Overcoming Adversity Stitching My Cervix to Ensure a Healthy Full-Term Pregnancy

Stitching My Hope How I Overcame Loss and Saved My Third Pregnancy

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I grew up believing that pregnancy was one of the most natural things for a woman, but boy, was I in for a surprise! Let me take you on a journey through my rollercoaster ride into motherhood, filled with twists, turns, and a little sprinkle of magic.

“I lost 2 pregnancies at about 20 weeks”

Picture this: me, devastated, heartbroken, and feeling like life was playing a cruel joke on me. I experienced two second-trimester losses, both near the 20-week mark. Doctors tried their best to explain, but it felt like they were grasping at straws. They told me it was just one of those things that happened, but deep down, I knew I needed extra care and attention.

“I had a cerclage put in place in my cervix to avoid another loss”

Enter the superhero of my story – the cerclage! My third pregnancy brought me to the realms of high-risk pregnancies. I was introduced to an OB-GYN who specialized in delicate situations like mine. Picture a meticulous game of Jenga, where every move had to be calculated and strategic.

During my pregnancy, I had more ultrasounds than a Hollywood superstar preparing for the red carpet. You see, my cervix had a tendency to be rather mischievous, shortening itself at an alarming rate. Turns out, I had cervical insufficiency, where my cervix simply couldn’t hold its own.

So, I faced a choice: surgery or no surgery. It was like deciding between a wild rollercoaster ride or a leisurely stroll in the park. After careful consideration (and a little begging my husband for his opinion), I chose the surgery. Let the battle against the mischievous cervix commence!

“I still had to be monitored to make sure my cervix was holding on”

Ah, the joys of pregnancy! The cerclage was in place, a fortress guarding my precious cargo, but the battle was far from over. I found myself in a world of bed rest, where even the slightest movement could set off alarms. I became a professional napper, an Olympic-level Netflix binge-watcher, and a master in the art of staying still.

But alas, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. I had to endure weekly ultrasounds to monitor if my cervix was playing nice or planning another surprise excavation. Life as I knew it was put on hold. No walks in the park, no jumping into pools, and definitely no… well, you know what I mean!

“My water broke at 36 weeks”

Fast forward to the grand finale, the moment my heart almost popped out of my chest! It was the day of my 36-week appointment, the day I could finally bid farewell to the cerclage. But fate had a different plan, and my body decided to throw a wild water party without any warning.

I rushed to my appointment, feeling like a ticking time bomb. And guess what? I was already 5 centimeters dilated! Who knew my cervix had a secret agenda? The doctors sprang into action, and I became a mix of fear and excitement. Soon enough, I held my healthy baby boy in my arms. The joy and relief that flooded through me were indescribable. I had conquered the wild rollercoaster, and my rainbow baby was my ultimate prize.

But wait, there’s more!

Surprise, surprise! Life had a few more tricks up its sleeve. Six years later, I found myself once again on the high-risk pregnancy train. Some people never learn, right? With the help of my trusted team of doctors and another round of cervix-saving surgery, I welcomed my second baby into the world, right on time!

My path to motherhood may not have been the easiest or the most conventional, but it was uniquely mine. It was a journey filled with heartbreak, triumph, and moments that made me question my sanity. I became a warrior, battling against all odds, and emerged victorious.

So, to all the fellow fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts out there, remember that life doesn’t always follow the latest fashion trends. Sometimes, it throws you a curveball. But with resilience, a dash of humor, and the support of those who care, you can conquer any runway life sets before you.

Now, tell me, dear reader, what unexpected twists and turns have you encountered on your own journey? Share your story and let’s celebrate the beauty of our unique paths together!