Celebrate Latinx Authors and Take a Break from Tech

17 Must-Read Books by Latinx Authors A Diverse and Captivating Selection

17 Must-Read Books by Latinx Authors

Let’s face it – we’re all glued to our screens 24/7. But every once in a while, we need a break from the digital world. And what better way to disconnect than by diving into a good book? That’s where we come in. We’ve curated a list of amazing reads by Latinx authors that will transport you to different worlds and leave you wanting more.

Latinx Heritage Month is the perfect time to celebrate these authors, but their books deserve support all year-round. Whether you’re in the mood for a lighthearted read, an inspiring story, or a book that sheds light on the struggles of the Latinx community, we’ve got you covered. These handpicked recommendations, highly recommended by readers on Goodreads, should be at the top of your must-read list.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got sneak peeks of upcoming book releases by Latinx authors that you won’t want to miss. So grab a cozy spot, make yourself a cup of tea, and get ready for a literary adventure.

Elizabeth Acevedo: Family Lore

Flor has a unique gift – she can predict exactly when someone will die. So when she asks for a living wake, her family is left wondering if she’s foreseen her own death or someone else’s. With three days until the wake, Family Lore takes us on a journey through the lives of the Marte women. From Santo Domingo to New York City, this captivating novel explores their shared history and the gathering that will change everything.

Isabel Allende: The Wind Knows My Name

Set in two different points in history, The Wind Knows My Name follows the stories of Samuel Adler and Anita Díaz. Samuel, a Jewish boy, boards a train out of Nazi-occupied Austria to England during World War II. Eight decades later, Anita and her mother embark on a journey to escape El Salvador for the United States. Their paths collide in a heart-wrenching tale of sacrifice and the lengths parents will go to protect their children.

Guadalupe Nettel: Still Born

In Still Born, Alina and Laura are two independent women in their 30s who have chosen different paths when it comes to starting a family. When Laura decides to get her tubes tied, she is shocked to learn that Alina is planning to have a child on her own. Alina’s pregnancy throws their friendship into turmoil, forcing both women to confront their emotions, the complexities of motherhood, and the contradictions that shape their experiences.

Chanel Cleeton: The Cuban Heiress

Join Catherine Dohan, a New York heiress, as she boards a ship bound for Havana. Her glamorous life takes a dangerous turn when her past secrets catch up with her. To save herself, she teams up with a charismatic jewel thief. The Cuban Heiress is a thrilling tale of justice, intrigue, and the lengths people will go to protect their lives.

Now, let’s take a sneak peek at what’s coming soon!

Matt Mendez: The Broke Hearts (Publishing October 3rd)

JD and Danny’s lives are shattered by the death of their best friend at the hands of the police. JD serves in the Air Force, longing for the past, while Danny struggles with his college life. As JD faces deployment and Danny faces academic failure, they must confront their shared grief and find a way to move forward.

Isabel Ibañez: What the River Knows (Publishing October 31st)

Inez Olivier is a member of Buenos Aires’ glittering upper crust. But when she learns of her parents’ tragic death, she sets off on a journey to uncover the truth. Her path leads her to Cairo, where old-world magic guides her on a quest that will reveal the secrets behind her parents’ disappearance.

Nikki Vargas: Call You When I Land (Publishing November 7th)

Nikki Vargas’s life seemed perfect – a great job and a loving partner. But plagued by impostor syndrome, she left it all behind and embarked on a journey that would change her life. Call You When I Land is her memoir, turning the classic tale of self-discovery abroad upside down and empowering women to embrace their own adventures.

Melissa Rivero: Flores and Miss Paula (Publishing December 5th)

Flores and her mother, Paula, live under the same roof in Brooklyn but feel distant from each other. Their shared grief over the loss of Flores’s father sets them on a path of discovery. When a hidden note reveals secrets from the past, both women must confront their complicated history and redefine their dreams for the future.

Martín Solares: How to Draw a Novel (Publishing December 12th)

Love the art of writing? How to Draw a Novel is a collection of thought-provoking essays that delve into various aspects of the craft. With line drawings that depict the evolution of the novel, Martín Solares explores the power of storytelling and invites readers to reassess their understanding of the written word.

So there you have it – a delightful selection of books by Latinx authors to add to your reading list. Escape the digital world and indulge in these captivating stories that will transport you to new worlds and open your mind to new experiences. Happy reading!