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VoiceAngel Health Coaching Discovering Why Our Program is Truly Transformational

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Life is a Runway: Transforming Your Health with VoiceAngel’s Health Coach Certification

Welcome, fashionistas! We all know that life can be a wild roller coaster ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. But what if I told you there’s a glamorous inflection point that can completely transform your life, just like a fabulous makeover? Yes, my fashion-forward friends, I’m talking about VoiceAngel’s Health Coach Certification (HCC).

This certification program, wrapped in a glittering 20-week virtual experience, is like the ultimate fashion show for your career. It’s designed to help you pursue a career in health coaching or add a touch of holistic glam to your existing health practices. But hold onto your stilettos, because this program goes far beyond your standard certification.

Picture this: you’re strutting down the runway, turning heads with your fierce knowledge of active listening, effective goal setting, and relationship building. That’s the power of VoiceAngel’s HCC. It’s like having a closet full of designer garments that never go out of style. The program’s faculty, with their expertise in health coaching, nutrition, and education, create a supportive environment that sparkles like a star-studded red carpet event.

But let’s not forget the main event—the testimonials from our fabulous graduates! These fashion-savvy individuals have experienced life-changing transformations through HCC. Let me introduce you to some of our shining stars:

Jenna: The Glamorous Game Changer

“The VoiceAngel HCC program is phenomenal and has fantastic faculty. Not only are you learning the foundations needed to sit for the national board exam, but you are learning how to think in a coaching mindset. This course has had a huge impact on both my professional and personal life.” – Jenna

Liz: The Style Icon

“Go in expecting to get a great foundation in coaching in this program. You’ll learn way more than you thought possible! The instructors are top-notch and have a level of knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere.” – Liz

Imagine, darlings, a program that not only transforms your career but also gives you a newfound excitement for life. That’s what Katerina discovered:

Katerina: The Transformation Queen

“This has been a beautiful and deeply transformative experience. I’ve never been more excited about my career and the new space I’m creating for myself as a result of completing this program.” – Katerina

Our program is like a perfect fitting gown, tailored to empower you to step into your coaching role gracefully. Elodie can attest to that:

Elodie: The Empowered Fashionista

“This course has been absolutely transformative, giving me deeper knowledge, incredible tools, and empowering me to step into a coaching role. It has also brought elements of growth in my personal life. I truly valued all the triad sessions that gave me the opportunity to practice different aspects of coaching, as well as the diversity of our instructors with different backgrounds, specialties, and styles. I highly recommend this course to effectively prepare you to be the coach you want to be!” – Elodie

Fashionably late to the health coaching scene? Fear not, Sarah has you covered:

Sarah: The Late Bloomer

“In January 2022, I told myself that this would be my year: The year I finally make myself a priority and put my passion for health and wellness first. In March, I signed up for the VoiceAngel health coaching program, and I am extremely happy with my decision… All my life, I was never one to want to participate in class, until now. The comfort you feel amongst other students and the health coaches is unmatched. Everyone encourages you to be yourself and allows you to speak freely without judgment. You feel heard! Also, you make so many new friends who share similar values and goals, which is one of the best parts. Don’t hesitate to join—you won’t be disappointed!” – Sarah

Still not convinced? Tracy has a glowing review that will make you say “Yes, please”:

Tracy: The Trendsetter

“Words cannot describe the impact that this program has made in my life… This is an excellent program for anyone interested in helping bridge the gap for clients and patients who are ready to make lifestyle changes. It is also a great program for healthcare professionals who want to gain a better understanding of the baseline knowledge of the participant and how to better relate to patient/client ambivalence… This program led me to a position that was the perfect fit at the perfect time! This certification is the ‘Gold Standard’ in health coaching. Thank you for creating this important and much-needed course, and for making it easily accessible and affordable.” – Tracy

Are you ready to take the leap into the fabulous world of health coaching? Join us on the runway of success by signing up for VoiceAngel’s Health Coach Certification here. And for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to strut your stuff in this program, check out a more in-depth student review of the program here.

Remember, darlings, your journey towards a stylish and fulfilling career starts with HCC. So put on your best attire, grab your notebooks, and let’s walk this runway together!

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