Paris under Siege: The Great Bedbug Invasion

Paris on High Alert Bloodsucking Bedbugs Swarm Trains and Movie Theaters ahead of 2024 Olympics

Paris is dealing with bedbugs on trains and in movie theaters as the city prepares for the Olympics.

Bed bugs are in plastic tubes for training purposes for dogs. Bed bugs placed in plastic tubes for training purposes for dogs. (Frank Molter/Picture Alliance via Getty Images)

Move over fashion, because Paris is currently buzzing with a different kind of trend – a bedbug infestation! These bloodsucking pests have invaded the French capital, popping up in movie theaters, public transport, and even at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. It’s like a horror movie, only with bedbugs instead of zombies!

Videos circulating on social media show the tiny invaders joyriding on commuter trains, playing hide and seek in the Paris metro, and generally wreaking havoc wherever they please. And if that wasn’t enough, one unfortunate cinema-goer posted images on X (formerly known as Twitter) of the angry-looking bites she received after bravely attending a movie in Paris. Oh, the sacrifices we make for cinema!

But fear not, my fellow fashionistas, because Parisian authorities are not taking this invasion lightly. UGC Cinemas, as a prime representative of the entertainment industry, recently posted a letter to apologize to their customers. They reassured us that emergency procedures are in place, including high-temperature steam treatment and inspections by specially trained dogs. Yes, you read that right – fashion-forward canines are now our heroes in the battle against bedbugs. Move over, runway models!

It seems Parisian officials are in a bit of a flap, as the city is set to host the 2024 Olympics next summer. With a grand total of 15 million spectators expected to attend, the thought of these uninvited guests sharing our seats becomes even more unnerving. Paris Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire called for action, urging Prime Minister Elisabeth_Borne to organize a conference on the fight against these invasive species. It’s a public health problem that needs all the stakeholders at the table. Let’s hope the politicians bring their bedbug spray!

So, what exactly are these creatures causing such chaos? Bedbugs are tiny, wingless insects measuring about 5 to 7 millimeters in length. They survive by feasting on the blood of humans and animals. It’s like they’re on a never-ending buffet tour! These pests love to snuggle up in bedding and furniture, but they aren’t picky – they’ll hitch a ride on your clothing and luggage too. Talk about fashionably late!

Now, don’t panic – bedbugs aren’t considered dangerous or disease spreaders. However, their bites can leave you with oh-so-itchy spots, which no self-respecting fashionista desires. According to Anses, the French Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety, more than one in 10 French households experienced bedbug infestations between 2017 and 2022. Can we consider this a new French revolution?

Anses also calculated that bedbug infestations cost the nation a whopping 83 million euros ($87.8 million) in 2019. That’s a lot of designer handbags! This price tag includes the decline in the quality of life, sleep disorders, and the impact on mental health (79 million euros), time off work (1 million euros), and the cost of physical care (3 million euros). Who knew those little bugs could cause such a financial fashion faux pas?

So, my lovely fashionistas, as we navigate our way through the maze of style and trends, let’s keep an eye out for these uninvited guests. And remember, if the bedbugs bite, don’t let them ruin your fabulous fashion-forward life! Stay vigilant, stay fashionable, and stay bedbug-free!

The doors to the 2024 Paris Olympics headquarters, with a sign reading ” French authorities raided the 2024 Paris Olympics headquarters on June 20. (Stephanie Lecocq/Reuters)

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