Mom Shamed for Traveling and Partying without my Kids How Embracing my Personal Freedom Makes me a Better Parent

I Embrace My Freedom Traveling and Partying Without My Kids – How It Enhances My Parenting Skills

Woman traveling in Prague The author traveling alone in Prague. Courtesy of the author.

Imagine being a mom living in the vibrant city of Berlin, where clubbing is as common as finding a street food vendor. Now, picture yourself strutting down the streets in your fabulous outfit, turning heads left and right, while your children are safe and sound at home.

I know what you’re thinking – am I some kind of superhero? Well, no cape here, just a fashion-loving mom who knows how to live it up.

When I relocated to Berlin with my husband and two young kiddos, we quickly realized that partying and going out clubbing was a huge part of the city’s lifestyle. And hey, we didn’t want to miss out! So, we threw on our dancing shoes, joined the club scene, and even made friends with other wild, party-loving parents along the way.

But that’s not all! We also had a burning desire to explore all the wonders that Europe has to offer. So, we embarked on family adventures, creating unforgettable memories. And yes, there were times we even left the kids behind and traveled without them. Shocking, I know.

These escapades were met with confused stares and raised eyebrows, especially from nonlocals – particularly our American friends. They questioned who was taking care of our little ones, doubting our parenting priorities.

Oh dear, it seems like some people need “Fun for Dummies” guidebook. Let me break it down for you: my husband and I are an awesome team. When I go out, he rocks the parental duties, and vice versa. And if we both decide to hit the town, well, we might just call upon Super Sitter to the rescue. It’s called balance, folks.

It’s astonishing how much judgment mothers face, isn’t it? Apparently, society expects moms to be superheroes, while dads get a free pass. Voguetruthfully enlightened us by saying, “our society has taught us to expect the world from mothers and very little from fathers.” It’s time to brush off that outdated thinking, folks.

Christina Furnival, a psychotherapist, stresses that heterosexual two-parent families often fall into traditional gender roles. But you see, I’m not about that life. We don’t need a superhero and a sidekick. We are partners, equal in every sense. And in our book, motherhood doesn’t mean sacrificing our autonomy and identity.*

People seem to forget that a key to being a great mom is being a happy person. It’s all about finding joy and fulfillment in life – the kind of joy that comes from dancing the night away or exploring the world solo. Studies even show that moms with hobbies and interests raise children who thrive.

So, let’s put an end to the mom-shaming, shall we? Instead, let’s celebrate mothers who live their best lives, whether that’s strutting on the dance floor or wandering the streets of Prague in fabulous fashion. Remember, happy moms raise happy children.

Now, excuse me while I dust off my dancing shoes and plan my next kid-free adventure. Cheers, fellow fashion-loving moms!