When Friendship Turns into a Zoom-astrophe

When Friends Choose Video Calls to Break Up Navigating the Digital Realm of Heartbreak

Woman sitting at kitchen table chatting on laptop video call Author not pictured.

Last year, a friend asked if we could find time to talk over a video call. I had moved abroad, and our relationship had become strained from the distance. It was a breakup call. It hurt but freed me from my guilt and taught me to be realistic.

Friend broke up with me on a video call.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I received a message from a friend back home, several time zones away. It went something like this:

“Do you have time for a video call soon? I’d really like to have as close to an in-person chat as we can. x”

Now, you might think this sounds innocent enough, right? But my fashion-savvy senses tingled. This wasn’t her usual communication style. She usually stuck to texts or voice notes. Ah, the virtual world of friendship – where even the choice of communication method speaks volumes. My intuition told me trouble was brewing.

With a twinge of anxiety, I left it a day before responding that I’d be free the following day. My stomach was doing somersaults. It was like waiting for a fashion sale to start – that mix of excitement and nervousness, not quite knowing what bargains you’ll find (or lose) in the end.

We agreed on a time, but here’s where the comedy of errors began. It was a crisscross of messages: “I’m free now, are you?,” “Just 2 mins,” and “I’ve just been pulled into a meeting!” It was like trying to coordinate a fashion show backstage, except instead of models and designers, it was two awkward long-distance friends desperately trying to sync their schedules. Fashionably late? More like frantically late.

Finally, the moment arrived. We logged on to Zoom, and there it was – the awkwardness. The kind that can only be matched by the discomfort of wearing too-tight shoes or a dress that’s just a size too small. It was written all over our faces. This was not going to be an ordinary catch-up call. Oh no, this was a full-on breakup call.

Breaking Up is in Style

Now, I’ve experienced my fair share of breakups in the romantic realm, but this was a whole new fashion trend. It was the closest thing to a “conscious uncoupling” that I had ever witnessed. And let me tell you, it stung. It was like ripping off a band-aid made of Gucci silk – elegant, painful, and oh-so-fashionable.

In the world of friendships, breakups usually happen quietly. They fade away like a fashion trend gone out of style, making room for new ones. Or sometimes, there’s a dramatic blowup, and you never speak to each other again. But this? This was different. This was a breakup out in the open, where closure was sought like a limited-edition designer handbag.

Why should romance have all the breakup glory? I mean, think about it. Our friends know us just as intimately, if not more, than our romantic partners. They’ve seen us at our best and our worst. They’ve witnessed our fashion faux pas and our greatest fashion triumphs. So, when the time comes to bid adieu, why shouldn’t we want to hear their insights before walking the runway of life alone?

But here’s the catch – society doesn’t put pressure on friendships to end. We can have as many friends as our fashionable hearts desire. And so, they come and go, making exits worthy of an Irish jig. But in reality, life happens. People move, change, and grow apart. And sometimes, closure becomes a necessity. It’s like trying to declutter our wardrobe – we need to make room for new and exciting fashion choices.

The Friend-Fizzle Chronicles

Now, let’s switch gears for a moment. I was chatting with my new buddy, Simone, the other day. She was going through her own friendship breakup adventure, but from the other side. She had been trying to let the friendship fade away, like a pair of jeans stonewashed by time. But her friend had other plans.

“One day, out of the blue, they called me and started questioning me about the distance between us,” Simone said. “I felt somewhat cornered and essentially admitted that I was trying to let the friendship go.”

It was like being caught wearing last season’s fashion trend. Simone’s friend wasn’t ready to accept the gentle fade into the background. They were determined to have a “breakup chat” right then and there, whether Simone was ready or not. It was a fashion faceoff of epic proportions.

Realizing that words were not enough, Simone decided to put pen to paper and wrote a heartfelt letter. It explained her need for distance and politely hinted for her friend to reach out again when they were both in a better fashion place. It took a year for a response to arrive courier-style. There were apologies, promises, but in the end, her friend unfollowed her on Instagram, leaving Simone wondering if they would ever rekindle their fashion-forward friendship.

The Runway of Reflection

That video call shook me to my stylish core. It forced me to confront things I’d rather throw in the back of my closet and forget – the moments I had taken my friend for granted, the times I had been careless. I’ll admit, I got defensive. But deep down, I knew my friend was right. She needed to let me know how my actions had impacted her fashionable heart.

In that virtual moment, I saw two friends, once inseparable in our fashion choices, now worlds apart. It hurt, but also opened my eyes to my own shortcomings. As a former friend, one who had seen men treat her poorly, I couldn’t help but feel pride for her growth. She now stood strong, asserting her fashion boundaries.

So, as the curtain closed on our friendship, I learned a valuable lesson – the importance of being realistic about changing priorities. Trying to keep up with a multitude of friends across different time zones was like juggling haute couture gowns. Sometimes, you drop the ball, and that’s okay. Guilt had no place on my fashion runway.

Today, my old friend and I are LinkedIn connections. We exchange polite applause for each other’s professional milestones and occasionally slip into small talk. I still wonder how she found the courage to confront me that day. But what I do know is that if I find myself in her fashionable shoes, I will dig deep and do the same. Friendships may end, but the love we shared remains forever stitched into the tapestry of our lives.

What about you, fashion enthusiasts? Have you ever experienced a friendship breakup that rocked your world? Share your stylish stories below and let’s discuss!