Solo Travel Safety: Navigating the Fashionable Streets of Florence

Adventure and Safety My First Solo Travel Experience Turned Scary! Here's How I Ensure Safety and Preparedness with These 4 Key Tips.

After a scary solo travel experience, I learned 4 essential safety and preparedness steps.

Florence, Italy

Photo by Malte Mueller/Getty Images

Are you a fashionista seeking thrilling adventures in far-off lands? Well, solo travel may be just the ticket for you! Picture yourself sauntering through the stylish streets of Florence, Italy, dressed to impress. Ah, the epitome of glamour…until something unexpected happens.

Allow me to introduce you to Jesse Collier, an intrepid fashionista who faced a daunting situation on her first solo trip to Florence. Lost and desperate, she encountered a charming local who offered to help. Little did she know, she had stepped into the jaws of danger. This encounter escalated from courteous assistance to an interrogation about her travel companions, plans, and relationship status. Yikes! Red flags were waving wilder than a runway show.

But fear not, fellow fashion lovers! Jesse, with her quick wit and fashionably sound decision-making, managed to escape unscathed. Determined not to let such mishaps cramp her style, she has perfected a brilliant safety plan that she now shares with us.

Step 1: Download Maps and Pin Fashionable Hotspots

Navigating a new city can be as challenging as deciding what shoes to wear. That’s why Jesse recommends starting your solo travel journey with some digital assistance. Google and Apple Maps come to the rescue! Downloading a map of the city onto your phone allows you to prance around town without data or Wi-Fi. Pin your accommodation, nearby hospitals, trendy restaurants, and any other fabulous locations you plan to visit. Trust me, this is priceless for finding your way back to your hotel after indulging in some serious retail therapy.

Oh, and one more thing—carry a battery pack, my friend. Because a dead phone is a fashion emergency you don’t want to experience!

Step 2: Emergency Plans: More Fashion, Less Panic

Fashionistas are known for their impeccable sense of preparedness. So, create a document with all the essential emergency information you might need. Include contact numbers and addresses of hospitals, police stations, and, if you’re trotting the globe, the nearest embassy. While you’re at it, jot down the phone numbers of your emergency contacts—those fabulous people who always have your back. Make sure this document is accessible on your phone, but be prepared for any tech glitches by printing a hard copy. Safety doesn’t take a vacation, darling!

Step 3: Master Public Transportation Like a Supermodel on the Runway

If you’re more accustomed to “car cities,” taking on public transportation can be as bewildering as deciphering the latest designer trends. But fear not! Channel your inner fashion detective and conduct some thorough research. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of a city’s public transportation system—the fares, customs, and most importantly, safety measures. Jesse even recommends watching YouTube videos to get the inside scoop on navigating those metro systems like a seasoned traveler. Trust me, darlings, nothing exudes confidence more than strutting off a plane armed with knowledge of the Underground.

Step 4: Fashionably Follow Your Gut

Remember, my fellow fashionistas, safety is always a priority, even when you’re slaying the style game. Trust your instincts and listen to that inner voice. If something feels off, it’s time to make a quick exit. Don’t worry about being rude or spoiling the mood. Your safety is paramount, and trust me, no outfit is worth compromising that.

And here’s a pro tip: When conversing with locals, whether it’s your Uber driver or the charming bartender at that chic little cafe, let’s keep those travel details under wraps. No need to announce you’re sashaying through the city solo; a little mystery never harmed anyone. Claim you’re waiting for friends to join you or that your elusive hubby is just a stone’s throw away.

Fashionably fearless and fabulously audacious, Jesse Collier, the creator of The Road Jess Traveled, knows that solo travel doesn’t have to be all nerves and caution. Armed with her stylishly crafted safety plan, she navigates the world like a true fashion icon.

So, my fellow fashion lovers, heed these wise words and embark on your solo travel adventures with style, grace, and a dash of caution. Bon voyage, and remember, the world is your runway!

Jesse Collier is the creator of The Road Jess Traveled, where she reigns supreme in helping people save, plan, and book their dream vacations.

Have you ever faced any fashion dilemmas or close calls while traveling solo? Share your stories, tips, or even your most stylish travel outfits in the comments below! Let’s inspire and support each other on our fashionable journeys.