Trader Joe’s: A Vegan Wonderland

7 Years Vegan and Counting My Must-Have Trader Joe's Shopping List with 18 Irresistible Items!

As a vegan for 7 years, Trader Joe’s is my go-to store where I always purchase these 18 items.

Vegan products from Trader Joe’s. Vegan products from Trader Joe’s. Shutterstock/Alex Millauer; Lydia Warren/Insider

Oh, Trader Joe’s, how I adore thee! Ever since I transformed into a vegan in 2016, shopping for groceries has become a thrilling adventure full of plant-based wonders. And let me tell you, Trader Joe’s is my holy grail!

With aisles bursting with easy plant-based meals and an ocean of creative flavor combinations, this is the haven every fashionista vegan dreams of. Trader Joe’s has become my one-stop-shop for affordable vegan staples and exciting specialties. It’s like having a personal stylist for my taste buds!

But hold your horses, not every vegan gem at Trader Joe’s flaunts the word “vegan” on its packaging. No worries, darling, your beauty expert has got you covered! Just thoroughly check the ingredient list before tossing it into your stylish cart.

Let me walk you through some of my absolute must-haves at Trader Joe’s. Get ready for a delightful fashion show of flavors!

1. Vegan Spinach-and-Cashew Ravioli: The Runway Darling

Vegan ravioli from Trader Joe’s. Vegan ravioli from Trader Joe’s. Lydia Warren/Insider

Imagine this: You stroll down the refrigerated section, and your eyes lock with a pack of vegan spinach-and-cashew ravioli. It’s like love at first sight, my dear! Before going vegan, fresh ravioli used to be my go-to mid-week meal. But then, Trader Joe’s waved its magic wand and created this plant-based delight, and I was head over heels!

This savory pasta treat steals the show when paired with vegan pesto or a zesty tomato-based sauce, kissed with roasted veggies like asparagus and a dash of lemon. It’s a quick, comforting dinner that transforms your taste buds into a front-row audience, applauding each delightful bite. And guess what? It only costs $3.99 for an 8.8-ounce pack. Talk about runway-worthy style at an affordable price!

2. Vegan Kale, Cashew, and Basil Pesto: A Toast to Deliciousness

Vegan pesto at Trader Joe’s. Vegan pesto at Trader Joe’s. Lydia Warren/Insider

Ah, pesto, the quintessential flavor maestro! But finding a vegan-friendly premade pesto can be like searching for the perfect little black dress. Fear not, my lovely fashionistas, Trader Joe’s has got your back! Their vegan kale, cashew, and basil pesto is a ticket to flavor paradise. Creamy, tangy, and a touch of cashew goodness – it’s a dream come true!

Slather it on crusty bread, layer it with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and smoked tofu for a sandwich that will turn heads in any stylish cafe. Just imagine the envy of others when they see you indulging in this delicious masterpiece. And it’s all yours for $3.99. Talk about making a fashion statement with your food!

3. Soy Chorizo: Spice up Your Wardrobe

Soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s. Soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s. Lydia Warren/Insider

Welcome to the runway of flavors, my darlings. As a passionate advocate of fake-meat products, I can’t help but fall head over heels for Trader Joe’s soy chorizo. Add it to your breakfast burritos and tacos, and it’ll make your taste buds want to dance down the catwalk.

While I’ve never tasted real chorizo, this soy version brings the right amount of vinegary and spicy goodness to uplift any dish. Imagine the layers of flavors it adds to your burrito, alongside scrambled tofu, potatoes, salsa, and avocado. Every bite is like stepping into a fashion-forward world of taste.

At just $2.69 for 12 ounces, it’s a generous portion that takes your style from drab to fab. Use one half now and freeze the other for later. Who says your freezer can’t be a trendy boutique?

4. Flavored Tofu: Dress Your Bowls with Taste

Baked tofu at Trader Joe’s. Baked tofu at Trader Joe’s. Lydia Warren/Insider

Tofu, darling, you’re the little black dress of the vegan world! But let’s be honest, marinating and cooking plain tofu can sometimes feel like a never-ending runway show. Fear not, my fashion-forward foodies! Trader Joe’s comes to the rescue with their already-flavored and baked tofu.

The teriyaki- and sriracha-flavored tofu, for only $3.99 each, is a time-saving, taste-explosion for dishes like sandwiches, salads, noodle bowls, or even your fashion-forward kid’s lunchbox. Ready to serve hot or cold, it’s also a fabulous plant-based protein source, strutting down the catwalk with 15 grams per serving.

Sure, there are other options out there, but Trader Joe’s just knows how to make flavors pop like a top model on the runway!

5. Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative: The Dairy-Free Couture

Trader Joe’s cashew yogurt. Trader Joe’s cashew yogurt. Lydia Warren/Insider

When it comes to yogurt, we fashionistas demand a taste that’s luxurious and creamier than a designer gown. Trader Joe’s delivers with their organic creamy cashew cultured yogurt alternative. This tangy delight is the perfect topping for fresh fruits, oatmeal, smoothies, or even as a sour-cream alternative!

At just $4.99 for a 24-ounce container, it’s the epitome of chic and the perfect way to start your day with a runway-worthy breakfast. Now, I can’t spill who’s behind the magic of this yogurt, but trust me, it’s a splurge worth every cent. Who needs expensive couture yogurt when you can look fabulous on a budget?

6. Peanut-Butter Protein Granola: Crunchy Fashion for Breakfast

Peanut-butter granola from Trader Joe’s. Peanut-butter granola from Trader Joe’s. Lydia Warren/Insider

Let’s face it – no outfit is complete without accessories, and no breakfast is complete without a fabulous nutty crunch. Trader Joe’s peanut-butter protein granola is here to take your breakfast ensemble to the next level!

Picture this: chunky nutty clusters, peanut halves, and a protein boost from pea protein. It’s the perfect topping for your yogurt and fruit, like a statement necklace that ties your entire breakfast look together. Packed with 11 grams of protein per serving, this granola ensures you start your day with a runway strut.

Now, it may not explicitly say “vegan” on the packaging, but trust the fashionista instinct in you – it’s animal product-free. While it may have been in contact with milk during processing, it’s the trendy accessory your breakfast needs. And at $3.99, consider it a small price to pay for breakfast fashion perfection!

And there you have it, my beauty and fashion enthusiasts! Trader Joe’s is your ultimate fashion destination for affordable vegan delights. Fill your cart with vegan spinach-and-cashew ravioli, creamy cashew yogurt, and all the must-have items that will make your taste buds sing!

Now, I want to hear from you, my fabulous readers. Have you tried any of these fashionable vegan options at Trader Joe’s? Did they make your heart skip a stylish beat? Join the conversation in the comments below and let’s have our own vegan fashion show!