“Green prescriptions” for expecting moms – Nature’s remedy for pregnancy jitters

Green is the New Glam Stay in the Know with November 2023 Climate News

November 2023 Climate News Healthy Planet, Healthy You

Woman dancing in autumn leaves

Image by Irina Polonina

We all know that spending time outdoors is good for our health. But did you know that it can also work wonders for expecting moms? Doctors are now prescribing “green prescriptions” to encourage pregnant women to embrace nature-based activities like forest bathing, gardening, and gentle hiking. And you won’t believe the benefits! A study from the UK found that these activities not only made the women feel better and more socially supported but also boosted their self-esteem. It’s like a natural confidence-boosting serum for moms-to-be! So, get your green prescription and let nature heal your pregnancy jitters. Read the study here.

Instagram birds: Saving biodiversity, one filter at a time!

Do you love posting pictures of birds on Instagram? Well, guess what? Your feathered friends are not just bringing joy to your followers but also helping scientists save endangered species. A groundbreaking study in Bangladesh discovered that social media photographs of animals can fill in gaps in biodiversity data and highlight areas that require conservation efforts. This is a monumental discovery, opening up a whole new world of digitizing biodiversity information. Say goodbye to old-fashioned monitoring methods and hello to the power of your Instagram feed! Read the research here.

The great outdoors: A classroom that unlocks genius in kids

Move over boring classrooms, there’s a new learning environment in town! Italian researchers compared a typical indoor class with an outdoor one taught in a beautiful courtyard. The results? Mind-blowing! The students who experienced the outdoor class showed improved cognitive function, selective attention, and math skills. But that’s not all; even children with emotional difficulties reported a significant increase in positive mood after just one lesson. It’s like nature has a secret formula to unlock the genius in kids! So why confine learning to four walls when Mother Nature can be the ultimate teacher? Read the research here.

Feeling the heat: Climate change, the deadly monster lurking

A recent report has uncovered a chilling reality: heat-related deaths of people over 65 have skyrocketed by 85% since the 1990s. And here’s the kicker – over half of these deaths can be attributed to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. The forecast? More scorching heatwaves with no signs of slowing down. In fact, 27% of cities surveyed fear their healthcare systems won’t be able to handle the repercussions of climate change. It’s time to tackle this deadly monster head-on before it devours us all! Brace yourself, for things are about to get hot! Read the report here.

Climate change: The fashion-forward transformation of the American way of life

Attention, fashionistas! Climate change is not just transforming the planet but also reshaping the American way of life. The latest National Climate Assessment is a riveting read, filled with stunning visuals that will make your jaw drop. It explores how droughts, food system disruptions, and extreme storms are impacting our lives, urging us to take action to strengthen resilience and advance equity. Let’s be fashion-forward in our fight against climate change, turning the runway into a path of sustainability. It’s time to put the “eco” in “chic”! Read the report here.

Monthly theme: Examination – Reflecting on our journey with nature

Resolution season is just around the corner, but before we set goals for the new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on our relationship with the natural world. How deeply did we dive into nature? How many resources did we consume? Did we make meaningful connections? These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

Let’s embark on a reconnaissance mission, exploring our impact on the planet using some cool tools. I suggest using Commons and Nature Dose. Commons syncs with your credit card to estimate the carbon impact of your purchases and provides personalized advice on reducing emissions. You can even earn rewards for planet-friendly purchases, like a shopping spree that saves the Earth! Nature Dose uses your phone’s GPS to track your time in green, blue, and natural spaces. It’s like having a personal nature coach in your pocket.

As I sift through my 2023 data, one thing is clear: my resolutions for the new year should involve fewer cabs and more green me time on weekdays. So, what are your takeaways from your reflection? Join us next month, and together we’ll pave the way for meaningful climate resolutions in the year ahead. Remember, by taking care of the planet, we’re taking care of ourselves!