The Power of Suits: Where to Shop for Women’s Workwear

2023's Hottest Suit Trends for Women Elevate Your Style Game!

Top women’s suits in 2023

Three models wearing women’s suit separates in pink, white, and orange, from M.M. LaFleur, Suit Shop, and Good American.

A power suit is called a power suit for a reason. It has the remarkable ability to transform you from a mere mortal into a confident, powerful being with a touch of royal flair. So, say goodbye to uncomfortable pencil skirts and impractical dresses, and embrace the glorious world of suits! But wait, where can you find these high-quality suits without breaking the bank? Fear not, my fashion-forward friend, for we have the answers for you.

SuitShop – Custom Fits without the Royal Price Tag

Suit Shop

SuitShop is a haven for those seeking suits that fit like they were tailor-made but at a fraction of the cost. With prices hovering around $225 for a full suit, you can’t go wrong. Their range of options is impressive, offering different lengths and sizes from 00 to 24. Whether you’re attending a formal event or looking for a more casual suit, SuitShop has got you covered. Their Women’s White Tuxedo, made of satin and expertly tailored, is sure to turn heads. But if you prefer a more relaxed fabric, their Deep Teal Suit and Charcoal Grey Suit are made of a stretchier blend for ultimate comfort.

Everlane – Transparency and Style United


Everlane is known for its transparent pricing and commitment to quality, and their collection of women’s workwear lives up to that reputation. Take, for example, their Tencel Oversized Blazer and Way-High Taper Pant. These pieces bring a stylish twist to classic silhouettes, from a modern oversized look to a retro 80s cut. With Everlane, you can trust that you’re getting high-quality suits that won’t disappoint.

Express – Colorful and Trendy, Stuffy-Free


If you want to break free from traditional and muted styles, Express is the perfect go-to for colorful and trendy suits. They offer options like a bright orange skirt suit, a fully floral ensemble, and even a suit with shorts. Express knows that work doesn’t have to be all serious and no play. After a day of conquering the business world, you can effortlessly transition into happy hour with friends, all while rocking the same outfit.

Spanx – Perfect Pants for Perfect Moments


The Spanx Perfect Pant lives up to its name, with thousands of glowing reviews praising its comfort. This pant is set to become your new favorite suit staple. Available in petite, regular, and tall sizes, with various cuts like flare, wide-leg, and slim, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit. Our Executive Editor, Sally Kaplan, swears by the petite wide-leg version, describing the experience as slipping into pants that keep your legs from blowing around too much. Explore the full range of cuts and discover your favorite. And don’t forget to check out the Perfect Blazer for a classic yet comfortable and sculpting look.

Universal Standard – Size Inclusivity and Comfort

Universal Standard

Universal Standard is championing size inclusivity, offering suits from size 00 to size 40. Their trousers in the professional line feature an elastic waistband for ultimate comfort, perfect for long hours at the office or traveling. Not only are their designs comfortable, but the fabric itself is stretchy and miraculously wrinkle-resistant. You can literally wear these pieces straight out of your suitcase, making them a must-have for jet-setters.

M.M. LaFleur – Functionality Meets Attention to Detail

M.M. LaFleur

M.M. LaFleur’s suits are a functional dream, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Their suits feature practical elements like deep pockets, bra strap snaps, and adjustable hems that transform full-length trousers into stylish cropped pants. While they may be slightly more expensive than other options, investing in an M.M. LaFleur suit ensures you’ll receive a piece made with ultra-high-quality materials and exquisite design.

Good American – Sexy Workwear? Absolutely!

Good American

Good American’s Bosswear section is a treasure trove of blazers, skirts, trousers, and dresses that exude CEO vibes. Khloe Kardashian, part-owner of the brand, brings a hint of sexiness to tailored apparel. Good American proves that you don’t have to sacrifice your curves for professionalism. Their Scuba Slim Zip Pant is designed to give you “the best butt ever,” and their Compression Shine Bootcut Trouser is all about hugging your curves and boosting your confidence. Good American caters to all body types, with extended sizes up to 28 or 5XL.

Theory – For High-Quality, Work-Ready Attire


When it comes to high-quality workwear, Theory takes the crown. Their pants are incredibly flattering, featuring a range of cuts for all legs. The Demetria Pant elongates your legs, while the Pleated Wide-Leg Pant offers a roomier fit. Investing in a full suit from Theory, which may cost around $500, will take you from a wedding to a boardroom and everywhere in between.

Banana Republic – Professional Looks with a Splash of Style

Banana Republic/Insider

Banana Republic has long been a trusted go-to for professional-looking suits in various colors and materials. Their Salma Linen Tuxedo Blazer and Wide-Leg Linen Tuxedo Pant are perfect for staying cool and put-together during summer events. The light and airy material won’t leave you sweating, even if you’re waiting outdoors for a wedding to start. And with most of their offerings available in petite sizes, you can skip the tailor and wear them right away.

J.Crew – Preppy, Professional, and Sweater Blazer Magic


J.Crew is a trustworthy name in workwear, with suits that embody their preppy and professional vibe. While they offer typical blazers in slim to relaxed fits, they also have a delightful collection of sweater blazers. These blazers are crafted from soft materials like cotton and merino wool, resembling cardigans with lapels. A sweater blazer paired with sweater pants creates a comfortable version of a suit, ideal for the winter months. And don’t forget to explore J.Crew’s line of statement jewelry to add some oomph to their more classic styles.

Ann Taylor – Separates for Versatility and Easy Care

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is your one-stop shop for all kinds of separates, including suits, dresses, and skirts. Their suits are designed to be versatile, with blazers that work from winter to summer without having to buy an entire new set. Bonus: many of these pieces are machine washable, saving you money on dry cleaning bills. With sizes ranging from 00 to 18 and options for petite, regular, and tall lengths, Ann Taylor ensures a perfect fit for everyone.

Sene – Sizeless and Customizable, Fit for a Queen


Sene offers “sizeless” options that are 100% customizable. You can either take a quiz to determine your fit or measure yourself at home. The Sene Soho FlexTech Suit, designed for men, impressed us with its comfort and customization. For just under $600, indulging in a Sene suit is slightly pricier, but the results are well worth it. Customization at a tailor would cost significantly more, so why not have a suit built just for you?

Zara – Trendy, Affordable, and All Eyes on You


Zara is known for its on-trend styles and budget-friendly prices, and their suits are no exception. While not tailored for a traditional office environment, Zara’s suits are all about fun and fashion-forwardness. From cut-outs and sequins to bold patterns, you’ll find pieces that will make you the trendiest person in the room. While the quality may not last a lifetime, these suits are perfect for special events where you want to make a lasting impression.

Nordstrom – Options Galore for Every Occasion


Nordstrom is a gold mine for suit options, catering to all kinds of styles and needs. Whether you’re searching for a structured pinstripe suit or a trendy pastel blazer to pair with a mini skirt, Nordstrom has got you covered. With a diverse range of brands, you can explore everything from colorful and budget-friendly picks to high-end choices from Max Mara and Altuzarra. And if you find yourself having second thoughts, Nordstrom’s generous return policy will put your mind at ease.

Phew! We’ve covered quite a collection of outstanding places to find women’s suits. Now it’s your turn to dive into the world of fashion and unleash your inner powerhouse. Which option caught your eye? Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. And remember, with the right suit, you can conquer the world!