The Weekend Link List: A Fashion Lover’s Dream!

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Hey there, fashionistas! What’s on your agenda this weekend? Personally, I’m brunching with my step-cousin Molly, who just slayed on The $100,000 Pyramid alongside the one and only Jason Alexander, better known as Seinfeld’s George Costanza! Can you believe it? So, whether you’re rocking a show-stopping outfit or cozying up in your favorite PJs, I’ve got some fabulous links from around the web to add a little extra sparkle to your weekend:

Hair Inspiration that will Make You Shine Brighter than Tinsel

  • Looking for some holiday hair inspo? Check out this article that will leave you feeling like the belle of the ball. Oh, and don’t miss those fabulous pants while you’re at it!

Nutcracker Kids Spill the Tea

  • Curious about life behind the scenes of “The Nutcracker”? Hear it straight from the little stars themselves in this heartwarming interview with four pint-sized performers. Their passion for the stage is truly inspiring! Check it out here. (NYTimes gift link)

FaceTime Fanatics Unite!

  • Got loved ones you can’t physically be with this holiday season? Fear not! I’ve found the perfect gift for those who FaceTime their way through life. Check out this amazing find that’ll have them FaceTiming in style.

A Manicure Mishap Turned Love Quest

  • They say love is just a manicure away, right? Well, buckle up for a wild ride in this captivating read that follows one woman’s quest for love…through her nails. Trust me, it’s a journey you won’t want to miss!
  • Cookie swaps are so last season, darling. It’s time to shake things up! Will you be bold enough to bring some daring and delectable blue cheese cookies to the table? I’m seriously considering it!

A Classic Christmas Play, as Told by a Precious Little Star

  • Get ready to have your heart melted by a sweet little boy as he spills the beans on his “classic role” in the Christmas play. It’s almost too cute to handle! Check out the adorable video here.

Our Christmas Crackers are Ready for Party Poppin’!

  • We’ve ordered our Christmas crackers, and we can’t wait for the festive fun to begin. #yay! Are you as excited as we are? Share in the merriment with us!

A Book Cover So Beautiful, It Could Be Art

  • They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this one is truly a stunner. Feast your eyes on the most beautiful book cover that’ll make you want to dive right into its pages.

Legendary Host Shares Hilariously Opinionated Entertaining Tips

  • Get ready for some entertaining wisdom from the fabulous Nicky Haslam. He’s got some strong opinions, darling, and shares them all in this gem of an article on entertaining. Psst…he also has a genius strategy for avoiding those awkward “I forgot your name” moments. Check it out here.

NYC Playground Reviews: Because Even Adults Need to Play

  • If you’re in need of a good laugh, check out this new website with NYC playground reviews. They even have a “rat-o-meter” rating! (Reminded me of this gem!) Indulge in some playtime nostalgia, my friends.

Living Large in Compact Spaces

Family Doesn’t Always Require Kids

  • Who says you need kids to be a family? Discover heartwarming stories and beautiful experiences from unconventional families that prove that love knows no boundaries. Get inspired here.

’Tis the Season: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

  • Looking for the perfect gifts this holiday season? Fear not! Our team has put together the ultimate 2023 holiday gift guide to fulfill all your gifting dreams. Get ready to make spirits jolly and faces light up!

Big Salad Email: Laughter, Survivalghetti, and Movie Magic

  • And finally, don’t forget to check out today’s Big Salad email. Get ready to laugh, indulge in some survivalghetti (the ultimate comfort food), and discover the perfect movie to watch when you’re feeling stuck. Your inbox will thank you!

Reader Comments: Cheers to Friendship and Signature Gifts!

Here are some delightful comments from our lovely readers:

  • Emma on Having a Cozy Thanksgiving: “I love when I see a comment featured that I’ve already read in the original comments section — I think ‘good for Ceridwen!’ as though she’s an old friend who’s just won ‘student of the week,’ even though I have never and likely will never clap eyes on Ceridwen. Crumbs!”
  • Shelley on Giving a Signature Gift: “I have a signature housewarming gift (an address stamp), but I love the idea of a signature holiday gift. My dad gives a ‘dad gift’ every year, like windshield wipers or surge protectors. One year it was Costco memberships and the crowd went WILD.”
  • Krista on Favorite Sexy TV Scenes: “Charge your Dames, ladies!”

That’s all for now, my stylish friends! Enjoy your weekend filled with fashion-forward adventures and fabulous discoveries. Remember, no outfit is complete without a touch of confidence and a sprinkle of laughter. Stay fabulous!

(Photo by Gavin Hellier/Stocksy.)