A Guide to Sarah J. Maas’s Books: A Fashionable Journey into the Maasverse

Sarah J. Maas’ 15 Books Reign Supreme on BookTok—Your Guide to Begin the Epic Adventure

Maas’ 15 books are BookTok royalty; here’s where to start reading them.

Picture this: You, sipping on a latte at your favorite café, with a Kindle, library card, or Starbucks (because caffeine is essential) in hand. You decide to embark on a literary adventure, diving into the enchanting world of Sarah J. Maas. But wait! Where do you even start? You’ve heard whispers of “those faerie books” and an intense debate about the “correct” reading order.

Fear not, my fellow fashionistas and bookworms. As your trusty style guide, I’m here to help you navigate the Maasverse and embark on a fashionable journey into the realms of romantic fantasy. So buckle up your stilettos and get ready for a fabulous ride.

First stop on our Maas-themed fashion tour: the “Court of Thorns and Roses” series. With its romantic allure and gripping plot, it’s the perfect entry point for fashion lovers new to the fantasy genre. Think of it as the little black dress of books—it’s timeless, elegant, and oh-so-irresistible. Start with the first three books and let Feyre Archeron’s story sweep you off your feet. Trust me, it’s a complete story that can stand on its own, just like a stunning couture gown.

Next on our fashion itinerary: the “Throne of Glass” series. Brace yourself for a more intricate plot and a dash of youthful charm (we all had our awkward fashion moments, didn’t we?). The trick here is to read the prequel novellas, aptly named “The Assassin’s Blade,” after the second book for maximum emotional impact. You can choose your reading order like a fashionista chooses her accessories—publication order, romantic order, or purist order. And why not read “Tower of Dawn” and “Empire of Storms” together? It’s like mixing and matching different fashion pieces for a truly unique look.

After indulging in the worlds of faeries and assassins, it’s time to return to the familiar embrace of the “Court of Thorns and Roses” series. Book four, “A Court of Frost and Starlight,” acts as a bridge between the first three books and the next phase of the series. It’s like slipping into a cozy sweater after a long day in high heels. And guess what? The fifth book, “A Court of Silver Flames,” brings Nesta’s story to life. Brace yourself, romance lovers, because this is Sarah J. Maas’ smuttiest book yet. It’s like slipping on a breathtaking gown that leaves everyone in awe.

Finally, darling fashionistas, we reach our glittering destination: the “Crescent City” series. This breathtaking world might be a bit intimidating at first, with its complex world-building, but fear not! By this point, you’re a Maas pro, ready to conquer any fashion challenge. Dive into “House of Earth and Blood” and prepare yourself for fun characters, stellar romance, and a plot that could rival any trendy fashion show. And guess what? The next installment, “House of Flame and Shadow,” is just around the corner. Your reading journey will end with a grand finale, leaving you begging for more (and fashionably impatiently waiting for its release).

So my fashionable friends, grab your favorite accessories—whether it’s that designer handbag or a floral crown—and get ready to immerse yourself in the Maasverse. It’s a journey that will ignite your passion for both fashion and reading. Trust me, it’s a match made in sartorial heaven.

Now, tell me, fashionistas, which Sarah J. Maas book is calling your name? Are you ready to strut your stuff in the vibrant world of “Throne of Glass”? Or perhaps you feel the pull of the enchanted “Court of Thorns and Roses.” Let me know in the comments below! And remember, life is too short for boring books or dull fashion choices. Embrace your inner fashionista and let Sarah J. Maas whisk you away on a whimsical adventure. Happy reading!