The Golden Bachelor: Love, Laughter, and Lovely Hearing Aids

Gerry Turner, the Ageless Bachelor, Flaunts His Hearing Aids with Pride on National Television

72-year-old ‘Golden Bachelor,’ Gerry Turner, proudly shows off his hearing aids on national TV

Gerry Turner greets one of the contestants out to win
Gerry Turner greets one of the contestants out to win his heart on “The Golden Bachelor.” The 72-year-old’s hearing aids were clearly visible.


Move aside, young whippersnappers, because “The Golden Bachelor” has arrived! In this delightful show, love knows no age limits as 72-year-old Gerry Turner embarks on a quest to find his soulmate among a group of fellow seniors. But what caught our eye, apart from Gerry’s charming smile, were the fashionable accessories he proudly donned behind both ears. No, they’re not the latest trend in earrings worn by fabulous TV anchors; they are none other than hearing aids!

Turner, the first eligible bachelor over 45 to grace “The Bachelor” franchise, made sure to introduce his trusty hearing aids right off the bat. In a recent interview with USA Today, he declared that there’s no reason to hide the signs of aging or be embarrassed about hearing loss. After all, what’s more attractive than someone who embraces their true self, gadgets and all?

“They say you’re as young as you feel, and if they notice my hearing aids, so be it! I’ve earned my stripes,” Turner exclaimed. And earned them he has, as his honest admission caught the attention of a hearing aid company hoping to capitalize on his newfound fame. Who knew love could come with perks?

In his vulnerability, Turner follows the wise words of dating coach Heather Dugan, who advises seniors not to let doubt about their looks hinder their search for love. After all, who cares if your date questions whether you’ve still “got it”? Turner proves that confidence shines brighter than any youthful facade.

But let’s not forget the romantic soul behind those hearing aids. Turner lovingly reminisced about his late wife, Toni, who tragically passed away in 2017 during their 43rd year together. Theirs was a love story for the ages, beginning in high school and culminating in a beautiful life filled with love and adventure. The bond they shared was unbreakable, even in the face of hardships.

Now, it’s Turner’s turn to find love once again. Besides being an absolute sweetheart, he’s a doting father and grandfather. When he’s not in the pursuit of love, you’ll find him grilling up a storm, conquering the roughest terrains with ATVs, showing his pickleball prowess, or passionately cheering on his beloved Chicago sports teams. Truly a man of many talents!

With three grown children and two adoring grandkids, Turner’s family rallied behind him on the show, proving that love and support are the pillars of any quest for happiness. And we, as dedicated fashion and beauty enthusiasts, stand beside Gerry Turner, hearing aids and all, cheering him on as he embarks on this fantastic journey.

So, dear readers, let’s embrace our uniqueness and celebrate all the quirks and gadgets that make us who we are. Let’s join Gerry Turner, our Golden Bachelor, on this fashion-forward and heartwarming adventure, where love knows no bounds and hearing aids become a lovely symbol of confidence and authenticity.

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