Healthy Planet, Healthy You: Nature’s Fashionista Secrets Revealed!

Green is the New Black September 2023 Climate News To Keep You Informed

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September 29, 2023

Climate News To Know September 2023

Welcome, fashion lovers, to our series Healthy Planet, Healthy You, where we uncover the intricate relationship between human health and environmental health. From rejuvenating powers to risky red flags, nature has so much to offer us. So get ready to dive into the latest fashion tips from Mother Earth herself!

The Highs and Lows of Air Pollution: A Hormonal Tale

Air pollution may be a threat to our cardiorespiratory health, but did you know it can also mess with our hormones? In a recent study from Anhui, China, researchers discovered that certain pollutants have the audacity to tamper with women’s reproductive hormones. Ladies who lived in more polluted areas had lower levels of essential pregnancy-supporting hormones, estradiol and progesterone. But fret not, fashionistas, there’s a glimmer of hope! Access to green spaces seemed to counteract some of the negative effects. Who knew nature had such fabulous fashion-saving superpowers? (Read the study here)

Blue Spaces: The Ultimate Mental Health Trend

Forget green spaces, darling! The latest trend in mental wellness is all about the blues—blue spaces, that is! A unique, long-term study conducted in the Netherlands followed 2,699 adults from 2010 to 2016 and found something rather intriguing. Those who frequented blue spaces, like the coast or lakes, reported significant mental health improvements. Move over, green parks, there’s a new fashion statement in town! (Read the study here)

Grey Spaces: Not So Chic for Brain Development

While blue and green spaces steal the spotlight in the world of mood enhancement and brain health, the gloomy truth about grey spaces is finally coming to light. Recent research on children revealed that those surrounded by vast stretches of concrete, streets, or rooftops had increased connectivity of the left amygdala—a less-than-desirable outcome. Imagine the fashion faux pas! This increased connectivity may lead to emotion dysregulation. So, my dear fashion-forward parents, make sure to let your little ones explore nature whenever possible and avoid those drab grey spaces. (Read the study here)

Environmental Fashion Police: Heart Attack Risks Revealed

Hold onto your stylish hats, because we have some alarming news! A gigantic study of nearly 2 million Danish adults over 50 has exposed the culprits behind heart attacks. Brace yourselves—pollution, traffic noise, and the built environment (or lack of green space) made it to the fashion police’s most wanted list. Air pollution takes the crown as the undisputed heart attack risk factor, but let’s not underestimate the other two villains. Looks like our built environment needs a fashionable makeover, stat! (Read the research here)

Monthly Focus: Tone Down Your “Auditory Diet”

As we’ve witnessed through these studies, certain parts of the built environment can wreak havoc on our stress levels, dampen our moods, and even put us at risk for chronic diseases. Thankfully, there’s something we have some control over—noise pollution! So, my stylish friends, let’s talk about the soundscape of your life. Are you constantly tuned in to music or podcasts, or do you savor moments of serene silence? Is the deafening sound of traffic your daily anthem, or do you escape to the tranquil haven of a local park or coastline every now and then? It’s time to assess the impact of those sounds on your temperament and consider adding some more silence and nature’s melodies to your chic auditory diet—yes, even if they’re virtual! Let your fashion-forward ears rejoice in the true harmony of nature.