Navigating Teen Discomfort Exploring the Risks of Doomscrolling and Skin Picking as Coping Mechanisms

When Teens Can't Stand Discomfort The Surprising Coping Mechanisms of Doomscrolling and Skin Picking

Photo of a young girl lying in bed and holding her cell phone, which is also charging. She looks serious and has curly dark hair and dark eyes. She wears a sleep mask pushed up on her forehead, a long-sleeved green shirt, and a watch on her left wrist. Her bottom sheet is dark grey and the top sheet and duvet is light blue. Her room is dark but lit from the outside light and small bedside lamp. Teens who can’t deal with discomfort will often go on their phone, drink, or pick their skin. (fcafotodigital/Getty Images)

Do you ever feel so uncomfortable that you’d rather just scroll through your phone or pick at your skin? Well, you’re not alone, my fashionista friends! Discomfort is like that pesky pimple that keeps popping up right before a big event. It’s annoying, but we have to learn to sit with it. Trust me, it’s a skill that will make you shine brighter than your favorite sequined dress.

You see, discomfort can sneak up on us. It’s like that unexpected fashion faux pas that makes you want to crawl into a hole. It can come from difficult conversations, uncertainty about the future, or even just feeling a bit blah. But here’s the thing: discomfort can also be a physical response to emotional turmoil. It’s like wearing sky-high heels that look fabulous but make your feet scream for mercy.

Now, my lovelies, many young fashionistas out there don’t know how to handle discomfort. So, they turn to their phones, drinks, and other vices in hopes of finding some temporary relief. But let me tell you a little secret: discomfort is a normal part of life. It’s like that itchy tag on your favorite sweater that you just have to live with. But don’t fret! If you want to level up your emotional intelligence, you’ve got to learn how to tolerate discomfort like a true style icon.

Now, let’s get down to business and talk about how we can conquer discomfort in style. First things first, we need to start noticing when we’re feeling uncomfortable. Think of it as adding a trendy accessory to your emotional wardrobe. It’s all about paying attention, my fabulous friends!

So, next time you find yourself reaching for your phone or engaging in a little retail therapy, pause for a moment and ask yourself: “What’s making me uncomfortable right now?” It’s like accessorizing your outfit with a statement piece that demands attention. Oh, the drama!

But here’s the real fashion-forward move: acknowledge the discomfort, understand why it’s there, and embrace it like a confident fashionista rocking a daring outfit. Say it loud and proud: “I’m feeling discomfort right now, honey!”

I know, I know. It’s tempting to escape that discomfort by scrolling through your favorite fashion influencers’ Instagram feeds or indulging in a little retail therapy. But trust me, my darlings, true fashionistas don’t run away from discomfort. We face it head-on and strut our stuff.

Now, let me share a story about a client of mine who knew a thing or two about being uncomfortable. She felt like a wallflower at a glitzy fashion show whenever she was lonely. To cope with her feelings, she turned to her phone and got lost in envy-inducing social media posts. It was like watching a fashion show from the front row, but feeling even lonelier with each swipe.

So, what did we do? We worked on embracing discomfort like a fashion-forward trend. It was all about acknowledging those emotions: “I’m feeling lonely, but I won’t let it cramp my style!”

Understanding the reasons behind her discomfort became her fashion mantra. She knew that not having plans for the day was like revealing an unsightly stain on her favorite dress. But she didn’t let it ruin her ensemble. Instead, she rocked her loneliness and went about her day like a style icon on a mission.

The result? Well, my fabulous fashionistas, her loneliness and discomfort eventually faded away. It was like finding the perfect pair of heels that are both stylish and comfortable. She could focus on the things she enjoyed and radiate confidence like a top supermodel on the runway.

So, my dear fashionistas, remember this: discomfort is just another accessory in your fashion arsenal. Embrace it, learn from it, and use it to create the most fashionable version of yourself. Trust me, you’ll shine brighter than any runway star!

Excerpted from “The Emotionally Intelligent Teen: Skills to Help You Deal with What You Feel, Build Stronger Relationships, and Boost Self-Confidence” (New Harbinger Publications, Inc. Copyright © 2023 Melanie McNally). Reprinted with permission from New Harbinger Publications.