Embracing Early Menopause at 40 How Medical Marijuana Revitalized My Sex Life

Overcoming Early Menopause at 40 How Medical Marijuana Revitalized My Sex Life

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Courtesy of Michelle Courtright

Michelle Courtright, a fierce fashionista, has proven that beauty and fashion can be more than skin deep. When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at the tender age of 40, she faced a plethora of challenges. Chemotherapy left her feeling as drained as a runway model after fashion week, and the anti-nausea drugs prescribed by doctors barely made a dent in her queasy state. Not even morphine could alleviate the pain she felt.

Desperate for relief, Michelle, with her fashionable defiance, posed the audacious question to her doctor, “Can’t I please just smoke some weed?” But alas, the medical system at the time denied her, allowing cannabis prescriptions only for terminal cases. Frustrated, she took matters into her own hands, acquiring marijuana through the underground grapevine and even receiving cannabis-infused goodies from the elevated state of Colorado. It was an act of fashionably breaking the law, not for the thrill, but for just a hint of respite from the agonizing pain.

Little did she know, her journey with cannabis had only just begun. As Michelle recovered and her health improved, she discovered a cruel twist of fate. Chemotherapy had quietly ushered her into early menopause, decorating her world with hot flashes and discomfort that made her body feel as fiery as a red-carpet gown set ablaze. Sex became synonymous with pain, a sensation as sharp as a million tiny splinters piercing her very essence. But, in a moment of inspired creativity, she decided to let cannabis grace her intimate moments.

With a puff of a joint and a touch of THC-infused lube, Michelle experienced a transformation as miraculous as Cinderella’s glass slipper fitting perfectly. Her body, once tense and guarded, relaxed into a state of calm euphoria. Cannabis had become her Fairy Godmother, bridging the gap between pleasure and pain, body and soul.

Drawn to the unspoken struggles faced by women in the grips of menopause, Michelle felt an indomitable spirit within her rise like a phoenix. Unafraid to tackle taboos, she vowed to empower women to reconnect with their bodies through the magical properties of cannabis. Like a modern-day alchemist, she delved into the depths of the endocannabinoid system, the secret symphony of the nervous system that responds to cannabis. And thus, Jane was born—a company that provides low-dose cannabis tinctures and vapes to help women embrace their sexuality and gracefully navigate the rollercoaster ride that is menopause.

Michelle, with her fiery passion for change, hopes that by the time her daughters face their own menopausal journeys, the world will be a different place. No longer silenced in secrecy, women will roar as one, united in their experiences. She envisions a society where discussions about sex, marijuana, and menopause are as common as the changing of seasons, without a hint of shame or judgment.

So, fellow fashion enthusiasts, let’s join forces with Michelle and break down the barriers that hold us back. Let’s embrace the power of cannabis to enhance our self-expression, celebrate our bodies, and find harmony in the beautiful symphony of menopause. Together, we can create a world of fashion-forward, empowered women, where beauty and fashion truly know no boundaries.

What are your thoughts on Michelle’s journey? How do you feel about incorporating cannabis into the world of beauty and fashion? Share your fashionably fierce opinions in the comments below!