Monkey Business at the Fashionable Airbnb

A Travel Influencer's Unforgettable Experience Voice Notes Reveal Airbnb Host's Warning about Mischievous Monkeys Invading and Ransacking the Fridge

A travel influencer received voice notes from his Airbnb host about monkeys breaking in and raiding the fridge.

Brian Luebben airbnb monkeys Brian Luebben’s Airbnb in Brazil was prone to monkey break-ins.

When you think of the hazards of staying at an Airbnb, you might imagine a leaky faucet, a malfunctioning air conditioner, or a ghostly presence. But for travel influencer Brian Luebben, his Airbnb experience took an unexpected turn – monkey break-ins!

This fashion-forward adventurer, who gave up his corporate life to explore the world and bring fashion to dazzling global destinations, found himself in Florianópolis, affectionately known as “Floripa,” in Brazil. Little did he know that his stylish temporary home would come with a resident group of mischievous monkeys!

Luebben received a series of voice notes from his concerned host, frantically warning him about the potential threat of monkeys invading the house. Yes, you read that right, monkeys! The host emphasized the importance of closing the windows properly, as these cunning creatures had mastered the art of breaking and entering. Evidently, they were on the lookout for a fashionably ripe snack – bananas.

Now, picture this: Luebben, stylishly sipping a fruity cocktail, hears a wild commotion coming from his vacation residence. And what does he find? Monkeys! These audacious, fashion-savvy monkeys had managed to manipulate the window handles and sashay their way into the house. I guess they were looking to add some adventure to their fashion escapades!

The host, seeming to have a bizarre familiarity with these primate troublemakers, enlightened Luebben about their ringleader. The largest and most cunning monkey of the pack had figured out how to unlock the window even if it was shut tight. Talk about fashion-forward thinking – these monkeys were truly ahead of the curve!

Now, brace yourselves for the pièce de résistance. The host’s words might make you split your sides with laughter! “When you have bananas, no problem,” he explained. “When you don’t have bananas, sometimes they open the refrigerator.” Can you imagine a monkey casually strutting its way to the fridge to raid it for snacks? This takes ‘monkey see, monkey do’ to a whole new level!

But don’t just take my word for it, check out this hilarious TikTok video, captured by Luebben himself. The footage shows a capuchin monkey, who Luebben playfully named “Kevin,” curiously peering through the window as if trying to fit in with the fashion-forward decor. He even dared to open the door for Kevin, but the vogue-vanishing primate got cold feet and disappeared into the lush trees.

These capuchin monkeys are no ordinary mischief-makers. They are the trendsetters of their species, displaying intelligence that would make even the savviest fashion influencer blush. Some researchers even suggest that they learned to use tools thousands of years ago. Move over, Instagrammers, there’s a new front-row guest at Fashion Week!

These fashion-forward monkeys are no strangers to controversy. In a small Brazilian city called Corrente, a capuchin named Chico made headlines for causing chaos. Now, this isn’t your average chaos, my stylish readers. Chico grabbed clothes, stole cookies, and yes, even wielded a knife! Excuse me, but is Chico auditioning for a spot as the next fashion icon or just channeling his inner fashionable swashbuckler?

So, the next time you’re booking a stylish Airbnb, be prepared for unexpected fashion collaborations with the local wildlife. Just make sure you stock up on bananas, or you might find yourself missing a snack or two! Remember, fashion knows no bounds, and for these stylish monkeys, the world is their runway.

Stay wild, stay fashionable, and beware of fashion-savvy fridge-raiding monkeys!

Hash out your thoughts, fellow fashionistas. How would you react if fashion-forward monkeys invaded your Airbnb? Share your stylish anecdotes and let’s keep the laughter rolling!