New Moon in Sagittarius: Sparking Hope and Fashionable Adventures

The Cosmic Beauty of This Month's New Moon Unlocking its Power and How to Harness It

Astrology and New Moon What It Means and How to Harness It

Sagittarius Moon Image by MIMA FOTO

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It’s hard to believe 2023 is almost at a close—but not without one last new moon first. This moon, in the sign of bold and brash Sagittarius, finishes off a 6-month lunar cycle that began with the Sagittarius full moon back in June, offering us some refreshing energy to bring into the new year.

The astrology behind this month’s new moon in Sagittarius

This month’s new moon arrives in the sign of Sagittarius on December 12, at 6:32 p.m. EST.

With a new moon in Sagittarius, we’re all encouraged to embody the Sagittarian spirit of adventure, optimism, and expansion. As astrology expert and author of Astrology SOS, Imani Quinn, tells VoiceAngel, it’s a time for renewed hope after a less-than-light Scorpio season, as well as daring to see the possibilities in front of you.

Of course, Sag is also known to be a traveler, so if you’ve been wanting to book a trip, Quinn says, go for it. Your “travel” could also be more figurative, such as expanding your mind, visualizing the year ahead, or starting to move a project forward.

“This new moon is an invitation to move forward to use that spark of energy for hope and manifesting your dreams,” Quinn notes, adding that with Jupiter as Sag’s ruler, we’ve got luck on our side as well. “If we put in the work and really dare to try, that spark of luck will hit us,” she says.

And speaking of Jupiter, it is retrograde in Taurus until the end of the month, so Quinn says time is a chance to reflect on the final lessons Jupiter has to teach us, as well as think about how we can prepare for the blessings it will soon bring.

If that retrograde wasn’t enough, Mercury comes in as a star player the same day as the new moon. But don’t let that scare you! According to Quinn, rather than fearing Mercury retrograde, it can actually offer us a great opportunity for a mental reset before we start a fresh calendar year.

Of course, you might want to plan for travel delays, communication mishaps, or technological errors, but as Quinn says, “Take a moment to pause and reassess—this retrograde is reminding us to take our time.”

How to work with the energy of this moon

  1. Set intentions As the last new moon of 2023, this is an excellent time to think about the energy you want to bring into the new year. Set your intentions, Quinn recommends, and don’t be afraid to dream big. Sagittarius never shies away from a challenge, and neither should you!

    To that end, she adds, write your intentions down, and pair them with a fire ritual! (Explained below.)

  2. Work with the element of fire As this is a new moon in fiery Sagittarius, Quinn recommends working with the element of fire through candle magick. Using the aforementioned intentions you came up with, light a candle and recite your intentions out loud.

    Continue to burn this candle through the lunar cycle leading up to the full moon, and the next new moon, each time reciting your intentions when you light it. Remember to snuff your candle, rather than blowing it out, which can “blow away” your intentions, Quinn adds.

  3. Do a tarot spread Lastly, Quinn always suggests consulting your tarot cards to assess the energy of any given moon phase and what it means for you. In the case of December’s new moon in Sag, she recommends the following four-card spread:

    1. What blessing is the new moon in Sagittarius bringing in?
    2. What is Mercury retrograde reminding me to be mindful of?
    3. What hope is being reignited for me?
    4. How can I bring my manifestations to fruition?


What does a new moon in Sagittarius mean? A new moon in Sagittarius relates to themes of adventure, expansion, fire, the unknown, wildness, and action.

What date is the new moon in December 2023? The new moon in December is December 12 at 6:32 p.m. EST.

What to do on a new moon ritual? For a new moon ritual, set intentions, come up with affirmations, pull tarot cards, hold a new moon circle, and/or do candle magick.

The takeaway

Whether you spend this new moon booking a trip, reflecting on this past year, or doing any of your favorite new moon rituals, the big takeaway to this Sagittarius moon is setting intentions and taking inspired action, so we can move into 2024 with reinvigorated hope.

Isn’t it exciting to embrace the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius, ignite your dreams, and manifest the future you desire? Share your thoughts and let’s embark on this fashionably enlightened journey together!