The Truth about Love, Affair, and Fashion Drama: A Story of Showmances and Rockettes

From Deception to Redemption My Journey of Honesty after a 4-Year Affair

I lied about my affair for 4 years, but now I’m finally coming clean.

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In college, I had an affair and chose to tell my boyfriend the truth. After getting married, I had an affair and hid the truth from everyone. Even though I was a Rockette, I felt like I was hitting a ceiling in my life.

If life were a fashion show, my story would be a dramatic runway walk full of unexpected twists, heart-fluttering moments, and, of course, fabulous wardrobe changes. Get ready to dive into the glamorous world of love, showmances, and Rockettes!

As a child, my imagination had no boundaries. I loved playing dress-up and transforming into different characters. So, naturally, I decided to pursue a career in musical theater. Little did I know, my love for fashion was about to collide with the rollercoaster of love and affairs.

During my freshman year of college, a captivating and talented senior stole my heart. Every time he graced the stage, my heart skipped a beat. He was like the perfect accessory to my life. But here’s the plot twist – I already had a boyfriend! Talk about a fashion disaster waiting to happen. However, fate had other plans, and our chemistry ignited on a professional summer theater stage. Cue the fireworks!

Let me tell you, darling, it was an exhilarating showmance – a whirlwind romance straight out of a glittering Broadway musical. But here’s the kicker: I had to break the news to both my high-school sweetheart, who was miles away, and the mesmerizing leading man in my life. Drama, drama, drama!

Like a fashionista in her finest gown, I mustered the courage to tell the truth. I called my boyfriend and confessed that my heart had found another love. Shockingly, he understood the power of true love and distance could never keep us apart. Can we all take a moment to appreciate his devotion? Swoon-worthy!

Fast forward three years, and my leading man took center stage once again. This time, he knelt down before me on the same stage where our love story began and proposed. Yes, darling, dreams do come true. Cue the confetti cannons, paparazzi flashbulbs, and a chorus of angels singing in perfect harmony!

But let’s fast forward, dear readers. Marriage can be a fashionista’s paradise – stunning gowns, dazzling jewels, and a lifetime of love. However, life has this funny way of bringing sequined dresses and heartache together. As the years went by, I found myself eyeing the attractive cast members, creating a backstage commotion. Oh, the temptation!

While my career soared to new heights as a renowned Rockette, my personal life felt like designer shoes that just wouldn’t fit right. I couldn’t escape the feeling of hitting a ceiling, like a fashion icon being trapped in last season’s trends. I yearned for more, and that became my downfall.

One fateful day, during the first rehearsal of a new musical, Cupid struck once again, this time with a dashing and talented actor. My heart fluttered like a chiffon dress in the wind. Against my better judgment, I succumbed to temptation and embarked on a treacherous affair. Oh, the scandal!

But darling, here comes the plot twist of all plot twists – I decided to keep this secret hidden deep within my sequined heart. It was a cocktail of shame, fear, and a dash of hopeless romantic delusion. I created a parallel universe where I led both the life of a jilted lover and a deceitful wife. Neither reality felt authentic. It was like wearing a counterfeit designer dress – beautiful on the outside, but hollow within.

Life, being the fabulous fashion expert it is, decided that the truth must be unveiled eventually. On a Thanksgiving Day, as I gathered around the table with my husband, he dropped a bombshell. He declared his love for another woman, shattered my dreams of a family, and left me feeling like yesterday’s fashion trend. The stage was set for the grand reveal of my secret affair.

With trembling lips and a pounding heart, I confessed. But instead of finding redemption, his face hardened like a stone-cold runway model. He saw my confession as a reason to walk away from our once beautiful connection. The fashion show turned into a tragedy, with tearful catwalks and broken heels.

Couples therapy became my last hope for mending our shattered love, but the mismatched styles between us became apparent during each counseling session. Desperation filled the room, and during the final session, he couldn’t help but talk about the greatness of his newfound love. In that very moment, something magical happened within me. The truth burst forth like a dazzling fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.

I came to a realization – our paths were meant to diverge. Liberated from the chains of deception, I strutted my way to the nearest bookstore and grabbed a book on divorce. Darling, I took the future into my own hands. With the support of my loved ones, I embraced the truth, the raw and unfiltered truth.

Oh, the power of the truth, my fellow fashion enthusiasts! Embracing it became my source of liberation, a stylish revolution that sparked in me the courage to heal a broken heart and seek a life partner who would join me in creating a love as authentic as a custom-made gown.

Today, I no longer need the allure of affairs and hidden truths. I have found something far more potent in my journey – the truth. It has become my fashion statement, my signature style in creating the life and love I desire. Join me, dear readers, in embracing the truth, for it is the most fashionable accessory one can wear.

Nikól Rogers, daughter of truth and lover of fashion, is a speaker, writer, and empowerment coach. Her new book, “13: One Woman’s Sacred Journey to Discovering Her Greatest Power,” is sure to inspire your fashion-forward soul.