Unlock Your Healthiest Self Expert Insights on Overcoming Obstacles

Uncover the Obstacles Hindering Your Healthiest Self Expert Insights Take the Plunge

clean beauty school: mona vand, pharmaD

On this week’s episode of Clean Beauty School, I had the pleasure of talking to the fabulous natural wellness and beauty expert, Mona Vand, PharmaD. Let me tell you, she knows how to keep healthy habits sustainable like no other. And in a world where wellness seems to require a small fortune and a time machine, that’s no easy task!

Mona shared some of her secrets with me, and boy, are they good. But what really stood out was her mix of discipline and realism. It’s like she’s a superhero with her capes dipped in common sense. So let’s dive into her fantastic tips for staying on track, while having a ball doing it.

Preemptively eliminate hurdles that get in your way.

Living well shouldn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest without ropes. Mona’s advice? Make it easy, my friend. Identify those pesky roadblocks standing between you and healthier habits, and obliterate them. She goes as far as organizing her routine and her day down to the smallest detail. Think Marie Kondo meets personal wellness.

For instance, Mona has figured out everything from where to keep her supplements for easy access in the morning to how to arrange her fridge to make healthy eating a breeze. She even plans her grocery shopping days. It’s the kind of meticulousness that keeps her on her wellness game.

Be intentional about the small stuff.

Who says habits need to be grand gestures? Believe it or not, small actions count too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of revamping your entire life, focus on the little things. Take Mona’s advice on movement, for example.

Instead of asking her fiancé to fetch something from a different room, she takes her body for a mini walk. It’s a choice to get some blood flowing and keep those muscles engaged. And guess what? It actually motivates her! Plus, incorporating movement breaks throughout the day brings incredible benefits. It’s like taking your organs on a field trip, and they appreciate the change of scenery just as much as your mind does.

Set strong boundaries with yourself.

Ah, the eternal struggle of self-sabotage. Sometimes the biggest hurdle we face is, well, ourselves. We know what’s good for us in the long run, but instant gratification can be oh-so tempting. That’s why Mona insists on setting strong boundaries.

Life is a constant stream of choices, my friend. And if you truly want to be happier and healthier, you have to pursue what you know deep down will get you there. It’s as simple as that. Remember, the universe rewards those who resist the siren song of immediate indulgence.

So there you have it, folks! Mona Vand, the incredible wellness wizard, has bestowed upon us her wisdom for sustainable healthy habits. From eliminating roadblocks to embracing the small stuff and setting boundaries, she’s got it all covered.

Tune in to the episode for even more mind-blowing tips that will make your wellness journey a joyride. And remember, a little intention and a whole lot of discipline go a long way in this fabulous world of fashion and beauty. Happy wellness-ing!

P.S. If you want to delve deeper into Mona Vand’s universe of wellness, be sure to check out her Instagram [@monavand](https://www.instagram.com/monavand/?hl=en) for some serious inspiration.