A Magical Adventure at Crown Jewel: A Hidden Gem in Maine

Island Escape Indulging in Exquisite Cocktails after a 30-Minute Ferry Ride to a Maine Oasis

Took a ferry to a Maine island for cocktails. Worth the trip.

Woman posing in front of Crown Jewel restaurant

Courtesy of the author

Have you ever experienced the excitement of going on a treasure hunt? Well, let me tell you about my recent adventure at the Crown Jewel, a restaurant located on an unbridged island in Maine. Picture this: a thrilling ferry ride or a water taxi, a magical atmosphere, and drinks that will make your taste buds dance like never before! Let’s dive into this delightful story, my fashion-forward friends.

My family and I had been dreaming of visiting the Crown Jewel all summer long, but fate seemed to conspire against us. Between the chaos of our kids’ schedules and the unpredictable ferry timetable, it felt like we needed a miracle. Nevertheless, I was blessed with some lucky stars and managed to secure a table for nine on the very last day of the season. Talk about a fashionable feast!

As we embarked on our culinary escapade, we couldn’t contain our excitement. The journey itself was a marvelous spectacle. The restaurant, nestled on the unbridged island near Portland, Maine, can only be accessed by a mesmerizing $10 ferry ride or a swanky water taxi that costs about $75 for up to six people. It was like stepping into a fairy tale, where each moment felt like a work of art.

Kids waiting for the ferry to arrive

Courtesy of the author

Now, let’s talk about the Crown Jewel’s soul-stirring menu. Although it’s small in size, it has an abundance of flavors to offer. We, being the fashion-forward foodies that we are, decided to feast upon a colorful array of dishes. From tantalizing ceviche to mouthwatering coconut shrimp, each bite transported us to a realm of gourmet bliss. I must confess, however, that my beloved offspring had a different idea. They pounced on the dishes like hungry fashionistas, leaving me with nothing but their heavenly fries, which, by the way, were like walking on a glittering catwalk of culinary perfection. I haven’t tasted fries that fabulous since… well, never!

Now, let’s address the most pressing concern for fashion-forward parents: Is the Crown Jewel kid-friendly? Fear not, for this hidden gem has thought of everything. With a dedicated kid’s menu, the restaurant made our little ones feel like VIP guests. The atmosphere was buzzing with laughter, and we were relieved to find that we weren’t the only bold parents venturing into this stylish eatery with our young entourage. It was a runway show of sugar-fueled joy!

As we reached the end of our delectable journey, something unexpected happened. We were treated to a delightful surprise: shaved ice for everyone! It was as if a fairy godmother had granted our wishes. The kids, their faces shimmering with icy delight, whispered to each other, wondering if there were pirates roaming the island or if the owners had stumbled upon a hidden treasure. Little did they know, the real treasure was the exquisite beauty of the island itself, embodied in the name “Crown Jewel.”

But let me tell you, my fashion-forward darlings, the true stars of the show were the drinks. Oh, the drinks! Like fashion accessories that completed the perfect outfit, the Crown Jewel’s beverage selection was a work of art. With a wide range of mixed drinks that could make your senses sashay with delight, we were spoiled for choice. I couldn’t resist the allure of the “Surfing on Acid” cocktail, a tantalizing fusion of bourbon, ginger, and peach. It was like having a dessert and a cocktail in one divine sip. Meanwhile, my bold Argentine husband marveled at the fiery flavors of the “Nightshade,” a mezcal and passionfruit concoction that set his tastebuds ablaze. As for the punch? Let’s just say it was a fruity masterpiece, light on the booze but heavy on the pleasure.

Woman with a cocktail in hand

Courtesy of the author

Time seemed to stand still at the Crown Jewel. Before we knew it, our departure time had arrived, leaving us with a couple of hours to spare. But here’s a tip for you fashion-forward explorers: they offer drinks to go! So, we grabbed our refreshing beverages, including coffee and boozy coffee, and embarked on an enchanting stroll across the island. As the sun began its descent, painting the Maine coastline in shades of pink, we found ourselves on a picturesque playground while the adults rocked in public rocking chairs. It was like a fashion show for nature, a stunning spectacle to end our delightful adventure.

So, my fashion-forward comrades, are you ready to embark on your own magical expedition to the Crown Jewel? Let the siren call of fashion and flavor guide you across the sparkling waters of Maine. Just don’t forget to check the availability of this hidden gem before setting sail on your fabulous journey. Brace yourselves for an adventure that blends fashion, flavors, and fun in the most extraordinary way. Until next time, my style-savvy friends!