The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Lasagne: A Journey of Delicious Shortcuts

Lazy but Flavorful My Adventure with 3 Unconventional Lasagna Recipes

I tested 3 ‘lazy girl’ lasagne recipes and the least conventional was the winner.

Rachel and lasagne
Rachel took one for the team and made (and ate) three lasagnes.

Rachel Hosie/Insider

Hey there, fellow fashionistas and food lovers! Have you ever longed for a mouthwatering lasagne but dreaded the effort it takes to make one? Well, fear no more! I, your dedicated beauty and fashion expert, took it upon myself to delve into the world of “lazy girl” lasagnes, seeking quick and easy recipes that even the laziest among us can handle. Join me on this journey of shortcuts, culinary adventures, and flavorful discoveries!

The Quest for the Perfect Lazy Girl Lasagne

Let’s start with a confession: despite my love for cooking, I had never mustered the courage to make my own lasagne. It always seemed like a culinary Everest that required too many intricate steps. After all, I am a self-proclaimed lazy girl at heart, always in pursuit of shortcuts and maximum enjoyment with minimum effort.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about lasagne itself. Oh, the memories of helping my mother in the kitchen, stirring the cheesy homemade sauce and sneakily tasting it while she wasn’t looking. It’s no wonder that I firmly believed my mother made the best lasagne in the world. However, I couldn’t help but think it was just a bit too much work.

The Nutritious Allure of Lasagne

Before we embark on our lazy girl lasagne journey, let’s take a moment to appreciate the many nutritional benefits of this delectable dish. Lasagne is a balanced and nutritious delight, packed with protein from the beef and cheese, a plethora of micronutrients from the carrot, tomato, and celery, and energy-rich carbs from the pasta. If you’re looking to amp up your fiber intake, opt for whole wheat pasta. And for those watching their waistlines, lighter dairy products and leaner meats can work wonders.

The Lazy Girl Trend: Quick, Easy, and Delicious?

Now, onto the main event: the search for the ultimate lazy girl lasagne recipes! The internet has been abuzz with the “lazy girl” trend, promising mouthwatering results without all the toil and trouble. Intrigued, I decided to put these supposedly quick and easy lasagne recipes to the test, hoping to find a gem that would satisfy my fellow lazy girls.

Well, dear readers, the results were a rollercoaster of flavors and disappointments. But fear not, for I have found a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. So let’s dive into my culinary escapades, with all its ups and downs, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll uncover a lazy girl’s lasagne worth our time.

Lasagne 1: Easy Classic or Not?

My version of BBC Good Food’s Easy Classic Lasagne

Rachel Hosie

First on the chopping block, I tried BBC Good Food’s “Easy Classic Lasagne.” Easy it may have been, but quick it was not! From the moment I took the ingredients out of the fridge to plating, a grueling hour and 45 minutes had elapsed – an eternity for a hungry lazy girl like me.

Despite its tantalizing aroma in the oven, the end result left me underwhelmed and teetering on the edge of disappointment. Bacon in the bolognese and creme fraiche as the sauce didn’t quite set my taste buds on fire. The sauce turned out tangier than expected, and the dish ended up swimming in a sea of liquid.

To make matters worse, my laziness got in the way of properly chopping the vegetables, resulting in crunchier bits than anticipated. Alas, I had to devour all four enormous portions alone over the course of a few days, as my boyfriend was conveniently absent.

Rating: 4/10, would not make again (but would definitely remember to chop those veggies smaller!)

Lasagne 2: The Quick and Not-Quite-Lasagne

Stuffed pasta
The second lasagne used stuffed pasta.

Rachel Hosie

Desperate for a truly quick lasagne experience, I turned to Delicious’ “Quick Lasagne.” But let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it lasagne at all. However, after the previous time-consuming nightmare, I was willing to give this unconventional dish a try.

Picture this: beef and red wine tortelloni, mixed with chopped tomatoes, crowned with a creamy mascarpone sauce and parmesan, then lovingly broiled until golden perfection. I must admit, this dish lived up to its promise of being quick, clocking in at a mere 20 minutes. The flavors were there, though the sauce lacked pizzazz. Chopped tomatoes on their own were a bit lackluster, and things got a tad too saucy once the melted mascarpone joined the party. However, the addition of parmesan and black pepper brought some much-needed excitement to the ensemble.

Attempting to stretch the recipe to feed four hungry souls like myself proved to be an exercise in futility. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near enough to satisfy our cravings.

Rating: 6/10, might make again if pasta sauce and broiled cheese make an appearance

Lasagne 3: The Deconstructed Delight

Sausage and greens lasagne
The sausage and greens lasagne was a winner.

Rachel Hosie

By the time I reached lasagne number three, I decided to embrace my rebellious nature. Is it even lasagne if it doesn’t involve layers of pasta sheets and delightful fillings? All apologies to Italy for my audacious reinterpretations of their culinary traditions.

Embracing the unconventional, I embarked on Mob’s “Sausage and Greens Cheat’s Lasagne.” Guided by my trust in Mob’s recipes and armed with sausage meat and a vibrant green sauce made from cavolo nero (or, in my case, curly kale), I chartered a new lasagne territory.

Forget the traditional layering of pasta and fillings. This recipe took a daring route – tearing fresh pasta sheets and mixing them with the sauce and sausage. Cream, torn mozzarella, and parmesan joined the party, resulting in a deconstructed, lasagne-inspired masterpiece.

True to its lazy girl reputation, this recipe required only one pan, saving us from a mountain of washing up. However, blending the greens proved to be a small hurdle. Starting with a food processor, I ended up with kale-ish fragments that wouldn’t do. So, I called in the reinforcements – my trusty blender. Let’s just say my kitchen turned into a green jungle, leaving me some extra cleaning duties.

To my surprise, my initially skeptical dinner guests were won over by this unconventional dish. It was a hit! The chili flakes provided a delightful warmth, the sausage meat sang with flavor, and the mozzarella did its gooey magic. And the best part? You couldn’t even tell you were eating kale.

But, let’s be real, it still took a solid one hour and 20 minutes to bring this deconstructed delight to life. While a little lazier than the classic lasagne, it might not be the quickest option for a midweek dinner.

Rating: 8/10, would definitely make again

Lazy Girls Unite!

There you have it, my fellow fashion enthusiasts and lazy girls on a mission for deliciousness. As we explored the realm of lasagne shortcuts and culinary adventures, we discovered that not all shortcuts are created equal. While the journey had its pitfalls, we managed to salvage a dish or two that catered to our lazy desires.

So, embrace your inner lazy girl and fear no lasagne challenge! Explore these recipes, make them your own, and remember that the joy of cooking lies not only in the delicious results but also in the shared experience with loved ones and friends.

Now, it’s your turn! Have you ventured into the realm of lazy girl lasagnes? Share your triumphs, funny stories, and secret shortcuts in the comments below. Let’s create a lazy girl lasagne revolution together!