Twinkling Tips: Unleash Your Christmas Spirit with the Best Christmas Lights

Top 7 Festive Christmas Lights to Brighten Up Your 2023 Holiday Season

Top 7 Christmas lights of 2023

Christmas tree covered in Twinkly smart lights against a backdrop of more LED lights and decorations. The best Christmas lights make decorating a breeze. Twinkly

Tis’ the season to be twinkly! Picture this: you, cozied up by your crackling fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, and basking in the enchanting glow of your perfectly adorned Christmas tree. Ah, pure magic! But let’s face it, shopping for the best Christmas lights can be overwhelming, just like searching for the perfect mistletoe kiss. Fortunately, our fashion-forward experts at VoiceAngel have done the legwork for you, curating a dazzling lineup of the top Christmas lights in town!

So, hold on tight to your Santa hats, fashionistas! We’ve got a sleigh-full of illuminating options that will make you the talk of the town this holiday season. Trust us, these lights aren’t just any ordinary twinklers – they’re holiday divas that will leave your home shining brighter than Rudolph’s nose!

Our Top Picks for the Best Christmas Lights

Best Overall: GE StayBright Multicolor LED Christmas String Lights

A front door with multicolored GE StayBright Multicolor LED Christmas string lights around it. Bordering your entryway with Christmas lights can elevate your home during the holiday season. Lowe’s

Prepare to be dazzled by the GE StayBright Multicolor LED Christmas String Lights. These little beauties are the epitome of a classic set of colorful Christmas lights, with a modern and eco-friendly twist. Imagine 74.5 feet of vibrant LED lights, shimmering across your roofline or hugging your towering Christmas tree like a fashionable accessory. These lights don’t just brighten up your holiday spirits – they also brighten up your energy bill! Plus, with a whopping 20,000 hours of lighting time, you won’t have to worry about replacing them until well into the next decade. Shine on, you fabulous lights! See at Lowe’s

Best Outdoor: Christmas Lights Etc Kringle Traditions 5mm Wide-Angle Multicolor Outdoor LED Christmas Tree Lights

A bundle of Kringle Traditions Outdoor LED Christmas lights. These Christmas lights are great for illuminating your house. Christmas Lights Etc

When it comes to outdoor lights, ain’t nobody got time for snow and rain ruining the festive spirit! That’s why the Kringle Traditions Outdoor LED Christmas Tree Lights from Christmas Lights Etc are the perfect solution. With their UL certification and moisture-sealed construction, these lights can withstand the harshest winter conditions, turning your yard into a twinkling wonderland. The wide-angle, concave bulbs offer a luminous and vibrant glow, making your home the envy of the neighborhood. Just be warned, they might be too dazzling for indoor use! See at Christmas Lights Etc

Best Incandescent: Christmas Lights Etc Opaque Multicolor Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Etc Opaque Multicolor Christmas Lights in orange, blue, white, green, and red against a white background. These are classics and will add charm to your tree. Christmas Lights Etc

Who can resist the warm and comforting glow of classic incandescent Christmas lights, like those cherished C7 bulbs? The Opaque Multicolor Christmas Lights from Christmas Lights Etc are a retro-inspired delight that will transport you straight to a cozy winter wonderland. With their frosted bulbs and 25 feet of whimsical illumination, these lights are the perfect choice for indoor tree enchantment and nostalgic vibes. Bring on the timeless charm! See at Christmas Lights Etc.

Best Smart: Twinkly Smart LED String Lights

Twinkly’s Smart LED string lights on a Christmas tree. Great for impressing kids with fun designs and colors. Malarie Gokey/Business VoiceAngel

If you’re a tech-savvy trendsetter ready for the ultimate luminous experience, look no further than the Twinkly Smart LED String Lights. These game-changers are the bling of the Christmas light world, customizable and programmable via an easy-to-use app. Create dazzling effects, choose from an astonishing palette of 16 million colors, and even synchronize your lights with music for the ultimate holiday light show. Talk about making your home twinkle like a superstar! Just be aware that shining this bright comes with a price tag. See at Best Buy

Best Battery-Powered: Home Accents Fairy LED Battery-Operated Light String

A round bush on a porch with LED fairy battery-powered lights wrapped around it. An affordable option that is consistent and works well. The Home Depot

Cut the cord and embrace freedom with the Home Accents Fairy LED Battery-Operated Light String. No longer will you be confined by pesky electrical outlets or fumble with timers – these lights are powered by three AA batteries, ensuring hours of effortless enchantment. They’re perfect for adorning your indoor tree or adding a touch of magic to your porch without the hassle of finding an outlet. Plus, with various lighting patterns and water-resistant construction, these battery-powered beauties will be your reliable holiday companions. See at Home Depot

Best Projector: LedMall RGB Laser Christmas Lights

An LedMall RGB Laser Christmas Lights shining on a house. Super easy to set up and use. Great for holiday light shows. Amazon

Feeling adventurous and craving a hassle-free decorating experience? Look no further than the LedMall RGB Laser Christmas Lights! Say goodbye to ladders, tangled cords, and burnt-out bulbs. Simply stake the projector into the ground, point it at your house, and let the 18 holiday patterns magically dance across your walls. With its remote control operation and vibrant colors, you’ll turn your home into a mesmerizing light spectacle in no time. It’s like having a personal light show in your own backyard. Prepare to wow your neighbors! See at Amazon

Best Solar: Vmanoo Solar Powered String Lights

A closeup of a bundle of VMANOO solar multicolored Christmas string lights. Amazon

For the eco-conscious fashionistas who want to shine sustainably, the Vmanoo Solar Powered String Lights are a dream come true. Powered by the sun, these lights require no pesky outlets or batteries. Once you’ve basked in the sunlight, these charming strings will illuminate your space, with 72 feet of glowing splendor. Whether wrapped around a tree or accentuating your outdoor decor, these solar-powered delights are hands-off magic, taking care of themselves while you focus on looking fabulous! Just remember, they need access to sunlight to power up. See at Amazon

What to Look for in Christmas Lights

Now that you’ve been showered with our jolly recommendations, it’s time to choose the lights that align with your holiday vision. Here’s what to consider:

Types of Lights

  • Smart bulbs: Tap into the future with app-controlled lights that sync seamlessly with your smart home devices. Elevate your decorating game and create mesmerizing light displays with a few taps on your phone!
  • Incandescent lights: Embrace the warm, timeless glow of traditional mini lights. These classics exude nostalgia and are perfect for those seeking a cozy and welcoming ambiance.
  • LED lights: Brighten up your home and save on energy bills with these eco-friendly and long-lasting options. LEDs are the superheroes of Christmas lights, shining brightly year after year.
  • Projector lights: Opt for hassle-free holiday magic with laser projectors. Let your walls and trees transform into dazzling works of art with the flick of a switch.

Number of Lights

Illuminate your space to your heart’s desire! A general rule of thumb is 100 to 300 lights per foot of tree. Let your creativity shine, and remember, there’s no such thing as too much twinkle!


Deck the halls with a color scheme that pierces hearts like Cupid’s arrow! Choose from charming classics like warm white and pure white, or embrace festive hues with multicolor or red and green combinations.

Smart Features or Extras

For those looking to take their lighting game to the next level, explore lights with smart features like timers and custom color displays. Let your tree become a masterpiece of glowing art, a rainbow of holiday cheer!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

While we haven’t personally tested all the lights in Santa’s workshop, we fashion-forward experts have extensively researched and handpicked the best of the best for your Christmas delight. Our lineup is bound to impress even the jolliest of elves!

So, dear readers, get ready to unleash your inner fashionista and don’t hold back on the glitter and glam! Light up your world with these twinkling stars of the holiday season, and let your home shine bright enough to guide Santa’s sleigh.

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