A Fashionable Family’s Fabulous Escapades: Exploring the World in Style

Wanderlust with Loved Ones The Top 4 Family-Friendly Destinations and 3 Adults-Only Retreats Worth Visiting Again

I’ve traveled with my family for years. Here are the top 4 kid-friendly destinations and 3 adult-friendly ones.

Featured Image: Phil’s Daughter Snorkeling in the Bahamas and Phil’s Wife Posing for a Photo at a Resort in India Image

“‘Jet-setting my family around the world full-time for the past three years has been quite the adventure,’ proclaims Phil Lockwood. And who could argue with him? Phil, his wife, and their three children (ages 12, 16, and 11) have embraced a semi-nomadic lifestyle since 2020, exploring four continents and 23 countriessource.”

Phil’s kids adore the vibrant metropolises of Tokyo, Singapore, and Bali — places brimming with youthful excitement and boundless energy. But, dear fashion enthusiasts, let’s be real here. Phil and his wife, seasoned aesthetes that they are, set their sights on destinations like Quebec City and the enchanting San Miguel de Allendesource.

They know that while children thrive almost anywhere, some places are simply more adult-friendly. So buckle up and join us as we embark on this captivating journey, discovering both family-friendly gems and alluring hideaways perfect for adults — after all, fashionably indulgent escapes are our specialty.

The Best Destinations for Fashionable Families

Tokyo, Japan: Where Even Schoolchildren are Trendsetters

Featured Image: Phil’s Wife Buying Something from a Fish Market in Tokyo Japan Image

Tokyo, the city that effortlessly blends tradition and innovation, beckons fashion-forward families with its unique charm. As Phil puts it, “There’s a uniquely family-friendly vibe to Tokyo.” Imagining elementary-school students striding through the bustling streets, donning their yellow ball caps — a signal for adults to keep a watchful eye — paints a charming picture.

Phil’s children found themselves captivated by the city’s adolescent independence. From exhilarating bullet train rides to tasting the finest non-GMO strawberries (yes, they’re five-dollar strawberries!), and exploring the remarkable Samurai Museum, Tokyo Disneyland, and Tsukiji Fish Market — it was an adventure that left them starry-eyed.

Singapore: The Epitome of Safety, Sparkle, and Family Fun

AMomentous Image: Changi International Airport, The Gateway to Unforgettable Family Adventures Image

Phil’s family couldn’t help but be enthralled by the wonders that awaited them in Singapore, beginning with their landing at legendary Changi International Airport. The airport, with its world-class shopping, delectable Michelin-starred eateries (that won’t break the bank), and family-friendly activities, instantly immersed them in a world of pure delight. Lush butterfly pavilions, suspended trampolines, a mesmerizing canopy park, an adventure-packed experience studio, and even a movie theater make this airport a destination in itself. In fact, families often plan multiday vacations, without stepping outside the airport complex!

But venture they did, discovering a cutting-edge country known for its safety, cleanliness, and abundant green spaces. From the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, reminiscent of Las Vegas glamour, to the legendary hawker-stall street-food scene and exhilarating night-time Formula 1 races, Singapore proves that excitement knows no age limit.

Exuma, Bahamas: A Caribbean Wonderland Fit for the Entire Family

Featured Image: One of Phil’s Kids Snorkeling in the Bahamas Image

For six glorious days, Phil and his family set sail on a private, captained catamaran, exploring the jaw-dropping beauty of the Exumas, a stunning Caribbean island chain. Each day brought new adventures, with exhilarating sailing sessions and carefully curated excursions. They swam with adorable pigs, glided alongside graceful sea turtles, dove into a “shiver of nurse sharks” (yes, that’s the collective noun), hiked to Rachel’s Bubble Bath, and even attempted a visit to the famous Thunderball Grotto featured in “James Bond.”

While the delights of snorkeling and heart-pounding activities thrilled the children, they also relished moments of tranquility basking on the sun-drenched deck as the boat gracefully sailed between islands. Meanwhile, Phil and his wife savored the rare opportunity to disconnect from the online world, indulging in a little digital detox.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia: A Fashionable Family’s Tropical Retreat

Beautiful beaches are always a family favorite, but Ubud in Bali, with its Indonesian charm and magical UNESCO rainforest setting, adds an extra touch of allure. Phil’s kids reveled in taking Instagram-worthy swings amid the iconic rice terraces and soaring through the lush greenery on thrilling zip lines. But Ubud has so much more to offer. With its captivating Monkey Forest, enchanting waterfalls, and countless ancient temples, every corner presents an opportunity for a cultural adventure.

Destinations Better Suited for Timeless Elegance (Adults Only)

Udaipur, India: A Love Letter to Romance and Ravishing Resorts

Featured Image: Phil’s Wife Posing for a Photo in Udaipur, India Image

Udaipur, the “City of Lakes” and among the most romantic places on this planet, becomes a haven of love for Phil and his wife. Picture this: bathed in a beautiful sunset, the outer walls of ancient palaces cast a mesmerizing reflection on the serene waters of Lake Pichola. With their arms lovingly entwined, they glide leisurely on a boat, savoring the exquisite beauty that surrounds them. And when it comes to accommodation, resorts such as The Oberoi Udaivilas are second to none — featuring sprawling pools, lush gardens, breathtaking vistas, and five-star service.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Vibrant Elegance and Sophistication

San Miguel de Allende, a tapestry of color and culture, welcomed Phil’s family with open arms on multiple occasions. Now, it’s time for some adults-only adventures. The downtown area, with its exquisite architecture and a plethora of upscale lounges and eateries, holds a world of possibilities. Can’t you just imagine yourself joining a delightful Tacos and Tequilas walking tour, hopping from one hip bar to another along the city’s narrow streets, or indulging in an al-fresco lunch and an insightful tour at the enchanting Cuna de Tierra winery?

Before embracing the vibrant nightlife, let’s not forget the many splendid museums, art galleries, and cultural events. San Miguel de Allende celebrates Mexico’s rich heritage with fervor, and every moment spent here is an invitation to immerse yourself in its mystical charms.

Quebec City, Canada: A Frozen Fairy Tale

Featured Image: Ice Sculpture in Quebec City, Canada Image

Quebec City, a timeless masterpiece marked by its four-century-old architecture and French-speaking allure, seduced Phil and his wife, but was better left to adult exploration. The town itself, an underrated holiday backdrop, offers a staggering display of architectural beauty. And just outside the city, for a few fleeting months each year, a 32,000-square-foot winter village materializes like magic, enticing guests with its ethereal grandeur.

Every December, a dedicated team of 50 builds a new iteration of Hôtel de Glace, a masterpiece sculpted from 500 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow. With only 45 uniquely themed rooms, this marvelous ice hotel — the only one in America — guarantees an experience like no other. Picture yourself wrapped in cozy warmth inside the chilly rooms, sipping cocktails at the ice bar, and perhaps even exchanging vows in the fairytale-like ice chapel. Your winter wardrobe will undoubtedly be put to the test, but fear not, for nearby traditional hotels offer refuge, hot showers, and convenient luggage storage.

Conclusion: Fashion and Adventure Await!

So, fashion lovers, whether you’re exploring Tokyo’s trendy neighborhoods with children in tow or indulging in the romance of Udaipur and the cultural wonders of San Miguel de Allende without the little ones, the world beckons with an array of fashionable escapes. So, don your most stylish attire, pack your sense of adventure, and embark upon a journey filled with unforgettable experiences, beautiful landscapes, captivating culture, and moments of pure elegance. Adventure awaits, dear readers, and fashion never takes a day off!

Readers, have you explored any of these stunning destinations with your families? Share your experiences and your favorite fashionable vacation spots below!