Career Crossroads: 10 Questions for Fashionable Career Moves 💼✨

10 Essential Questions to Consider Before Making a Bold Career Move

10 Questions Before Making a Career Move

Oh, the ever-elusive and thrilling world of career moves. It’s like trying to find the perfect pair of shoes that will take you to new heights while keeping you comfortable. In my 10-year strut as a professional, I’ve made some big moves, like strutting my stuff on the catwalk of different companies and industries. From aspiring CPA to communications guru, freelance writer, and even podcast host, I’ve twirled my way through various roles. Needless to say, I’ve got a closet full of experience when it comes to making career moves. 💄

Now, dear fashionistas and trendsetters, I present to you my go-to guide for those moments when you find yourself at a crossroads in your career. Whether you’re feeling stuck in a fashion rut or ready to conquer the world, these questions will help you put your best stiletto forward. So, grab a cup of Gucci tea and let’s dive in!

1. How am I feeling? 🤔

Before strutting down the career catwalk, take a moment to do a sassy check-in with yourself. Are you feeling like a fierce diva in your current role? Or are you more like a worn-out pair of designer heels that have seen better days? Assess your satisfaction level, darlings. Are you being challenged, or are you craving something more fabulous? Knowing where you stand will help you sashay in the right direction.

2. What am I really good at? 👠

Now, let’s take a break from the mirror and focus on your strengths. We’re not talking about your ability to walk in heels here (although, kudos for that). It’s time to identify the tasks that make you shine, whether they’re in your job description or not. Write down all the things that people turn to you for because, honey, you’re the queen of it all.

3. What work brings me joy? 💃

Just because you’re a master at something doesn’t mean it brings you bliss. I mean, I’m exceptional at folding laundry, but does it bring me joy? Absolutely not, darling. It’s time to channel your inner Coco Chanel and discover what truly sets your heart on fire at work. What tasks make you feel like a superstar? Identify those and make sure they’re part of your dazzling future.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to slow down so we can move forward. 💃

4. Where do my strengths and fulfillment align? 🤩

Now, let’s bring your strengths and your joy to the catwalk together, my dear. Do they dance in perfect harmony? Do they tango in your current role, or is it more of a tired foxtrot? Aligning your strengths and passions will help you find your career sweet spot. Remember, darlings, you deserve to shine in a spotlight that celebrates your unique superpowers.

5. What are my non-negotiables? 🙅‍♀️

In the fashion world, we don’t settle for anything less than couture. And the same goes for your career, darling. Determine your non-negotiables and see if your current company and role meet them. If not, it’s time to hunt for greener pastures. Consider things like work location, benefits and perks (hello, unlimited shopping budget), work environment, team dynamics, finances, and growth opportunities. You deserve it all, darling!

Let’s take a quick style break and summarize those non-negotiables in a chic table:

Work Location
Benefits and Perks
Work Environment
Team Environment
Growth Opportunities
Work-Life Balance
Risk Tolerance

6. What are my values? 👗

Ah, the age-old question: what do you truly value in your career and your fabulous life? Maybe you’re all about empowerment, diversity, or making a positive impact on the world. Take a moment to explore your personal values, darling, and let them guide you on your career runway. It’s time to invent your very own fashion manifesto!

7. What are my career aspirations? ✨

Now, let’s dream big, my stylish comrades. Where do you see yourself sashaying down the career catwalk? Do you want to lead the style pack as a manager? Or perhaps you’re ready to conquer a new industry? Maybe it’s even time to start your own fashion empire. The sky’s the limit, darling. Aim high and let your dreams guide your stylish journey.

Career Aspirations

8. What do I need to support my career advancement? 🔝

As we strut towards our aspirations, it’s time to assess what we need in our fashion arsenal. Do you need more exposure to land that promotion? A fabulous mentor by your side? Maybe it’s time to join professional organizations or embark on new learning adventures. Remember, darlings, upskilling is as essential as a killer pair of heels. Stay fabulous and stay sharp!

9. What’s next on the fashion forecast? 🌟

After all this reflection and planning, it’s time to make your grand decision. Are you ready for the big reveal? Take a moment to assess if your current situation aligns with your fierce future. You might find yourself on one of these fabulous paths:

  1. Growing in your current role at your current company.
  2. Finding a new role at your current company.
  3. Looking for a similar role at a new company.
  4. Moving into a new role at a new company.

Remember, darlings, the world is your runway, and this is only the beginning. You can always explore side hustles, new hobbies, or even go back to fashion school! Options are as endless as the latest trends.

10. What’s my gut telling me? 🌹

Channel your inner fashion fortune teller and listen to your gut, darling. After all the logical thinking and data analysis, your instinct will whisper the perfect melody for your career journey. Sometimes, the best decisions don’t follow the rules but instead dance to their own rhythm. Trust your gut, be bold, and get ready for a fierce adventure!

So, my fashionable friends, how do you feel? Are you ready to take the fashion world by storm? Remember, making career moves is a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. Embrace it. Strut confidently, and always slay the runway of life. 💃✨

Do you have any stories or tips about making career moves? Share with us in the comments below! ✨👇