Inside the Extraordinary World of a 26-Year-Old Concierge Unveiling the Astonishing Tales of Fulfilling Absurd Requests from Wealthy Travelers in Australia’s Premier Five-Star Hotel

Inside the World of a 26-Year-Old Concierge at a Luxurious Five-Star Hotel in Australia, Fulfilling Outlandish Desires of Wealthy Travelers

hotel concierge Elly Grace Rinaldis poses in front of the hotel

26-year-old Elly Grace Rinaldis is not your ordinary hotel concierge. She’s like a genie in a bottle, granting guests’ wishes at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane, Australia. And let me tell you, some guests make more than just three wishes!

Every morning, Elly receives a list of diamond members, the crème de la crème of customer loyalty. These high-maintenance VIPs, or as the hotel employees call them, “handle with care guests,” can be quite fragile. I mean, don’t we all feel a little fragile before our morning coffee?

But it’s not just simple restaurant reservations for Elly. Oh no, she deals with the wildest situations. Like, once a guest asked her to organize a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Keep in mind, this is a 20-hour drive or a 2.5-hour flight away from the hotel. Elly struggled to keep a straight face. Can you blame her? But she didn’t shut down the request immediately. Instead, she politely suggested chartering a private helicopter, while also recommending spending at least a week at the reef. I guess she’s in the business of making dreams come true, even if they’re a little outlandish.

Speaking of dreams, Elly recently helped a returning guest throw an extravagant wedding anniversary party. Three days of organizing, booking a DJ, catering food, buying flowers, and even renting a Bentley. Now that’s commitment! And it paid off. Elly received a tip of $800 from the happy couple. Talk about a reward for nailing the perfect party!

But not all guests are as delightful. Some are… difficult. One telltale sign is how they treat the valet drivers upon arrival. For instance, there was this one guest who entered the parking lot through the exit lane. When Elly asked if he wanted valet service, he responded with, “I don’t want you monkeys parking my car.” Bold move, sir. Elly, being the quick thinker she is, replied, “But you came in the wrong way. So I don’t know who the monkey is.” Oh, burn! Who said being a concierge can’t be sassy?

Now, you may be wondering how difficult guests are handled. Well, the industry has a term for it: “return of service.” It’s like the magic potion that can turn an unhappy guest into a satisfied one. Free night’s stay, a bottle of champagne, complimentary parking – you name it. Elly knows it’s not her job to work miracles, but she’ll sure try her best.

So, next time you stay at a luxury hotel, remember the concierge is more than just a reservation superhero. They’re there to make your dreams come true, handle your absurd requests, and even dish out some sassy comebacks. And who knows, you might just tip them enough to make their day.