The Magical Trash Can, Binny: A Fairy Tale in Disney World

The Legendary 'Binny' Disney World's Beloved Trash Can Icon Encircled by Thousands of Devoted Fans, Even Receiving a Priest's Blessing!

Meet ‘Binny,’ the famous trash can in Disney World, loved by fans and blessed by a priest.

Two people taking a selfie with a trash can next to image of group of people posing with trash can that has shoes, drink, and glasses stuck on it

In Disney World, even trash cans are magical to some guests. Courtesy of Iliana Rosado

Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of Disney World’s Epcot, there stood a trash can so extraordinary that it captured the hearts of thousands. Its name was Binny, the superstar of garbage bins, and its fame soared high, reaching the far corners of the world. Now, you might think, “What’s so special about a trash can?” Well, my dear fashion lovers, this wasn’t just any trash can. Binny had become a fashion icon, a muse for all lovers of beauty and libations.

Binny’s journey to stardom began in 2021 when Skip Sher, a visionary from Richmond, Virginia, founded the illustrious Disney Day Drinkers Club. This club, a haven for cocktail enthusiasts, embarked on a remarkable adventure called the “drinking around the world” event. Picture this: face masks, creative cocktails, and a gray-hued bin outside the charming Rose & Crown Pub. It was here that Binny’s destiny was sealed.

Rev. Sean Knox, a Roman Catholic priest and a retired Air Force captain, blessed this very bin with beer-soaked fingers, and thus, Binny was born. From that day forward, the magical trash can became the official mascot of the Disney Day Drinkers Club.

Binny has been dubbed the official mascot of the Disney Day Drinkers Club.

Binny, with its charismatic presence, attracted an ever-growing community of over 75,000 enthusiasts worldwide. These lovely souls, ranging from regular parkgoers to occasional visitors and even Disney employees, would flock to Binny for meetups, bar crawls, and singles gatherings. What a sight it was to behold, Binny adorned with decorations, surrounded by joyful children and spirited individuals raising their glasses in celebration.

As the days turned into years, Binny’s popularity never waned. People fell in love with the spirit of the Disney Day Drinkers Club, forming lasting friendships and even finding love amidst the laughter and clinking of glasses. Binny became more than just a photo opportunity; it symbolized the unity and positive energy shared among its devoted followers.

To commemorate this beloved mascot, Binny’s image graced T-shirts, pins, coins, and more, becoming prized possessions for the true connoisseurs of fashion and fun.

Two photos of big groups of people posing with a trash can in Disney World

However, life in Disney World is a whimsical dance of change. One day, an uproar ensued when the news broke that Binny had disappeared. Panic spread through the Disney Day Drinkers Club like spilled cocktails staining a pristine tablecloth. Where had Binny gone? Had it been “Bin-napped”?

Fear not, for the tale of Binny had a surprising twist—Binny had been relocated across the street to a more spacious abode. The legend had grown so large that this beloved trash can needed room to breathe and accommodate the ever-swelling crowds of admirers. The magic of Binny remained unscathed, for no matter where it stood, the spirit of the Disney Day Drinkers Club thrived.

As the group members adjusted to Binny’s new home, they laughed and embraced the humor of the situation. It served as a reminder of what Binny truly represented—the joy, connections, and delightful concoctions shared among kindred spirits.

Longtime members, such as Nancy Kane, proudly displayed their dedication to Binny with a Florida license plate bearing its name. To them, Binny was not just a trash can but a symbol of the positive energy that radiated from the Disney Day Drinkers Club and the unforgettable memories forged within its delightful embrace.

D3 member Nancy Kane felt so strongly about Binny and D3 that she got a legal Florida license plate that says “Binny.”

So, dear fashion enthusiasts, remember the tale of Binny, the magical trash can that captured hearts and sparked friendships. Let it serve as a reminder that beauty can be found in the unlikeliest of places, and fashion extends far beyond garments and accessories. Raise your glasses and toast to Binny, for it is through its presence that friendships blossomed, love ignited, and the world of Disney became a little bit more magical.

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