strut the hostel runway.

“Be sure you have a good sleeping mask and earplugs”: Ah, the sweet serenade of snoring bunkmates – a lullaby that can either grant you blissful dreams or haunt your slumber. Alas, we cannot control the harmonies of fellow travelers. But fear not, my chic companions, for a fabulous sleeping mask and earplugs shall come to your rescue! Shield your eyes from the light and your ears from the symphony of sleepy sounds. Sleep like a true fashion royalty amidst the chaos of communal living.

Now, my fashion-forward friends, armed with these insider secrets, you will conquer the world of hostels with flair and finesse. But remember, not all fellow travelers will follow these unwritten rules. Embrace the unexpected, for it is the spice that adds flavor to our fashionable adventures.

And let’s not forget, fashion etiquette extends beyond hostels. Misbehaving tourists have plagued the travel world, leaving others in anguish. So, as members of the fashion elite, let us lead by example. We are the trendsetters, the pioneers of style and grace. Let us show the world how to travel in style, whether we debate the art of deboarding a plane, reclining our seats, or even the audacity of wearing shorts on a flight.

Safe travels, my stylish darlings, and may your hostel experiences be a runway of laughter, fashion, and unforgettable memories!

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