Battle of the Cheesy Delights: Boxed Mac and Cheese Smackdown!

I Put 3 Grocery Store Boxed Mac and Cheese Brands to the Ultimate Creaminess Test - Here's My Top Pick!

I tried 3 brands of boxed mac and cheese from the grocery store and the creamiest one was my favorite.

banza mac and cheese

Picture this: a warm, gooey dish of mac and cheese, oozing with creamy deliciousness. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine certainly is! As a dedicated fashionista and lover of all things fabulous, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect comfort food. So, I decided to embark on a quest to find the best store-bought, boxed mac and cheese – and boy, was it a cheesy adventure!

The Contenders: Kraft, Annie’s, and Banza

I took it upon myself to taste-test three renowned brands of mac and cheese: Kraft, Annie’s, and Banza. Each had its own unique charm, but I was curious to see if Banza’s chickpea pasta could hold a candle to the others. Little did I know, the winner of this culinary showdown would leave me dazzled!

Mac and Cheese Magic Unleashed

butter milk mac and cheese

Armed with my apron and a dash of excitement, I followed the recipes – using oat milk because, well, I wanted to add a touch of pizzazz. Kraft demanded 4 tablespoons of butter, while Annie’s and Banza settled for a modest 2 tablespoons. Ah, the twists and turns of the mac and cheese labyrinth!

Annie’s: A Clumpy Disappointment?

annies mac and cheese

With my expectations sky high, I cracked open Annie’s classic cheddar mac and cheese. As a long-time aficionado of Annie’s shells and white cheddar, my taste buds tingled with anticipation. Alas, my dreams were met with a slight letdown. While the 6-ounce box cost a pretty penny, the cheese clumped together in ominous balls of dust. Not quite the glamorous presentation I had envisioned.

Enter the Mac and Cheese Maestro: Kraft

kraft mac and cheese

Behold, the timeless maverick of macaroni and cheese, Kraft! Growing up, Kraft was the gold standard in my household, like a fashion icon consistently stealing the show. This time, though, it failed to capture my heart. Despite its sweet undertones, it left me desiring a creamier, more substantial experience. Is there a couture twist on the horizon?

The Unexpected Mac Attack: Banza Steals the Show!

banza mac and cheese

But wait, who’s this swooping in, outshining the others? It’s Banza, the irresistible mac and cheese made with chickpea pasta. Trust me, I was skeptical too. Chickpeas? In my mac and cheese? Yet, I summoned the courage to dive into this gluten-free affair. And boy, was I in for a treat! The cheese-clad noodles melted in my mouth, harmonizing a symphony of flavors. It was the mac and cheese equivalent of walking the runway in stilettos – audaciously delicious and indulgent!

A Cheesy Showdown: The Verdict

Despite its heftier price tag and a serving size to match, Banza clinched victory in this macaroni and cheese extravaganza. With a flawless balance of richness and creaminess, it elevated the humble dish to new heights. It was a delicacy fit for both glamorous adults and playful kids, a true fashion statement on your plate.

So, dear fashion enthusiasts, when you gravitate towards the mac and cheese aisle, let Banza reign supreme. Give your taste buds haute couture treatment and savor the glamorous delight that only Banza can offer.

Tell me, fellow foodies, have you ever tried Banza’s mac and cheese? Share your cheesy adventures in the comments below! Let’s indulge in some fashionable food gossip! 💄🧀✨