Living the High Life on the Oceania Vista: A Stateroom Worth the Splurge!

Indulging in Opulence My Unforgettable Stateroom Experience on Oceania Cruises' New Vista Ship

My favorite room ever is the $2,350 stateroom on Oceania Cruises’ Vista cruise ship.

the bed on the Oceania Vista veranda stateroom

My veranda stateroom on the Oceania Vista had comforts like Bulgari toiletries and a large balcony. – Brittany Chang/Insider

Ahoy, fashion lovers! Set sail with me as I regale you with the tale of my extravagant night aboard the Oceania Vista. Brace yourself for luxurious comforts, stunning views, and a touch of whimsy in this floating haven of style and beauty.

Picture this: a shimmering veranda stateroom, stretching out like a fashionista’s dream on the majestic Oceania Vista. Now, hold onto your hats because this indulgence doesn’t come cheap – a price tag starting at $2,350 per person through 2023! But fear not, my fellow fashionistas, for I assure you, it’s worth every penny.

Let’s start by throwing all our preconceptions of average cruise ship staterooms overboard. Oceania Cruises is not your run-of-the-mill cruise line. It’s more like a chic runway show at sea – intimate, refined, and fabulously daring in its dining options.

Say au revoir to overcrowded ships and rowdy kiddos splashing about. Oceania focuses on the crème de la crème, offering smaller vessels and elevated dining experiences that will make your taste buds twirl in delight.

Embarking on Oceania Vista, the newest addition to their fleet, I found myself in Miami – the ship’s home port for the rest of 2023. But on a fateful September evening, it was docked in the Big Apple, where I was invited to explore the wondrous veranda staterooms.

Now, I must confess, my previous cruise adventures had left me somewhat jaded when it came to staterooms. From perplexing decor choices to lackluster toiletries – I had grown accustomed to settling for the ordinary. But Oceania had a different plan for me.

Stepping into my veranda stateroom, I was met with a sight that would make any fashionista weak at the knees. The room was an oasis of opulence, boasting a spacious balcony, a well-stocked beverage station (where Diet Coke flows freely, darling!), and the pièce de résistance – Bulgari toiletries fit for a glamorous goddess.

Let’s talk numbers, darling. At over 290 square feet, this stateroom was a palatial retreat, the largest hotel room at sea I had ever experienced. And the balcony? Oh, the balcony! It was positively colossal, begging to host a stylish soiree under the stars.

But wait, there’s more! Inside, the living room welcomed me with a snazzy surprise – a small but oh-so-fabulous table. Finally, a stateroom that understands the importance of a workspace that doubles as a chic lounge area. Darling, decisions have never been this glamorous.

And don’t even get me started on the beds! Oceania’s Tranquility Bed, adorned with 1,000-thread-count linens, cradled me in a cocoon of comfort. It was sheer heaven, my fashion-forward friends. In fact, I was tempted to smuggle the bed home, but my back wasn’t quite frail enough to justify such a theft.

Let us not forget the little luxuries that make this stateroom truly exceptional. The complimentary soft drinks, always replenished, allowed me to indulge in my fizzy desires without breaking the bank. Ample bottled and refillable water ensured hydration never went out of fashion.

And oh, the bathroom! Prepare yourselves, my dear readers, for it was the grandest sea bathroom I had ever laid my eyes upon. With cup holders, a rainfall shower, and thoughtful storage at every turn, Oceania Vista’s bathroom elevated the art of freshening up to new heights of sumptuousness.

I swanned through my abode, relishing the thoughtful decor that struck the perfect balance between elegance and playfulness. No gaudy murals or empty walls here, darling. Just a sophisticated color palette of light gray, blue, and white, creating an ambiance that whispered, “You are fabulous, my dear!”

Now, I hear the skeptics murmuring under their breaths, “But, but… the price!” Yes, my fashion-forward comrades, a vacation in the veranda stateroom doesn’t come cheap. Yet, with the level of luxury offered, it’s a small price to pay for the privilege of feeling like a true style icon at sea.

So, my dear fashionistas, if you’re ready to dip your perfectly pedicured toes into the higher-end cruise market without mortgaging your Manolos, Oceania Vista is your golden ticket. Indulge in the grandeur, relish the amenities, and embrace the finery that only a truly exceptional stateroom can offer.

Ah, but my tale of fashionable grandeur must come to an end. As I bid you adieu, my stylish companions, I implore you to experience the decadence of the Oceania Vista for yourselves. After all, we fashion lovers deserve nothing less than the finest that the high seas have to offer.

Bon voyage, my glamorous friends, and may your journeys be filled with impeccable style, breathtaking views, and a touch of Oceania’s luxurious magic.

Original article by Brittany Chang for Insider. Find the original here.