Traveling in Style: The Marvelous Magic of Packing Cubes

Unlock the Secret of Packing Squares 2 Reasons Why My Dad, a Seasoned Traveler, Swears by Them

My dad, an experienced traveler, insists on using packing squares. Here are 2 reasons why.

Lauren Edmonds and parents

Lauren Edmonds and her parents in New York City. (Lauren Edmonds/Insider)

Imagine a world where your suitcase is a neatly organized wonderland, where your clothes are wrinkle-free and your shoes dare not tread upon your precious garments. Well, my friends, let me introduce you to the extraordinary world of packing cubes!

Last week, a mysterious package arrived at my apartment. Surprisingly, it was not a secret admirer confessing their undying love but a delightful gift from my globe-trotting father, Kevin. You see, my dad has an impeccable sense of wanderlust, and he recently stumbled upon the game-changing magic of packing cubes. These ingenious little wonders keep your clothes organized, clean, and compact, transforming even the most chaotic of suitcases into a symphony of serenity.

My dear dad, who has roamed the Earth since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, has mastered the packing game. He’s traversed the United States, frolicked through Mexico, and visited Canada so many times he’s practically on a first-name basis with the Mounties. So, when my parents visited me in the enchanting realm of New York City, we found ourselves casually sipping cocktails in a trendy Manhattan bar, discussing the marvels of packing cubes.

Packing Cubes

As the conversation flowed and laughter filled the air, my dad skillfully persuaded me to embrace the world of packing cubes. You see, while my mother and I are last-minute packers, throwing clothes into our suitcases with reckless abandon, my dad is a packing aficionado. He likes to plan ahead and meticulously organize his luggage days in advance. And let me tell you, packing cubes have become his secret weapon, effortlessly streamlining his packing process.

His eyes danced with joy as he explained, “Picture this: you choose the clothes you won’t wear until your grand adventure begins, pack them in the cubes, and voila! When it’s time to pack your bag, simply drop the cube in and you’re all set!”

But that’s not all, my fashion-forward comrades! Packing cubes offer far more than just organizational bliss. They have the magical power to make your clothes appear less wrinkled, and with their space-saving abilities, you’ll have ample room for all those fabulous vacation souvenirs. No more digging through piles of garments like an archaeologist on a wild expedition! Just effortlessly extract the cubes from your luggage and elegantly place them in the hotel dressers. Pure packing poetry!

And let’s not forget the joys of cleanliness. As my dad so wisely pointed out, no one wants the bottom of their shoes befriending their beloved garments. With packing cubes, your clothes remain pristine, free from any unwanted shoe shenanigans.

So, my fellow fashion lovers, it’s time to step up our packing game and embark on a journey of organized elegance. Embrace the enchantment of packing cubes and bid farewell to the chaos of travel! Let’s revolutionize the way we pack, one cube at a time.

Note: To join the packing cube revolution, you can find a set of these magical wonders here. Happy packing!

Did this whimsical tale of packing cubes ignite a spark of curiosity within you? Have you had any extraordinary packing experiences yourself? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below! Let’s embark on a fashion-fueled conversation together!