Confusion, Questions, and Growth: Freshmen Follies on TikTok

Parents shared embarrassing questions their kids asked upon going to college in a viral TikTok ‘What’s my shoe size?

college student sitting on dorm bed untangling lights A confused college student. MediaNews Group/Long Beach Press-Telegram via Getty Images

Heading off to college can be quite the adventure, filled with excitement, relief, and of course, a healthy dose of anxiety. As freshmen arrived on campus this fall, one emotion seemed to rule them all, at least on TikTok: confusion.

In a viral video from The Leighton Show on TikTok, parents proudly shared some of the wildest questions their college freshmen have asked as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. These questions range from hilariously innocent, like “How do I know when the water is boiling?” to genuinely perplexing, such as “What’s my shoe size?” Now that’s a puzzler!

The TikTok video has become a sensation, filled with the strangest and funniest questions freshmen have asked their parents. One student wondered, “Did I already get my rabies shot?” while another perplexingly pondered, “How do I take my clothes out of the washing machine? Do I just reach in there with my hand?” It’s like a real-life comedy show!

These videos have become so popular that The Leighton Show, a haven for parenting humor, created multiple reply videos. In the comments section, parents continue to crack each other up with even more examples of their kids’ bewildering queries. One mom shared, “My college son was late for school one day, and he told the teacher he had morning sickness.” Classic!

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Another parent hilariously recounted a conversation she had with her kid: – Daughter: “What places have I been to?” – Mom: Lists locations, including Disney – Daughter: “So I’ve never been to the US?”

Oh, the joys of freshman confusion!

While these questions might leave us chuckling, college admission counselors emphasize the importance of asking such queries during the first year. Tamy-Feé Meneide, the director of Solomon Admissions Counselors, believes that it’s essential for freshmen to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences. After all, growth comes from stretching ourselves, even if it means asking embarrassing questions like, “Did I already get my rabies shot?”

Rachel York, an admissions counselor and academic advisor at IvyWise, takes this advice even further. She suggests that students actively seek out people who are different from them and engage in conversations that provoke self-reflection and questioning. These unique encounters with diverse perspectives enhance personal growth and broaden horizons.

Yes, it may be a tad embarrassing to ask questions like “What’s my shoe size?,” but Meneide encourages college students to do so anyway. Just remember, don’t rush into adulting!

So, freshmen, embrace the confusion, relish the hilarity, and don’t shy away from those offbeat queries. It’s all part of finding your way in this exciting new world of college. And rest assured, you’re not alone. Others are bound to be just as perplexed and curious as you are.

Happy navigating and may your college journey be filled with laughter, growth, and unforgettable moments!

What were some of the funniest or most perplexing questions you had as a college freshman? Share your stories below, and let’s laugh and learn together!