Remaking Life in a Virtual World: A Fashion Lover’s Perspective

Rebuilding a Life From Brooklyn to West Virginia, the Loneliness Deepens

Following a breakup, I relocated from Brooklyn to West Virginia to start anew, only to find myself even more isolated.

By Your Favorite Fashion Guru

Me in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Ever had a relationship fail the pandemic test? Well, my four-year romance crashed and burned just like that. And where did I end up? In the fashion apocalypse of West Virginia! Today, I’ll take you on a thrilling journey through my imperfect pursuit of happiness in a virtual world.

Picture this: I met my ex-partner on a bus at a bluegrass festival in North Carolina. It was the first time I had ever mustered the courage to say “hi” to a stranger. Our relationship always had that comforting sense of predeterminism. You know, like those perfectly coordinated outfits that scream “match made in fashion heaven.”

We both had something unique to offer. He oozed kindness, flowing with love and care like a waterfall of compliments. Being from a challenging family background, his kindness was like the perfect medicine for my soul. And me? I gave him direction. I showed him the way in this fashion jungle we call life. And trust me, I needed all the help I could get. He’s the only reason I didn’t get caught by the IRS. (Yes, he saved my fashionable behind from tax penalties!)

But guess what? Like many couples, we survived the raging storm of the pandemic, only to break up once society bounced back. He blamed it on the virus. I mean, sure, we never really had a chance to experience the full-blown New York lifestyle. But here’s the thing: if we couldn’t find joy in those dark times, did we really pass the pandemic test?

So, I found myself on a lonely path, wandering through the fashion wasteland. But hey, where there’s fashion, there’s hope, right?

The author in Morgantown, WV.

Living Life in a 400-Square-Foot Wonderland

Fast forward to our move to the concrete jungle, New York City. We were clueless, like two fashionistas lost in a sea of possibilities. But somehow, we found ourselves in a tiny 400-square-foot box perched high above Brooklyn’s Park Slope. It was a love-hate relationship with those tall glass windows. On one hand, they exposed us to the curious gazes of nearby onlookers; on the other hand, they let in that divine orange light from East River sunsets. It was a fashion dilemma of epic proportions!

Then, when the world shut down, we fled like fashionable fugitives. First to Maine, where stubbornly cold and dark months tested our relationship, and then to Michigan, where the sun finally decided to grace us with its presence. It was during this journey that we discovered our inner goofiness. Like that time I crowned myself with an empty Lacroix box, transcending the boundaries of fashion and giving new meaning to the term “head-turning.”

Working from home for over two years, our friendship blossomed like the wildest fashion trend. We became fluent in the language of each other’s jobs, always putting work first. Whenever I had a scoop, he played Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and monitored Bloomberg for any mentions of it. He was a finance wizard, talking gibberish that made my head spin. “In terms of traunching, we’re targeting a billion-and-three’s and five-hundred-and-seven’s… We’re flexible in terms of the fixed float.” Can someone please get me a fashion dictionary?

But unfortunately, as our careers thrived, our romance dwindled. I craved the depth and introspection of life, while he sought the wild joy of the moment. It was like he wanted to party in a stunning designer dress, while I preferred to cozy up by the fire in my pajamas. Our differences grew louder, drowning out the melody of love.

Views from our two apartments over the years.

From Fashion Fail to West Virginia Wonder

Heartbroken and soul-searching, I embarked on a thrilling adventure to West Virginia. Yes, you heard me right! From the fashion mecca of New York City to the quaint town of Morgantown, where football fever reigns supreme. It was a fashion reinvention of epic proportions.

As I settled into my humble new abode, I faced a new challenge – unfilled time. Suddenly, my phone stayed silent, as if the fashion gods themselves had forgotten about me. Loneliness became a constant companion, signaling its unwelcome presence with a panicky pain in my fashionable chest.

Now, I’m no stranger to fashionable struggles, but this was a whole new level. So, I did what any desperate fashionista would do – I joined a soccer team, bought a typewriter for creative inspiration, and even tried my hand at stylish Walmart dates. Walmart dates, you say? Oh yes, we roamed the aisles with no agenda, just soaking in the fashion inspiration from basketball shorts and glow-in-the-dark socks. And let me tell you, it was a fashion spectacle like no other!

The orchid’s sunspots.

Loneliness, Depression, and That Fragile Joy

Life took a bitter turn, and I found myself face-to-face with depression. Can you believe it? The epitome of fashion grace, working in my nonrigid black pants all day, battling the demons within. I was a fashion warrior fighting invisible fashion foes.

But amidst the darkness, there were moments of pure joy. I had my new partner by my side, appreciating the heavyweight of life just like I did. We became experts in the art of finding joy in the simplest of things. From snowboarding adventures to impromptu dance parties, we made magic happen. And let’s not forget the epic Nerf-gun duels. Foam projectiles flying, laughter echoing through the room – it was a fashion battle for the ages.

But joy, my fashionable friends, is fleeting. It slips through our fingers like a designer handbag in a crowded sample sale. And as I look back over the past year, I see those moments of joy fade away, replaced by a dark cloud of fear. Fashionable tragedies, I tell you!

The philodendron.

Fashionably Fighting the Loneliness Epidemic

Did you know there’s an epidemic sweeping through fashion-conscious souls like us? Oh yes, it’s the loneliness epidemic. But fear not my stylish comrades, we’re not alone in this fashionable struggle. According to research sponsored by Cigna, one in two Americans experiences measurable levels of loneliness. It’s like the fashion universe is testing our resilience!

We’re a generation of wanderers, moving around more than a stylish runway model. Our social fabric is constantly unraveling, leaving us lost in a sea of transient connections. And let’s not forget the rise of “Slack friends” – those virtual comrades we meet in the fashion trenches of the digital world.

But fear not, my fabulous fashionistas! I’ve been on a mission of self-improvement, trying to swim against the current. I joined a soccer team, bought flights, train tickets, and even a typewriter for some fashionable inspiration. But most importantly, I made an effort to reconnect with friends and family. I reached out, apologized for my absence, and let them know how much I care. It was a tearful journey, but one that brought me closer to those I hold dear. And you know what? They were too busy living their fabulous lives to resent me!

Rediscovering the Meaning of Fashion, Faith, and Orchids

In the midst of my fashion odyssey, something beautiful happened. My orchid became a symbol of time, healing, and growth. I nurtured it, loved it, even stacked books so it could reach the shimmering sunlight. It withstood the harsh burn of the summer sun and weathered the trauma of the journey. And guess what? It rewarded me with beautiful blooms, silky petals glistening like the finest couture fabrics.

But just like life itself, it was two steps forward and one step back. The flowers eventually faded, as all good things must. Yet, my resilient orchid grew a new leaf, showing me that growth is a continuous process, much like the ever-changing landscape of fashion.

Fashionistas, I’ve embarked on a journey to not only change my circumstances but also change my perspective. The loneliness epidemic may affect us, but it’s also a crisis of faith. We doubt ourselves, the meaning of life, and our connections with others. It’s time we reconnect with ourselves and find faith in the beauty of our own existence.

The cactus.

Fashion Lessons from My Original Wound

In this relentless pursuit of fashion, I can’t help but reflect on my own wounds. You see, my childhood was privileged in many ways, but it lacked the tenderness and care I craved. My relationship with my mom, for instance, has only recently started to flourish. We’ve both confronted our original wounds, our pain that led us down different paths. But no matter how painful, we choose to grow, to forgive, and to embrace fashion transformations.

During a poignant evening in our hometown, we attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together. The topic? Forgiveness. As the wind whipped sand around us, we sat in her car, having one of those heart-to-heart conversations we’d never had before. She opened up about her own wounds, the pain that drove her to alcohol. But now, she chooses faith. And so do I.

Today, here I am, baring my fashion soul to you all. I wonder if there are others like me, battling not only loneliness but also a crisis of faith. Let’s stand together and remind ourselves that life, like fashion, is a journey of self-discovery. It’s filled with setbacks and triumphs, with fleeting joy and relentless darkness. But through it all, we can find hope, growth, and a flourishing fashion sense.

So, my stylish companions, let’s embrace our fashion insignificance and conquer this virtual world together. Let’s nurture our orchids, water our cacti, and tend to the beautiful gardens of our souls. And remember, even in the loneliest of moments, we are never truly alone. The fashion universe surrounds us, waiting for us to reignite our passion for life, love, and the pursuit of fabulousness.

Stay fashionably fierce, my stylish friends!

– Your Favorite Fashion Guru

P.S. Have you ever faced your own fashion crisis or conquered the depths of loneliness? Share your story below – let’s connect and inspire each other!