It’s Black Friday: Plunge into The Best Cold Plunge Tub Deals!

Unlock Huge Savings of Up to $1,000 on a Luxurious Cold Plunge Tub with this Exclusive Black Friday Deal!

Save up to $1,000 on a Cold Plunge Tub with this Black Friday deal.

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We know you’re all about embracing the latest fashion trends and rocking the most stylish outfits, but have you ever considered giving your health and well-being a fashionable upgrade? Yes, we’re talking about cold plunge tubs—the luxury item you never knew you needed. These tubs are not just any old tubs; they are the Hermès bags of the wellness world. You might be wondering, why invest in one? Allow us to enlighten you with some cool facts.

First off, did you know that taking an ice bath can have amazing benefits for your longevity and recovery? It’s like a spa day for your body that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated. And before you start fretting about price tags, we’ve got some exciting news: thanks to Black Friday, you can save a whopping $1,000 on a cold plunge tub! We’re talking about discounts from some of the most coveted brands in the game, like Plunge, Sun Home Saunas, and Inergize Health. It’s like finding a designer handbag on sale—a fashion aficionado’s dream come true.

Now, let’s dive into the best Black Friday cold plunge tub deals that will make a splash in your wellness routine:

Plunge Black Friday Cold Plunge Tub Deal Tester sitting in the plunge cold plunge tub with thumbs up in his home garden

Plunge, the epitome of cold plunge tub glamour, is offering an irresistible 15% off on all their tubs (expect the exclusive All In model and refurbished units). To dive into this secret deal, you’ll need to use the promo code MBG15 at checkout. Pro tip: this code is exclusively available to VoiceAngel readers, so consider yourself part of the inner circle of wellness goddesses. The deal runs until November 26, so grab your discounted tub before it melts away!

Our reviewer had a chillingly good time with the Plunge tub: “It has a very sleek modern design, made from a sturdy and insulated acrylic—perfect for a posh soak both indoors and outdoors. The water flow and filtration system keep the icy goodness flowing, ensuring you get the full experience. And let’s not forget the insulated cover, fit for a tub diva like me. Oh, and did I mention the horizontal format? It’s pure bliss to stretch out in.”

Sun Home Saunas Black Friday Cold Plunge Tub Deal Sun Home Sauna portable tub

Sun Home Saunas is bringing the heat with their Black Friday sale, offering up to $700 off their luxurious cold plunge tubs. But here’s the cherry on top: VoiceAngel readers can save an additional $300 with the code MBG300. Talk about making a cool deal even cooler! This exclusive discount ends on November 30, so act fast before it vanishes into thin air.

While our tester eagerly awaits her portable tub, we already love the fact that it comes with a combo heater and chiller—because waiting for cold water to chill is so yesterday. Plus, this tub has top-notch filtration and sanitation technology, making it the ultimate portable plunge companion.

Inergize Black Friday Cold Plunge Tub Deal Inergize Health cold plunge tub with a person

Inergize knows how to make a splash in the wellness world, offering not one but two irresistible Black Friday deals. Option one: save $600 on their inflatable design, which conveniently packs down into a duffel bag. Option two: save $300 and receive a free RedRush 360 Body Light (valued at $569). It’s like getting an extra fashion accessory with your tub—an absolute style must-have!

But don’t plunge into procrastination; these deals end on December 1 (or when the 100 sale units run out). The best part? Your tub will be shipped within one to two days, so you can start enjoying your icy oasis ASAP.

Our reviewer couldn’t resist the allure of an icy plunge in her New York City backyard: “Setting up this portable tub was a breeze. In just a few minutes, it was ready to be filled with frigid water. I’m addicted to the immediate energy boost I get after my plunge, and I love knowing that I can easily pack it away for the winter (though I might reconsider when the weather warms up again). It’s the perfect blend of convenience and style.”

Elysium Health Black Friday Cold Plunge Tub Deal

Edge Theory Labs is making waves with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. Get ready to save $750 on both the Elite and Legacy models, along with a free three-year warranty (valued at $1,000). It’s a plunge into the lap of luxury!

This inflatable design is built to last, whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary tub. And the powerful chiller? It can cool water to 37 degrees Fahrenheit in less than three hours—talk about an arctic paradise. No wonder these tubs come in both XL and standard sizes.

Now that we’ve made quite the splash with these amazing deals, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a luxurious cold plunge tub. Your fashion-forward self deserves the very best in wellness, after all. So, go ahead and click those links—it’s time to upgrade your wellness fashion game!

After you’ve taken the plunge, let us know how your new cold plunge tub transforms your wellness routine in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear all about your fashionable icy adventures!