The Unsexy Truth About Wedding-Night Sex: Do You Really Need It?

Wedding Night Anticipation Relationship Experts Reveal the Surprising Truth

Sex on the wedding night? Relationship experts say it’s not as crucial as you might assume.

a bride and groom laying on bed holding hands Image Source: Satura86/Getty Images

Lovebirds, picture this: the cake has been devoured, the bouquet has been tossed, and the guests have clutched their precious gift bags. Ah, the perfect time for some passionate wedding-night shenanigans, right? Well, not so fast!

No Honeymoon Hustle? No Problem!

Forget the societal pressure, my darlings, because experts have swooped in to save the day! Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, California State University’s splendid sexual-communication professor and professional sex coach, declares that it’s high time we dismiss this ancient belief. “Weddings are magical rituals,” she says, “but we don’t need to maintain that sexual expectation.” So don’t fret, my lovelies – whether you’ve engaged in pre-marital romps or practiced some tantalizing self-control, it’s time to set aside the wedding-night sex stress.

Kiaundra Jackson, the magnificent licensed marriage and family therapist, echoes Suwinyattichaiporn’s sentiments. She urges you to release the pressure valve and remember: consummating your marriage on your wedding night is not the be-all and end-all of your relationship. After all, who needs a rushed rendezvous when you have a lifetime of intimacy waiting to unfold?

When It Doesn’t Go as Planned

As they say, a wedding marks the beginning of a lifetime of togetherness, and trust us, it’s not defined by a single night of passion (or lack thereof). So, should things not go according to plan or your libido goes on an unexpected vacation, fear not! Jackson reassures us that your marriage can still blossom beautifully.

Now, dear ones, let’s not force the issue. If the stars align against your desires and you find yourself less than thrilled, take a step back. “It’s better to not push it if bodies are not responding,” advises Suwinyattichaiporn. Remember, the journey to divine intimacy is a marathon, not a sprint.

Let’s Talk About It, Baby

Even if you’ve pranced down this passionate path before, it’s totally normal to feel a bundle of nerves on your wedding night. So, lovebirds, open your hearts and let those feelings spill out. Jackson encourages you to have an open conversation with your partner, because heck, they might just be feeling the same jitters!

Binoculars Away, Lovebirds

Ladies and gents, whether exhaustion radiates through your every pore or you’ve had one too many sips of liquid courage, understand this: there are a multitude of ways to kindle the flame of meaningful connection. Suwinyattichaiporn suggests a tantalizing array of options: strip down, cuddle, pepper each other with kisses, dive under your cozy covers together, hold hands, or wrap each other in a loving embrace. In other words, baby, it’s okay to not get down on your wedding night. There’s always tomorrow (or the next day, or the next).

Waiting ’Til the Vows? No Worries!

For those among us who have trailed the path of abstinence until the sacred vows are exchanged, the pressure may feel even more immense. “You don’t know your partner’s deepest desires or longings yet,” explains the wise Jackson. But fear not, dear virgins of love! Whether your first time comes on the night of your nuptials or on some other exciting day, remember that you’ve vowed to be together forever. And trust us, my friends, there’s plenty of time for conjugal calisthenics!

So, my fashion-forward friends, when the big day arrives, let love be the guiding light. Whether you choose to have wedding-night sex, engage in a passionate chat-fest, or embark on an intimate adventure the following day, embrace what feels right to you. After all, your love story is unlike any other. Cheers to your new chapter and the adventures that lie ahead!

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