Overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder My Journey to Regain Control and Save my Family

Confronting my Inner Demons My Battle with OCD and the Fear of Losing Control

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Hey there, fashion lovers! Have I got a story for you that’s both humorous and lovely. Picture this: I’m a fashionista in my prime at the age of 35, strutting my stuff through life, thinking I’ve got everything under control. Little did I know, the world had quite the surprise in store for me.

Now, you might think my only concern in life would be choosing the perfect outfit, but boy, was I wrong! One day, intrusive thoughts invaded my mind like paparazzi chasing a celebrity. Thoughts about harming my loved ones started to take over my fashion-forward brain, and let me tell you, it was a whirlwind of confusion.

I tried to brush it off, thinking it was just a side effect of the extreme stress I was experiencing at work. But one fateful day, I snapped. It was as if my mind went from a high-end fashion show to a horror movie set. I couldn’t control these violent thoughts, and it terrified me to my fashionable core. I even worried I’d end up in a mental hospital for the rest of my life!

Thankfully, just like discovering the perfect lipstick shade, I found the help I needed. A therapist came to my fashion rescue, assuring me that these intrusive thoughts were just that: unwanted guests crashing my stylish party. She even gave me a mission to navigate around these thoughts and avoid identifying with them. To complete my fashion makeover, a sharp-witted psychiatrist prescribed me an SSRI to let the positive vibes flow.

Now, you might be wondering, “How in the fashion world could I have OCD?” Trust me when I say, OCD isn’t just about obsessively organizing your wardrobe or sanitizing your accessories. It can manifest in a variety of ways, like having disturbing thoughts about inappropriate behavior or fearing the slightest exposure to germs. And let’s not forget the fear of “losing control” – that’s another fabulous feature of OCD.

The most challenging part of dealing with OCD is how the fashion police (aka your brain) reacts to these intrusive thoughts. Some people resort to avoiding situations, isolating themselves, or constantly seeking reassurance – talk about a fashion emergency! But guess what? These behaviors only invite more intrusive thoughts to crash your fabulously stylish party.

Now, don’t worry, my fashion-forward friends. I may have had my fair share of fashion faux pas in the form of intrusive thoughts, but thanks to my therapist’s expert guidance and my medication, life is looking brighter than a runway show.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson in this fashion journey: when those unwanted thoughts sashay into my mind, I acknowledge them and let them sashay right back out. It’s all about staying in control and strutting my stuff with confidence.

If you can relate to these intrusive thoughts, know that you’re not alone. But if they’re stealing the spotlight and causing you stress, don’t hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional. After all, fashion shouldn’t be stressful – it should make you feel empowered and fabulous!

Let’s help normalize mental health, darlings. Remember, therapy and medication can work wonders, just like accessorizing a plain outfit with some stunning accessories. With the right support, you, too, can rock the runway of life and live a full, happy, and fashionable existence.

Stay fabulous, my fashionista friends!