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Editors' Favorite Items The Perfect Gift Guide for Every Occasion

Editors’ Favorite Gift-Worthy Items

Not to toot our own horn, but when you spend a solid two months out of the year staring at spreadsheets of gifts (and even more of the year curating various lists of online shopping), you tend to know what’s good. As an editorial team, we pride ourselves on being able to know a great product when we see it—whether through wishlists or purchases of our own, this is how we end up owning items that we really love.

Sometimes, there are those items you own that you wish you could gift to every single person you know because they’re just that amazing. This is a list of those items: The things that our editorial team owns that we know will be a hit if they end up under the tree this holiday season. From pajama sets to candles to bags to little trinkets, the items on this list are, quite literally, tried and true. For presents that are bound to please, here are the items that our editors own and love that would make great gifts.

Courant Wireless Phone Charging Tray – Sleek and Smart

Courant Wireless Phone Charging Tray

This is the kind of thing that makes people go, “What is that?” when they walk into my home, and once I explain, they immediately want one for themselves. The combination of a wireless charger and a chic organizing tray is just so genius, and it makes for an unexpected gift that they’ll no doubt love. I keep mine plugged in near my entryway, so I can easily dump my keys or sunglasses when I walk in the door and charge my phone all in one spot.

—Jessica Friedhoff, Lifestyle Editor

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Sézane Betty Stripe Cardigan – A Cardigan for Everyone

Sézane Betty Stripe Cardigan

Gifting a clothing piece isn’t easy. There are very few pieces I own that I recommend to truly everyone, but the Betty Cardigan is one of them. I honestly believe everyone, regardless of personal style, would love owning this piece. Its high-quality materials and design combine to make it hang beautifully on the body, and it feels like a really special, versatile piece. I wear mine to the office and on the weekends alike, and it’s quickly become one of my most beloved pieces in my closet. Plus, with 19 color options, you can find one that anyone on your list will absolutely love.

—Madeline Galassi, Fashion Editor

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Cuisinart Grind-N-Brew Single Serve System – Say Goodbye to Expensive Coffee Runs

Cuisinart Grind-N-Brew Single Serve System

This is for the person that needs to stop spending $7 on coffee every day. I treated myself to a single-serve coffee machine as a graduation gift and I have used it every day since. A good coffee machine is a must (especially if you live alone!) and this makes a truly delicious cup. Thanks to this gadget, they’ll genuinely prefer making coffee at home to buying it out.

—Abi Moseman, Social Media Assistant

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Kindle Paperwhite – The Bookworm’s Dream

Kindle Paperwhite

If you have a reader in your life, I am begging you to get them this beautiful sage green Kindle. I used to be a staunch physical book defender, but I’ve never read more in my life than I have since I purchased my Kindle. I love that I can take pretty much my entire library with me wherever I go, and it’s super easy on my eyes while I’m reading at night or on a plane. I always joke about it but it’s true—if anything ever happened to my emotional support Kindle (like, say, a house fire) I would need to immediately repurchase it. My current Kindle is black, but this sage green is stunning and highly coveted among readers at the moment.

—Garri Chaverst, Senior Managing Editor

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Eberjey Relaxed Pajama Set – Cozy and Stylish

Eberjey Relaxed Pajama Set

I am historically an old-tee-as-pajamas-girl, but somehow this set from Eberjey made me a pajama set convert. The material is so soft and comfortable that it’s hard to put into words, and putting them on every evening feels like a little act of self-care. I can’t think of a person—mom, sister, aunt, mother-in-law—who wouldn’t absolutely love finding a pair of these under the tree.

—Madeline Galassi, Fashion Editor

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Boy Smells Flora Mini Bundle – The Gift of Heavenly Scent

Boy Smells Flora Mini Bundle

Even though a candle can get pegged as a bit of a “basic gift”, this Boy Smells set is far from that. I love being able to try out different scents depending on what I’m in the mood for without having to commit to buying a bunch of different full-sized candles. Each candle in this set, in particular, gives floral notes which I’m a huge fan of, but the brand has a ton of different sets for every taste out there. I think this is an amazing, high-quality gift that’s a safe bet to grab for any of the homebodies in your life (or for yourself, which I encourage because they quite literally smell like heaven).

—McKenna Pringle, Branded Content Editorial Assistant

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Our Place Always Pan 2.0 – A Kitchen Must-Have

Our Place Always Pan 2.0

As a single girl living alone who loves to cook, my Always Pan is an item that is very, very close to my heart. I received this pan as a gift off of my wishlist last year, and I have used it basically every day since. If you have a loved one who has limited space and a knack for cooking, this is definitely the gift for that person. With 12 gorgeous colors to choose from, this pan is famously deep enough to roast a chicken and shallow enough to flip an egg. I can confirm that this gift is just as useful for searing, steaming, and straining as it claims to be.

—Emma Ginsberg, Podcast & Editorial Assistant

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Lululemon Rubber Yoga Mat – Elevate Your Workout

Lululemon Rubber Yoga Mat

After using less expensive mats for years, I finally invested in this yoga mat from Lululemon, and let me tell you, I’m mad at myself for not getting it sooner. The second I switched to this mat, I instantly felt the difference from the grippy layer that prevents slipping to the extra cushion for my joints and more. High-quality mats can level up your workouts in a way that you didn’t even realize you were missing out on, so they make a great gift for anyone from die-hard yogis to at-home workout all-stars.

—Hailey Bouche, Assistant Editor

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Spanx AirEssentials Wide Leg Pant – Comfy and Chic

Spanx AirEssentials Wide Leg Pant

If you are a fellow athleisure connoisseur and also enjoy feeling like you look put together, the Spanx AirEssentials Wide Leg Pants are going to rock your world in the very best way. The lightweight material is incredibly soft and stretchy, and the cut of the pants is universally flattering. The wrinkle-free material and wide leg shape make this an easy yes for long travel days. But honestly, I wear them all the time whether I’m lounging around the house or out and about. For short and tall girlies, these pants come in three lengths—which my 5’3” self very much appreciates. The easy style is cozy yet elevated and makes for a great gift. Make it even more special by adding the matching AirEssentials Half-Zip that also comes in five colors!

—Alexandra Pagar-Wolf, Chief of Sales

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Eclatant Gallant Hoop Earrings – Effortlessly Elegant

Eclatant Gallant Hoop Earrings

Eclatant is my new favorite jewelry brand for statement and everyday pieces. I wear their tube hoops for a simple, elevated look, but I wear these Baby Gallant Hoops for when I want to look extra put together, usually for date nights or girls’ brunches. These make a great gift for any woman in your life who loves an effortless and elegant look because they are quality pieces at a more affordable price.

—Keely Geist, Social Media Editor

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Baggu Mini Nylon Shoulder Bag – Practical and Stylish

Baggu Mini Nylon Shoulder Bag

Practical yet cute gifts are my bread and butter. This simple shoulder bag from BAGGU is one of the best purchases I made this year, and I need everyone to get one immediately. Available in 10 different colors, you can snag one for your friend whose favorite color is a part of their personality or whoever’s looking for a new, reliable everyday purse. This bag is roomy enough to fit a whole book (and then some), and with the adjustable strap, it won’t fall off your shoulder if you’re wearing a bulky coat. It’s also nylon, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your style on dreary rainy days.

—Bella Gil, Editorial Fashion Assistant

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Candle Warmer Lamp – Functional and Beautiful

Candle Warmer Lamp

I love when items are as pretty as they are functional, and this Candle Warmer from Amazon checks all of my boxes. It looks nice sitting on my nightstand but, beyond that, it makes my candles last so much longer. Gone are the days of burning through my favorite scent in three business days. Now, I can extend the life of my go-to candles and set the mood (without setting my place on fire).

—Ashley Selleke, Brand Partnerships Manager

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Barefoot Dreams Rib Throw Blanket – The Coziest Gift Ever

Barefoot Dreams Rib Throw Blanket

If I reeeally love you, I’m gifting you a Barefoot Dreams blanket. It has been one of my favorite (and most useful) gifts I’ve ever received, and has spoiled me so much, I can never use another throw blanket again. I know what you’re thinking: How can a throw blanket be that good? Trust me, it is worth every penny. The signature Barefoot Dreams material is the kind of buttery soft feel that you can’t even imagine how good it is until you feel it. Also, apparently the Kardashians used to give these as host gifts, so be like the Kardashians and gift your loved ones the best throw blanket on earth (it’s also OK if you’re the loved one you’re gifting it to).

—Josie Santi, Podcast Host & Wellness Editor

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Béis The Backpack – Stylish and Practical

Béis The Backpack

I never thought a backpack would end up so high on my daily essentials list, but I can’t believe how much better this backpack has made my life. I travel quite frequently and purchased this backpack to replace my trusty tote and never looked back. It’s spacious, easy on my shoulders when I have to carry it, and features a trolley pass-through so I can place it on top of my suitcase while walking around the airport. I love that it can fit all of my in-flight essentials and still have extra room in case I purchase a few too many souvenirs on my trips.

—Garri Chaverst, Senior Managing Editor

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Now that you’ve discovered our favorite products that we absolutely adore, we hope you’ve found some great gift ideas for yourself or your loved ones. These items have brought us so much joy and we just couldn’t keep them a secret any longer.

Which of these products caught your eye? Do you have any tried and true favorites? Let us know in the comments below!