The Secrets of Super-Agers: How to Live Forever (Almost)

Unlocking the Secret to a Long, Healthy Life 8 Habits Backed by Centenarian Studies

Scientists studying centenarians say that doing these 8 things now can help you live a long, healthy life.

Two older men laughing. Centenarians in a study shared certain personality traits. Getty Images

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to defy time and age, looking effortlessly stylish and radiant? Well, if you want to join the league of fashion-forward super-agers, I’ve got some fascinating insights for you. Scientists have recently conducted a study where they interviewed 19 centenarians, aged between 100 and 107, to uncover the hidden secrets of longevity and style. And boy, were the results eye-opening!

First things first, these super-agers have a zest for life that would put even the liveliest party animal to shame. They are busy bees, always on the go, and never missing out on any fun. One 100-year-old participant shared, “I was sewing until I was 98… Now, I like to do crossword puzzles and I give the sudokus a try. I go downstairs in the elevator, but I walk up the stairs, to exercise my legs.” Talk about commitment!

But it’s not just their physical activity that sets them apart. These centenarians have a way with relationships that would rival any soap opera. They cherish their loved ones and are quick to lend a helping hand, without even being asked. One 101-year-old participant said, “The best thing in my life are my children, grandchildren, and the great-grandchildren, who love me more than the grandchildren.” Well, grandmas always have the inside scoop on love, don’t they?

Now, here’s a secret you won’t find in any fashion magazine: taking commitments seriously does wonders for your style game. These super-agers are reliable, honest, and take on responsibilities like a pro. They are the dependable friends you can count on, even when the going gets tough. One 103-year-old woman proudly proclaimed, “My bosses really valued me. I was with them for seven years and the day I got married the lady of the house cried as if she were my mother.” Talk about making an impression!

But it’s not just about being responsible, it’s also about taking control of your own life. These super-agers are confident decision-makers who adapt to their surroundings and seek out opportunities with gusto. One 100-year-old woman shared her mantra, “I’ve always followed my own judgment, even though others told me no, and time has proved me right.” And boy, has time been on her side!

Curiosity, my dear fashion lovers, is the secret ingredient to staying stylish and vibrant. These centenarians have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a burning desire to try new things. One 100-year-old traveler enthused, “I started traveling with a friend after my husband died… We’ve been to Paris, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Warsaw, Jerusalem, Turkey.” Talk about a jetsetter grandma!

Now, let’s talk about gratitude. These super-agers know how to appreciate the good things in life, despite the ups and downs. As one wise 100-year-old put it, “Well, life has given me everything, thank God. It has given me disappointments, like losing relatives, but thank God I haven’t had a bad time.” Gratitude truly is the most fashionable accessory you can wear.

And finally, my fashionistas, it’s all about resilience. Life throws challenges our way, but these super-agers know how to bounce back with a vengeance. One 101-year-old man proved that love conquers all when he said, “I was very close to my wife… At first, I was bad off, but then I thought that you only live once and you have to be strong, that my wife wouldn’t like to see me feeling bad.” A true style icon, both inside and out.

So, there you have it, my dearest fashion lovers. The secrets of super-agers unfold before you like a runway show. Now it’s time to step up your fashion game, embrace life with open arms, nurture your relationships, take control, stay curious, practice gratitude, and always bounce back. Your style empire awaits!

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