Embracing Cultural Cuisine Breaking Free from Pescatarian Routine while Traveling

Exploring New Flavors Embracing Cultural Cuisine While Traveling, Breaking my Pescatarian Routine

VoiceAngel’s author eats meat when she travels abroad

Hey fashionistas and foodies! Gather around because I have a little secret to share with you. So, picture this: I’ve been a pescatarian for years, swimming happily in the sea of seafood. But when I venture into a new country, I transform into an adventurous, meat-loving globetrotter. Yes, it’s true! I become the ultimate flexitarian, devouring all the mouthwatering, authentic dishes that cross my path.

You see, my love for fashion extends to my palate. When I travel, experiencing the local cuisine is just as important to me as walking the catwalks of Milan. I crave pasta crafted by Italian grandmas, ramen prepared by Japanese culinary ninjas, and pitas marinated to perfection. These delectable dishes not only tickle my taste buds but also unveil the rich culture and history of the countries I visit.

Now, let me take you on a gastronomic adventure. Imagine sinking your teeth into a lampredotto panino, an iconic sandwich that originated in Florence, Italy. Legend has it that this appetizing masterpiece was born out of ingenuity, made from the less valued parts of a cow’s stomach. Talk about turning “trash” into a delectable, one-of-a-kind treasure! You can’t recreate this culinary marvel as a vegetarian, and you’ll only find it in this corner of the world. With limited chances in life to savor such delicacies, you bet I’m diving right in!

Oh, and let’s not forget the bond I’ve formed with locals through my culinary escapades. Down under in Australia, a couple once invited me to an authentic Aussie BBQ, complete with their favorite sausage sizzle sandwich. Declining or asking for a vegetarian substitute was out of the question. I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to immerse myself in the real Australian experience.

Now, I must confess there have been tantalizing vegetarian meals that have graced my plate during my adventures. In Queenstown, New Zealand, I savored the most divine salad ever, made with locally grown produce. And in Auckland, I indulged in a pasta dish bursting with foraged mushrooms and truffles, no meat required. Veggie lovers, I acknowledge your dedication and would love to hear your tips for finding vegetarian delights abroad.

But here’s the thing, my fellow fashionistas. Exploring the world’s flavors sometimes comes with language barriers and hidden ingredients. While communicating with waiters and chefs in my mother tongue is a breeze, it becomes a comedy of errors when I find myself in a foreign land. The last thing I want is to burden the passionate culinary artists with my dietary restrictions. So, I embrace the dish in all its animal product-filled glory, sparing everyone the confusion.

Now, some might argue that consuming meat isn’t the best choice for the environment, and they’re absolutely right. But fear not, my eco-conscious darlings! I have a few tricks up my stylish sleeve to counterbalance the effects. When dining abroad, I make it a point to support locally-owned restaurants, preferably those with a farm-to-table ethos or a rich family history. By doing so, I know the ingredients are carefully selected, and I’m financially supporting the beautiful people of the country I’m exploring.

So, my fashionable foodies, eating meat when I travel is my personal choice, and it may not be yours. But let’s embrace our different tastes and preferences. If you’re a dedicated vegetarian, I applaud you and respect your commitment. Please share your tips for discovering vegetarian wonders around the globe!

As for me, I’m already daydreaming about the next dish that will mesmerize my taste buds on future journeys. Until then, keep exploring, keep indulging, and remember: fashion and food make the perfect pair!