Cozy Winter Romances: Curl Up and Fall in Love

18 Winter Romance Novels to Swoon Over This Season

18 Winter Romance Books to Swoon Over

Winter is here, and while some may find the dark and cold months a bit dreary, for us bookworms, it’s the perfect time to indulge in the ultimate cozy setup. Think fuzzy socks, a hot cup of tea, flickering candles, and of course, a delectable winter romance novel to whisk us away into a world of love and swoon. So, grab your favorite fluffy blanket and prepare for a heartwarming journey through some of the best winter romances that will make you believe in love, even in the chilliest of seasons.

Snowed In by Catherine Walsh: A Holiday Fake Dating Extravaganza!

What could be more perfect than a holiday fake dating romance? In “Snowed In” by Catherine Walsh, we meet Megan and Christian, two individuals desperate to escape their families’ meddling during the Christmas season. So, what do they do? They hatch a plan to fake date each other and avoid the prying eyes and opinions of their relatives. But things take an unexpected turn when a snowstorm traps them together in a cozy cabin, and sparks begin to fly. Get ready for a delightful mix of holiday cheer, unexpected feelings, and a wine-stained napkin contract that will leave you longing for your own snowy romance.

“Same Time Next Year” by Tessa Bailey: A Surprise Marriage and Unexpected Love

Tessa Bailey, the queen of romance novels, brings us a novella that packs a punch. Picture this: a whirlwind wedding on New Year’s Eve that leads to a fake marriage, which might just turn into something more. In “Same Time Next Year,” we meet Sumner Mayfield, a talented hockey player on the verge of making it big in the NHL. The only problem? His work visa is about to expire. Enter Britta, who selflessly agrees to marry Sumner to help him secure a green card. But as they navigate the complexities of their arrangement, unexpected feelings bloom, making their pretend marriage anything but fake. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions, complicated relationships, and a love story that will warm your heart during the coldest of winters.

“Always, in December” by Emily Stone: Love, Loss, and Letters

Prepare to be swept away by the heart-wrenching beauty of “Always, in December” by Emily Stone. The story revolves around Josie, who, on Christmas night, leaves a letter to her long-lost parents in the mailbox of her childhood home. Little does she know that this act will change her life forever. During her drop-off, she collides with a handsome stranger, Max, and sparks begin to fly. They spend the entire holiday together, creating a connection that seems destined, until Max disappears without a word. As fate continues to bring them together, Josie wonders if their love story is still possible after the pain of Max’s disappearance. Will December be their month of miracles? You’ll have to read to find out.

“Sleepless in Dubai” by Sajni Patel: Diwali Delights and Unexpected Connections

Get ready for an enchanting journey to Dubai during Diwali in Sajni Patel’s “Sleepless in Dubai.” Teenage photographer Nikki’s dream trip takes an unexpected turn when she realizes that the boy she despises, Yash, will also be joining her for the adventure. Intrigued by her matchmaking family, Nikki finds herself spending an eventful 12-hour flight with Yash, crossing continents and discovering that their shared trip might lead to something more magical than she ever imagined. With the Festival of Lights as their backdrop, Nikki and Yash’s story will captivate you from the first page to the last.

Fall in Love on Lovelight Farms with B.K. Borison: A Christmas Tree farm and a Fake Boyfriend

Get ready for a festive and hilarious holiday romance set on Lovelight Farms in B.K. Borison’s delightful novel. Stella Bloom finds herself in a preposterous situation when she enters a social media contest to win a cash prize and realizes she needs a boyfriend – a non-existent one at that – to nab the top spot. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Stella turns to her best friend, Luka Peters, to step into the role of her fake boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong when lines between fake and real feelings become blurred in a Christmas tree farm? Prepare for a heartwarming, laughter-filled journey that will leave you believing in the magic of the holiday season.

“A Little Magic” by Lindsey Lanza: Second-Chance Romance and Hockey Player Heat

If you love second-chance romances, brother’s best friend tropes, and a dash of hockey player heat, “A Little Magic” by Lindsey Lanza is the perfect winter read for you. Follow Ellie Klein as she returns to her hometown in Vermont after nine long years. As fate would have it, she ends up stuck in a blizzard and seeks refuge from none other than her long-lost love, Theo Fox. Will they be able to reignite the flames of their past romance or get lost in the blizzardy uncertainties of their future? Find out in this heartwarming tale of love, forgiveness, and a blizzard that changes everything.

“Wreck My Plans” by Jillian Meadows: Spice Up Your Holiday Romance

Looking to add a little spice to your holiday romance? “Wreck My Plans” by Jillian Meadows is the book for you. Lena finds herself reunited with her brother’s best friend, Gavin, during a trip home for the holidays. Despite their best efforts to keep things platonic, their plans go awry, and the sparks between them become impossible to ignore. Get ready for a sizzling romance, unexpected twists, and a holiday season that rocks their worlds like no other. Buckle up for a wild ride, and be prepared to have your plans completely wrecked.

Eight Dates and Nights by Betsy Aldredge: A Hanukkah Romance to Remember

If you’re looking for an adorable YA Hanukkah romance, “Eight Dates and Nights” by Betsy Aldredge is a must-read. In a small Texas town, Hannah and Noah find themselves on a mission to save a beloved Jewish deli from closing its doors. The catch? They couldn’t be more different. As they work together, Hannah and Noah discover that the joy and magic of Hanukkah may just bring them closer than they ever imagined. Filled with heartwarming moments, delicious food, and the power of community, this book will make you believe in the miracles of the season.

Fall in Love under the Northern Lights with “Almost, Maine” by John Cariani

Picture a town on the northern U.S. border, where the winter nights are long and the love stories are heartwarming. That’s the world of “Almost, Maine” by John Cariani. Brought to life from Cariani’s successful play, this young-adult romance dives into the lives of ten couples who experience extraordinary moments under the mesmerizing glow of the northern lights. Witness unforgettable connections, unexpected emotions, and stories that will touch your heart. Prepare to fall in love with the magic of “Almost, Maine.”

“A Risk Worth Taking” by Jessica Joyce: One Night, One Snowstorm, and a Love Worth Fighting For

If you’re looking for a quick, sweet love story that will warm your heart, “A Risk Worth Taking” by Jessica Joyce is the perfect choice. Claire Ashford is about to embark on a new chapter in her life, starting with a one-night stand with Connor Stella after a holiday party. But when a snowstorm strands them together for three days, Claire’s plans take an unexpected turn. As they navigate the stormy weather and their growing connection, Claire must decide if her new adventure is truly in San Francisco or if it’s been hiding right in front of her all along. Get ready for a heartwarming journey filled with love, laughter, and a little bit of snow.

“A Winter in New York” by Josie Silver: Love, Gelato, and Family Secrets

Get ready for a magical winter adventure in the heart of New York City with “A Winter in New York” by Josie Silver. Follow chef Iris as she uncovers a family-run gelateria that may hold the key to her past. As she teams up with the charming Gio to unearth the secrets of the gelato recipe and her own history, sparks fly, and love brews in the winter air. Prepare for a heartwarming tale of love, mouthwatering treats, and the discovery of a lifetime against the enchanting backdrop of snowy New York streets.

“The Christmas Bookshop” by Jenny Colgan: Love, Books, and Edinburgh’s Charms

Jenny Colgan, the queen of cozy reads, invites you to enter “The Christmas Bookshop” – a world set in the enchanting city of Edinburgh. Carmen, our fearless heroine, takes on a job in a bookshop near her sister Sofia’s home, hoping to mend their fractured relationship. Little does she know that a charming romance and a sticky love triangle await her amidst the shelves and pages. Dive into the magic of bookshops, heartfelt connections, and the power of sisterhood in this charming winter romance.

“It’s a Fabulous Life” by Kelly Farmer: Mistletoe Moments and Fabulous Drag Queens

Unleash your inner diva with “It’s a Fabulous Life” by Kelly Farmer. Bailey George finds herself face-to-face with her high school crush, Maria Hatcher, and realizes that their mistletoe kiss from years past still lingers between them. But as they work together on a town’s Winter Wonderfest event, the arrival of a fabulous drag queen, Clara Angel, turns their lives upside down. Will this unexpected guest convince Bailey that her true happiness lies in her small Christmas-obsessed town and, more importantly, with Maria? Get ready for laughter, love, and a dash of fabulousness that will leave you twirling with joy.

“His Stand-In Holiday Girlfriend” by Kasey Stockton: From Co-Workers to Something More

Who wouldn’t want to be a stand-in holiday girlfriend to their hot boss? In “His Stand-In Holiday Girlfriend” by Kasey Stockton, Ellie finds herself faced with this thrilling opportunity. When her boss, Brady, asks her to play the role of his fake girlfriend for the holidays, she agrees, hoping to make the Christmas gala planning easier for him. Little do they know that their pretend relationship will begin to feel all too real as they navigate family, friends, and unexpected feelings. Get ready for a delightful holiday romance filled with tender moments, laughter, and a love that’s anything but pretend.

“The Holiday Trap” by Roan Parrish: Falling In and Out of Love Under the Northern Lights

If you’re a fan of “The Holiday” movie and the magic it brings, you’ll adore “The Holiday Trap” by Roan Parrish. Set in a picturesque town where the northern lights dance across the sky, this LGBTQIA+ romantic comedy follows the stories of characters falling in and out of love. Swap houses, unexpected encounters, and heartwarming connections make this a cozy New England holiday story you won’t want to miss. Prepare to be swept away into a world where love knows no boundaries and winter nights are filled with love’s enchantment.

“Second Chances in New Port Stephen” by TJ Alexander: A Transgender Love Story

Transport yourself to New Port Stephen, Florida, in “Second Chances in New Port Stephen” by TJ Alexander. This heartwarming second-chance romance centers around Eli Ward, a trans man who faces personal struggles while trying to make a name for himself as a TV writer and comedian. With his career on the line and a scandal looming, he returns home for the holidays and encounters his high school ex, Nick Wu. As they confront their past, the journey to forgiveness, acceptance, and unexpected love begins. Get ready for a tender and impactful story that will warm your heart, celebrate diversity, and remind you that second chances are worth fighting for.

“The Christmas Orphans Club” by Becca Freeman: Friends, Family, and a Magical Christmas

If you’re a fan of “Friends” and love holiday episodes, “The Christmas Orphans Club” by Becca Freeman is the perfect winter romance for you. Best friends Hannah and Finn have spent countless Christmases together, creating their own family in New York City. But this year’s holiday festivities come with an expiration date, as Finn announces his plan to move away. Join Hannah and Finn as they navigate the bittersweetness of change, family dynamics, and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with true friendship. Get ready for laughter, tears, and a reminder that the holiday spirit lives within the love we share with others.

“The Christmas Swap” by Talia Samuels: Posing as a Girlfriend and Falling for Someone Unexpected

Escape to a picturesque manor and prepare for a classic rom-com twist in “The Christmas Swap” by Talia Samuels. Margot poses as Ben’s girlfriend to escape the hustle and bustle of London and enjoy a cozy holiday retreat. But what happens when her intended target changes, and she falls for Ben’s sister, Ellie? Get ready for laughs, love triangles, and heart-fluttering moments as Margot navigates the complications of a mistaken identity and the unexpected twists of fate. Get swept away by this delightful holiday romance that will warm your heart and leave you with a grin from ear to ear.

Now that you’ve explored this delightful collection of winter romances, it’s time to pick your favorite cozy read, brew a cup of tea, and embark on a heartwarming journey through the pages of love. So, cozy up, let your imagination soar, and allow the magic of these stories to transport you into a world where happily-ever-afters are just a page away. Happy reading, fellow fashionistas, and may your winter be filled with love, laughter, and stylishly warm embraces.

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