Enjoying a Fabulously Fashionable and Hilariously Solo Thanksgiving

Finding Gratitude in Solitude My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Spent Alone

Favorite Thanksgiving Alone, but loved it.

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Who says Thanksgiving has to be a “family-only” affair? Not me! In fact, my favorite Thanksgiving of all time was the one I spent alone in my cozy apartment in 2020. While most people would find this to be a tragic tale of solitude, for me, it was a glamorous act of self-care. Move over, turkey dinners with the relatives—this solo Thanksgiving was all about fashion, food, and fabulousness!

Instead of traveling home or attending a family gathering, I basked in the glorious freedom of spending the day entirely on my own terms. Picture this: a stylish studio apartment transformed into my personal runway, featuring a marathon of “Gossip Girl” Thanksgiving episodes. As I sipped on my slightly-posher-than-usual red wine, I indulged in the only Thanksgiving foods that truly tickled my taste buds—creamy mashed potatoes and perfectly roasted Brussels sprouts.

But hold on, fashionistas, I’m not alone in my love for a solo holiday extravaganza! There are plenty of fellow fashionistas out there who also relish the joys of a holiday spent in their own fabulous company. Isabelle Lanser, a licensed clinical psychologist and co-founder of Cypress Mental Health, explains that some people find solace in a solo holiday due to work schedules or simply wanting to recharge. So, fear not, you’re in stylishly good company!

Now, if you find yourself alone this holiday season, fret not! I’ve gathered a list of fabulously fun ideas to make your solo celebration a fashion-forward spectacle:

1. Dress Up Your Menu

Who says you have to conform to the traditional holiday fare? Forget the turkey and cranberry sauce if they don’t tickle your taste buds. This is your chance to indulge in your favorite culinary delights, whether it’s ordering from your go-to restaurant or creating a feast of your top snacks.

2. Strut in Style Outdoors

Don’t forget to step outside and make heads turn with your fabulous fashion sense. Take a leisurely walk, get your blood flowing, and embrace the beauty of nature. And if you have a furry friend, take them along for some fashionable bonding time. Trust me, spending time with a pet on a solo holiday is like stepping into a whole new realm of fabulousness.

3. Pursue Passionate Pastimes

Turn this holiday into an opportunity to engage in activities that light up your fashion-loving soul. Whether you’re an avid reader, an art enthusiast, or a dedicated fashion blogger, this is your chance to dive into your passions without any distractions. Leave work behind and relish in the pure joy of doing what you love.

4. Social Media: Proceed with Caution!

Sure, social media can be a sea of holiday cheer and envy-inducing family photos. But let’s not forget that it’s also a place to connect with fellow fashionistas who are in the same glamorous boat as you. If you need a break from the holiday frenzy, take a day off and focus solely on being fabulous in your divine solitude. Or, if you’re feeling social, join online holiday gatherings or livestreams specially designed for fabulous solo adventurers.

5. Give Back with Glamour

Feeling the urge to spread some love and compassion? Consider volunteering for a few hours during your solo holiday escapade. Local food banks, soup kitchens, shelters, and meal-delivery services are always on the lookout for stylish volunteers like yourself. It’s a chance to make a difference, bring a smile to someone’s face, and keep yourself occupied with glamorously worthwhile activities.

6. Be Your Own BFF

Sometimes, spending a holiday alone can stir up complex emotions. Don’t fall victim to negative self-talk! Instead, channel your inner friend and speak kindly to yourself. Remind yourself that you made a conscious decision to embrace this fabulous solo adventure, just like a true fashion icon. Validate your own feelings and proudly declare, “Yes, this was an excellent decision!”

So, my stylish darlings, if you find yourself enjoying a solo holiday this season, remember that it’s an opportunity to indulge in self-care, fashion, and pure fabulousness. Embrace your independence, let your fashion flag fly high, and create a holiday experience that’s truly uniquely you. Cheers to a fashionably solo Thanksgiving!