Choo Choo! All Aboard the Fashion Express!

Unveiling the Splendor 7 Compelling Reasons Why I'm Already Longing to Embark on My Second $53 Amtrak Journey from Boston to Maine!

I loved my first $53 Amtrak ride from Boston to Maine so much, I’m already planning to do it again for 7 great reasons.

Man and Child at Wells, Maine train stop My family recently took an Amtrak from Boston to Maine and had an excellent time. – Lindsay Modglin

There’s something magical about taking a train ride. It’s like being whisked away to a distant city on a fashionable cloud, with stunning views that only an Instagram-worthy train window can offer. And let me tell you, my recent trip to Maine on the Amtrak Downeaster did not disappoint this fashion-loving girl.

Seven Reasons to Fall Head over Heels for the Downeaster

1. Convenience and Booking Bliss

Purchasing last-minute Downeaster tickets from Boston to Maine was as easy as finding the perfect pair of designer shoes on sale. I snagged three seats for just $53 each, a steal compared to the hefty bills of gas and rental cars. Plus, no need to worry about traffic jams or getting lost on unfamiliar roads.

2. Boarding in Style

People with backpacks and suitcases walking toward Amtrak train Boarding the Amtrak Downeaster was quick and easy. – Lindsay Modglin

Say goodbye to long airport lines and chaotic travel days. Boarding the Downeaster is a breath of fresh air. We strutted into Boston North Station just 30 minutes before our train’s departure time and effortlessly scanned our tickets to enter the platform. The boarding process was more organized than a perfectly arranged closet. We found our seats in no time, and oh, the seating!

3. Window Wonderland

Boy looking out of train window at city and water Our Amtrak ride had a lot of great views. – Lindsay Modglin

As much as I adore road trips, the views from a train window are in a league of their own. Our journey through picturesque landscapes was like flipping through a high-fashion magazine. Luscious blankets of trees, bridges shimmering in the sun, and charming coastal towns created a mesmerizing runway show. I couldn’t help but feel present and in the fashion moment as the world danced by.

4. First-Class Comfort

Man and child sitting on Amtrak train seats comfortably, both holding electronic devices My family found the Amtrak seats to be quite spacious and comfortable. – Lindsay Modglin

I admit, I’m prone to car sickness. So the thought of being crammed in a tiny space had me clutching my designer handbag in distress. But fear not! The Downeaster’s seating was a luxurious runway on its own. We opted for forward-facing seats, just like models on a chic catwalk. The rows had enough space to strike a pose, complete with outlets for charging your fashionably sophisticated devices and overhead bins for your carry-on treasures.

Pro tip: If motion sickness is your kryptonite, make sure to face the right direction. The train likes to pull some funky moves!

5. Fabulous Staff, Darling!

Every staff member we encountered exuded fashion-forward friendliness. From the ticketing agent to the train conductor, they were like style consultants for our journey. The train attendant even helped a couple plan their itinerary for neighboring towns. Talk about going above and beyond the call of couture!

6. Amenities that Make Heads Turn


Who would have thought a train could provide an array of amenities? The Downeaster Café served up delightful snacks and beverages, perfect for refuelling during your fashion-forward adventure. And don’t even get me started on the free Wi-Fi! My little one was entertained while I sipped my latte and admired the fashion-forward scenery through the large café windows. The restrooms were more spacious than a model’s dressing room, giving you plenty of room to freshen up and prepare for your fashionable arrival.

7. Kennebunkport – A Fashion Oasis

Pink flowers next to body of water and colorful buildings in Kennebunkport, Maine I loved exploring Kennebunkport, Maine, and its shops. – Lindsay Modglin

As our train pulled into Wells, Maine, we were greeted with a serene view of pine trees, a charming wooden platform, and a lineup of bikes. Our final destination, the enchanting resort town of Kennebunkport, was just a fashionable car ride away. Dock Square, with its adorable shops, gorgeous restaurants, and breathtaking views of the Kennebunk River and the Atlantic Ocean, was like stepping into a fashion paradise. We spent the day exploring galleries and boutiques, indulging in a delightful seafood lunch on a patio overlooking the water, and even took a glamorous golf-cart tour of Walker’s Point Estate, the historic Bush Compound.

Pro tip: Plan your transportation from the train station ahead of time. Fashionable options can be limited in this town.

All Aboard!

We loved our Downeaster adventure so much that I’m already planning a multi-week fashion escapade from New York City to Brunswick, Maine, en route to the fashionable wonderland of Acadia National Park. I simply can’t get enough of the convenience, comfort, and breathtaking views that the Downeaster offers. So, fellow fashionistas and travel enthusiasts, hop on board the Downeaster and let the fashion express take you to dazzling destinations in style. Don’t miss out on this unique and fabulous way to explore New England’s beauty!

Tell us, dear readers, have you ever experienced the fashionable delight of a train journey? If so, share your most stylish moments in the comments below!