Get Ready to Haunt and be Haunted this Halloween Season!

13 Enthralling Books That Will Plunge You into the Bewitching World of Spooky Season

13 Spooky Season Books to Dive Into

If you think dressing up, indulging in a bucket of chocolate, and doing the Monster Mash are enough to satisfy your Halloween cravings, think again! We have something spooky that will give you the chills and make you want to curl up on your couch like a mysterious black cat on a chilly night. Get ready for a hair-raising selection of books that will transport you to a world of vampires, ghosts, haunted houses, and mad scientists. These terrifying tales are the perfect companions for the season of the witch!

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

Patricia Campbell just wanted a peaceful book club meeting, but she ended up being attacked by an elderly neighbor. When her neighbor’s handsome nephew, James Harris, enters the scene, Patricia suspects that he might be the center of some sinister events. Prepare to be spellbound as Patricia uncovers a dark secret that will leave you thirsty for more!

southern book

My Roommate Is a Vampire by Jenna Levine

Cassie Greenberg, a Chicago artist in desperate need of affordable housing, stumbles upon a roommate listing that seems too good to be true. A gorgeous apartment in a top neighborhood and a male roommate who makes her swoon? But there’s a catch: mysterious bags of blood in the fridge. Get ready for a chilling story that will make you think twice about your next roommate search!

roommate is vampire

The Haunted Season by G.M. Malliet

The lord and lady of Totleigh Hall suddenly decide to stay at their manor, sending shockwaves through the entire village of Nether Monkslip. When local vicar Max Tudor is invited to spend a haunted night at Totleigh Hall, a suspicious death occurs, and the investigator in him is awakened once again. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling tale set during the most ghostly time of the year!

haunted season

How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

Louise reluctantly returns to her childhood home after her parents’ passing. But selling the family house turns out to be a nightmare when she realizes it’s haunted! As if dealing with her ex and the stresses of Charleston wasn’t enough, there’s a mischievous ghost adding to Louise’s challenges. Will she succeed in selling the house, or will the supernatural presence drive her crazy?

haunted house

The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson

Immanuelle Moore’s existence is considered blasphemy, but she strives to follow society’s rules. However, a fateful encounter with witches in the woods and the discovery of an old diary will challenge everything she knows. Brace yourself for a gripping tale that will make you question the very fabric of the settlement Immanuelle calls home!

year of the witching

Trick Or Treat Murder by Leslie Meier

Join Lucy Stone and the residents of Tinker Cove in this cozy mystery set during the most spooktacular time of the year. As the town prepares for its annual Halloween festival, a fire in the town’s oldest house raises suspicions. Lucy discovers a shocking secret that could turn the arsonist’s plans to ashes. Get ready for a delightful Halloween-themed whodunit!

trick or treat murder

One Haunted Evening by Ava Stone, Jerrica Knight-Catania, and Jane Charles

Step into a haunted castle, immerse yourself in a masquerade ball, and witness the disappearance of a local girl. One Haunted Evening offers a collection of spine-chilling Regency-era stories filled with ghosts and romance. It’s the perfect blend of historical elegance and paranormal intrigue. Get ready for a hauntingly romantic adventure!

one haunted evening

The Haunted Heritage by J.R. Mathis

A 170-year-old mansion is transformed into the spookiest haunted house, attracting eager visitors seeking thrills. When an article about a real ghost surfaces, ticket sales skyrocket. But when Father Tom decides to investigate, he witnesses a shocking interaction with a ghost and is thrust into solving a brutal murder. Dare to enter this mysterious world of hauntings and secrets?

haunted heritage

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

In Green Town, Illinois, a menacing carnival arrives just a week before Halloween. Two boys stumble upon its dark secrets, and what follows is a battle against the forces of evil. Get ready to experience the exhilaration of a shadow show that threatens the very existence of their town. Ray Bradbury’s gripping storytelling will transport you to a world where the line between imagination and reality blurs!

something wicked

Happily Haunted Afters by Hannah Nicole Maehrer

If you’re in the mood for a fall-time romance with spooky twists, Happily Haunted Afters is the book for you. Join Emma as she pursues her dream of owning a hotel and attempts to mend her broken friendship with ex-best friend Jack Colson. Secrets, ghosts, and mysterious noises fill her path as she discovers that the haunting goes far beyond pesky raccoons. Get ready for a heartwarming and chilling story!

haunted afters

Enchanted to Meet You by Meg Cabot

In this adult romantic comedy by the brilliant author of the Princess Diaries, witches take center stage. Jessica Gold, a former teenage witch with a failure of a spell, is surprised when Derrick Winters from the World Council of Witches reveals her destiny to save West Harbor. Get ready for a hilariously enchanting tale that will cast a spell on your heart!


Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer

Dark vibes and wicked twists define this captivating story. Evie Sage accepts a job as an assistant to her kingdom’s infamous villain, completely unaware of the dark secrets lurking behind the walls of her workplace. As she delves deeper into her role and her feelings, Evie finds herself in a moral dilemma. Will she be able to confront her employer and rewrite her own destiny?

assistant to villain

Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie

Prepare for a thrilling murder mystery as Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a thirteen-year-old girl who disappeared during a Halloween party. But as Poirot delves into the case, he uncovers a tangled web of secrets and suspects. Will he be able to unmask the true killer or will the evil presence go unidentified? Join Poirot on this bone-chilling adventure!

halloween party

Get Ready for Your Spooktacular Reading Adventure!

With this thrilling collection of spooky tales, you’ll be entertained and thrilled throughout the Halloween season. Whether you’re a fan of vampires, haunted houses, or romantic ghost stories, these books have something for everyone. So, grab your favorite blanket, light a pumpkin-scented candle, and dive into the world of ghouls and ghosts!

Leave a comment below and let us know which book you’re most excited to read and why. We’d love to hear your spine-tingling recommendations too! Happy haunting, fellow fashion-loving readers!