The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Halloween Movie Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Rediscover the Perfect Halloween Movie for Your Zodiac Sign and Relive the Nostalgia

Rewatch a Nostalgic Halloween Movie Based on Your Zodiac Sign

October Vibes

That spooky and cozy feeling is once again filling the air– and we’re all about it. If you’re anything like me, you were cozied up on the couch with a spiked apple cider as soon as the first hint of yellow hit the leaves. Inspired by the energy of the season, it’s the perfect time to start building that impossible-to-finish fall to-do list, including deciding which nostalgic Halloween movies you’re going to watch this October.

My list already includes a Harry Potter movie marathon, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Sixth Sense–and I haven’t even sat down and put much thought into it yet. Realistically? I’ll probably only be able to nix a few of those off the list, but a woman can dream, right?

Let the Stars Decide Your Movie Marathon!

If you’re wondering how to decide on your Halloween movie priorities with so little time, (I swear October passes quicker than any other month), let the stars decide which film will kick off your nostalgia-infused watch list. So get ready to uncover which classic Halloween flick you should watch based on your zodiac sign.


The Craft

We all know that Aries can be a bit intense, and getting lost in The Craft is the perfect way for you to channel that fiery energy this Halloween season. Forever in tune with your inner power, you can appreciate how these witches get power-drunk off their magical abilities to the point of destruction–the destruction you sometimes wish you could cause. Although Aries typically use their power for good, not evil, this film is the perfect way to let you dip your toes into that feeling of having intense energy and power without getting too swept up in it.


Hocus Pocus

The nostalgic comfort and hometown feel of the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus will get you Tauruses feeling cozy and snug this October. The movie gives off that quintessential October vibe while being wholesome enough to bring you back to the days before student loan payments and budgeting for groceries. With the overall message of the story being that Thackery Binx is freed and able to return to those he loved, you can get behind the idea of wanting nothing more than to go back home to security and comfort after a tough day or a night out.


Scary Movie

Matching the dual nature of Geminis, Scary Movie delivers everything you need this fall with its balance between spooky and satire. You’ll love the fact that it touches on what lies in the darkness without going too far into it that it’s uncomfortable. After all, even though you like to theorize about what lurks in the shadows, you’d rather not go there yourself. Its various plot twists and jokes will leave your dual personality engaged and pique your curiosity. Plus, if you do get bored, there are four other movies in the same series to try.



Sensitive and empathetic Cancers will find comfort with the friendliest of all ghosts (AKA Casper) this Halloween season. As sentimental beings, you can’t help but understand Casper’s need for friendship and to be understood and accepted by others. With the theme of navigating love and loss and creating lifelong bonds, you’ll be able to get into your feels and have a good cry (who are we kidding? More like a sob) while tuning into your inner child, which so often gets put on the back burner so that you can help others.


It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Leos are known for having wild imaginations and being able to bring that imagination to life through art and performance. Linus is so convinced of what he believes in that he goes out of his way to make others see the same truth as him. As a Leo, often misunderstood for being overly passionate, you’ll understand Linus from a different perspective and see how dedicated he was to his dream regardless of what others thought. Personally, the classic animation style always does the trick when it comes to getting me into a cozy and nostalgic fall mood.


Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s animation style and attention to detail are enough to satisfy any meticulous Virgo. Plus, the movie gives you permission to get introspective, an activity that helps you be your best self. Victor and Emily are dead set (Halloween humor anyone?) on doing the right thing each time, whether that means Victor trying to leave the Land of the Dead to marry Victoria or Emily giving up her love to give Victoria and Victor a shot in the Land of the Living. Featuring a strong moral compass, you Virgos, the “Virgin” of the zodiac, can’t help but admire the characters’ commitment to integrity.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Inspired by beauty, aesthetics, and balance, both Tim Burton’s animation style and The Nightmare Before Christmas’s theme of finding the balance between the light and the dark are guaranteed to entertain the lovable Libra. You have the unique ability to hold space for conflicting beliefs and points of view because you know that there’s value and truth in all perspectives and that balance creates harmony. You’ll vibe with the romance between Jack Skellington and Sally, one that doesn’t always make sense but demonstrates devotion and unconditional love and support.


Practical Magic

Witches, sisterhood, and steamy romance? That has Scorpio written all over it. Practical Magic is a beloved classic Halloween movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, both of whom just can’t seem to keep any man who falls in love with them in the land of the living. In order to break the curse, they’ll have to discover the power of true love and prove that they haven’t been murdering their suitors. Dark, mysterious, powerful, and still romantic, this movie has everything a Scorpio wants (especially in their season).


Interview with the Vampire

With a plot that jumps from San Francisco to New Orleans to Paris, Interview with the Vampire is the perfect Halloween movie for adventurous Sagittarius. This gothic horror movie follows Louis Point du Lac, played by Brad Pitt, who claims to be a vampire and relays his dark and twisted story to reporter Daniel Molloy (Christian Slater) in modern-day San Francisco. The star-studded cast and shocking twist ending of this creepy film will satiate the thrill-seeking urge in any Sagittarius this Halloween season.



As mature and serious as Capricorns can be, it’s good for you to get in touch with your inner child every once in a while. Halloweentown checks all the boxes for Capricorns, allowing you to get into that nostalgic feeling while also witnessing a main character with just as much ambition and determination as you. As a master of using and developing resources to create stability and security, you can’t help but admire and get inspired by Marnie for learning to master her magical powers to save Halloweentown from Kalabar.



This Halloween, Aquarians need a movie that’s just as out-of-this-world and intergalactic as they are. As a progressive and independent human who loves to socialize, you can embrace the idea of forming friendships with non-human beings, whether that means stellar aliens or friendly ghosts. This film dives into the unknown and invites you to go along with it – showing that just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s bad or scary. To be honest, if I were going to create a slogan to represent Aquarius energy, it would be just that.



Why did we choose Ghostbusters for you, Pisces? Because at its core, this classic 1984 film is all about the power of friendship and camaraderie, sure to warm any Pisces’ heart. Between the spooky jumpscares and the totally bizarre premise of the world of monsters secretly hiding behind a refrigerator in an old New York City apartment complex, this movie has all of the weird and wonderful things that Pisces love – without too many horror elements. For the sign that loves all things nostalgia, this is the ideal film to watch on Halloween.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now that you know which spooky flick to dive into based on your zodiac sign, grab your popcorn, cozy up on the couch, and prepare to be entertained. Let these movies transport you to a world of magic, nostalgia, and Halloween spirit. And don’t forget to embrace your inner fashionista and dress up in your favorite Halloween-inspired outfit while enjoying the movies. Happy haunting!

Which movie did your star sign choose for you? Are you excited to cuddle up and watch the spooky movie marathon? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 👻🍿